Blended learning event gitp 13062013 [compat


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Blended learning event gitp 13062013 [compat

  1. 1. The new learning: Blended Learning
  2. 2. Patrick Van Eyken
  3. 3. Jan Mussche
  4. 4. Blended
  5. 5. What is blended learning? Blended learning is a didactical based method whereby classical (classroom learning, digital e-learning) and informal ways of learning are combined in an integrated development program. This sophisticated mix of offline and online learning, leads combined with technical expertise and skilled trainers to higher returns from development projects In development projects with blended learning, skills are faster and better developed at relatively lower cost than if, for example purely experiential learning, classroom training, social learning, e-learning or coaching on the job are used.
  6. 6. Evolution of learning Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0
  7. 7. Forums Assessment Online learning Peers On the job learning Classroom Training Blog & Wiki Coaching FAQ Sharing + discussing content Dialogue Structured Unstructured GroupIndividual Blended Learning Serious game Webinar Reading a book
  8. 8. Increasing the impact of learning Training Competences Tijd On the job learning On the job learning On the job learningProgram block 1Self assessment / E-learning in advance E-learning Afterwards Competences after blended learning Competences after F2F training Competences without training Post test
  9. 9. Trainings Workshops Exercises Empowerment Structured courses learning projects …… Learning communities feedback beurzen workshops Succesverhalen Coaching …. Experience Research Personal development Expert learning Problem solving …….. On the job learning Learning through interaction Formal learning Effective learning 70:20:10 70 20 10 90 % of the learning process is informal. 10% of the learning happens in a formal way
  10. 10. What about all of us around this table?
  11. 11. Example case Zurich Insurance Situation - The Zurich Store: In order to stimulate and develop the population of hypo’s throughout the entire european organisation, a project was launched. It was called: ‘the Zurich Store 2013’ - Purpose: the opportunity for young people to develop new ideas for products / solutions - Teams: they needed to work in small teams, in a competitive setting, with as the main prize to win: .. A two day trip to one of the participating countries...
  12. 12. Example case Zurich Insurance Need - Each of the teams had to present their solution, to a board of directors. - The way of presenting the solution formed an important element of the appraisal - Therefore the Benelux teams were invited for a development program about ‘presentation skills’ with GITP
  13. 13. Example case Zurich Insurance The 70:20:10 solution - Expectations were high, because we needed a result in the form of other behaviour on a very short notice - The objective: sharpen presentation skills, speaking in public and storytelling - During the presentation each of the four group members had to speak about a part of the project - The presentations needed to be held in English and were limited in time: 20 minutes max, followed by a 10 minutes Q&A session
  14. 14. Example case Zurich Insurance The 70:20:10 approach - Pre work: text about charisma – prepare a presentation about ‘what makes my job passionate’ - Contact moment: workshop - Watching your own movie at home (on USB stick) - Exchange of best practices - Assignment
  15. 15. Example case Zurich Insurance Result - ROI: The board of directors was pleasantly surprised by the progress the teams had made concerning presentation skills - Especially: body language, tone of voice, eye contact, spontaniousness, the story aspects to catch the attention - This proves that timing in learning is important. The success is largely due to the possibility of working together and learning from each other, but also the possibility of using it on the job (the 70%) - Also the 20% was activated by using peer coaching and exchange of best practices throught e-mail
  16. 16. Mobile learning
  17. 17. Functionality of LMS (learning management system)  Inspiring o Videocasts o Business Reviews  Tests o Knowledge o Competences  Training and learning o Sessions o Summaries  Application o Action Tips
  18. 18. Welcoming of the participant on the learning platform
  19. 19.  Shared vision on Blended Learning  70:20:10  Experienced and reliable  More than 2.5 million learning adherents in 2012  European market leader in distance learning  Library  15000 learning objects  3500 learning objects in the Dutch language  16 languages available  Favorable price/ quality Our e-partner: Crossknowledge
  20. 20. Questions ?