laxative activity l.usitatissimum flaxseed corticosteroids attitude knowledge ijamscr external factors cross- sectional study healthcare professionals cardiovascular disease compliance risk factors etiology recurrence pregnancy loss anti-inflammatory asthma liver antiepileptic drug steven johnson syndrome carbamazepine swine pneumonia newborn care postnatal mother practices biomolécule chemotherapeutics nanotechnology students clinical pharmacy undergraduates post operative health practice cushing’s syndrome psychosis diabetes mellitus glaucoma osteoporosis myopathy ferulic acid and chlorogenic acid gallic acid rutin carrageenan eggwhite diclofenac sodium aerial parts methanolic extract pupalia lappacea rds sinapultide surfactant lucinactant human pathogens antibacterial soil bacteria gangrenous bowel large bowel obstruction sigmoid volvulus kydia calycina hiptage benghalensis leucas cephalote clinical isolates antibacterial activity levofloxacin cefoperazone in vitro mana (human mind) vayu pathways srotas (channels) england overweight obesity health promotion safoof-e-ziabetes fenugreek zayabetus unani formulation cephalosporin proteus klebsiella staphylococcus aureus escherichia coli pharmacist scope leucas cephalotes cotton pellet induced granuloma carrageenan-induced rat paw edema acetic acid-induced writhing clarify the problem getting background information indentify the problem indentify the target area or domain school going children violent behavior television viewing habit alp sgpt rifampicin sgot hepatoprotective activity andrographis lineata labour pain active phase of labour paced breathing back massage antenatal acute toxicity phytoconsituents artocarpus heterophyllus adolescents prevention hazards of mobile phone pregnancy primi gravida mothers pregnancy induced hypertension acupuncture meditation relaxation hydro therapy music therapy antioxidant activity stems hedera helix creatinine nephrotoxicity paracetamol moringa pterygosperma pharmacovigilance pattern dermatology cutaneous drug reactions adverse drug reactions glenohumeral instability tennis professionals rotator cuff fatigue shoulder kinematics brain injury psychotherapy amnesia cognitive therapy macrogyria pachygyria seizures and g therapy mutations art aids hiv haart adrs weight variation streptozotocin hypogycemic nelumbo nucifera antidiabetic activity general population clinical trials awareness medical journal indexed journal after pregnancy nutrient recommendations prenatal nutrition international journal dr.n.sriram editor nursing journal indexed journal medical journal ijamscr journal lepidium sativum frusemide and metabolic cages diuretic activity antiurolithiatic activity tecoma stans herbal medicines. ijpar 18 22 ijpar 12 17 ijpar 8 11 ijpar 1_7
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