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Kick off meeting press-release


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Published in: Education
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Kick off meeting press-release

  1. 1. Department for International Cooperation Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala Address: Bergsbrunnagatan 1 75323 Uppsala, Sweden Phone: 018-68 00 60 Email: PRESS RELEASE 15.01.14 ‘PR-ERF’ KICK-OFF MEETING WAS HELD ON THE 9TH – 10TH OF JANUARY 2014 IN NICOSIA, CYPRUS ‘PR-ERF’ kick-off meeting was held on the 9th – 10th of January 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The meeting lasted for two days and had all international partners present. ‘PR-ERF’-project is dedicated to prepare the newly- graduated to the present labour market situation in a better way. Except of technical knowledge they acquire at CVET programs, they need all 8 key competences to be more competitive in the present situation of economic recession. At the meeting the partnership discussed working agenda for cooperation during the coming two years. The meeting started with an opening from the project coordinator, Folkuniversitetet, followed by a presentation about the project concept and objectives. Then the partners from Cyprus and Greece held speeches about other projects (EQLearn and CERF) in order to discuss possible transfer to the PR-ERF project. After that the partnership proceeded to planning, division of responsibilities and analysis of activities in the work packages. The second day was dedicated to financials and reporting, dissemination and exploitation strategy, quality and monitoring issues. “The partnership wasvery inspired by the idea of the project. We truly believe that the methodology we’ll develop will be able to support newly-graduated people”, - says YevgeniyaAverhed, the deputy director of Department for International Cooperation of Folkuniversitetet. Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of EU Reference Framework through Continuous VET (PR-ERF)is a Leonardo Da Vinci Project, launched on the 1st of December 2013. The main goal of the project is to adapt the European Reference Framework for Key competences (ERF KCs) to CVET to facilitate learners` personal fulfillment, development, inclusion and employment. ###
  2. 2. Contact:YevgeniyaAverhed Phone: +46 18 68 00 36, email: Join us on -Facebook: - LinkedIn: