Santa Monica's Sustainable Landscaping Resource Guide


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Santa Monica's Sustainable Landscaping Resource Guide

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Santa Monica's Sustainable Landscaping Resource Guide

  1. 1. Sustainable Landscaping Resource Guide Jan 2011Santa Monicas Environmental Information Resource   Green Building Ordinance info relating to Landscape/Irrigation  Office of Sustainability and the Environment (310) 458-8972  For rebates and grants, toll-free (866) 728-3229Demonstration Gardens  gardengarden – 1718 & 1724 Pearl St., Santa Monica  City Hall – 1685 Main St., Santa Monica  Beach Maintenance Garden – 1550 Parking Lot / Pier  The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College in San Diego www.thegarden.orgNative and California Friendly Plants  bewaterwise - - This website has over 1,200 species of plants suited for Southern California. It also features an irrigation calculator.  - This website features plants specifically suited for the Los Angeles coastal climate. It also features an irrigation scheduler.  Grow Native Nursery – Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens westside nursery open Wednesdays to Sundays and at the Westwood farmers Market on Thursdays noon to 5pm.  The Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, in Claremont, CA, promotes and sells California native & native plant cultivars,; (909) 625- 8767.  The Theodore Payne Foundation - in Sun Valley, CA, promotes and sells California native plants,; (818) 768-1802.  California Native Plant Society,; (818) 881-3706. 1
  2. 2.  DWR WUCOLS III Plant List – Santa Monica is located in region 3. Use plants/trees with a moderate, low or very low water use requirement.  Armstrong Nursery, West LA, CA, sells native and California friendly plants,; (310) 829-6766.  Nopalito Native Plant Nursery in Ventura, promotes and sells California native & native plant cultivars,; (805) 844-7449  C & S Nursery in Culver City; (323) 296-6657  International Garden Center 155 N. Sepulveda Blvd El Segundo, CA 90245 (310) 615-0353 ▪ Merrihews Sunset Gardens 1526 Ocean Park Blvd (Santa Monica) - Small local retail nursery  Marina Del Rey Garden Center 13198 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 | Tel: (310) 823-5956  FK Nursery Inc 2027 Colby Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 478-0538  There are many specific tools and components you may find useful: interactive native plant map, water usage calculator, plant library.Determining Soil Texture by Feel  Soil Moisture by Feel  Type the key words “soil moisture” under search.How to Use a Soil Probe  Oakfield Apparatus – to order a soil probe, visit  On the left side of the page under “SERVICES” click on “Water Restrictions”. Then, look for “ARCHIVED NEWS”, and click on “What is a soil probe?”.  Water-wise landscaping: “Monitoring irrigation with probes” 2
  3. 3. Soil Testing  Wallace Laboratories 365 Coral Circle El Segundo, CA 90245 phone: 310-615-0116 fax: 310-640-6863  Tri-C Enterprises, LLC P.O. Box 1367 Chino, Ca 91708-1367 1 800 927-3311  Soil Foodweb Oregon, LLC 1750 SW 3rd St Suite C Corvallis, OR 97333 phone: 541-752-5066 fax: 541-752-5142 Certified SFW Professional www.compostteana.comCompost and Mulch*  B.D. White Company (Torrance)- (310) 370-5511 Fir Walk-On Bark from B.D. However, it is only available in bulk (by the truck load) and White Forest Garden Mulch Compost  Kellogg Xerimulch Smith Pipe & Supply (Santa Monica) – (310) 393-0143  Forest Floor Mulch Foothill Soils (Newhall) (661) 254-1045/(661) 254-0867  Cedar mulch - Whittier Fertilizer Co. (Pico Rivera) (562) 804-8739  E.B. Stone Compost - Armstrong Nursery (West LA) (310) 829-6766* There is no consistency in the industry to the use of the term "walk-on bark." You have to choose on a case-by-case basis. Wesuggest that you acquire some of one of the two products above and then use it as a basis for comparison for future purchases. Youare looking for long, fuzzy shreds with a small amount of flakes and chips; no chunks, no trash, no weeds, no green wood.Tips for preferred irrigation design including drip irrigation  Irrigation Management Information System - CIMIS  Irrigation Products  3
  4. 4. Irrigation Supply Stores  Aqua-Flo – (310) 915- 5208 or Michael Mandelberg 310 948-4714  Ewing – (310) 479-9533  Smith Pipe & Supply (Santa Monica) – (310) 393-0143Drip Irrigation Manufacturer Info.  Agrifim -  Rain Bird -  Toro -  Hunter –  Netafim – www.netafim.comRain Harvesting  American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association www.arcsa.orgIrrigation Controllers & Smart Controllers   SoCal Water$mart WBIC rebates  SWAT testing-  Controller Manuals - Management  4
  5. 5. Mycorrhizal Products Info.  Plant Revolution - (714) 545-5335  Mycorrhizal Applications - (541) 476-3985  Tri C Enterprises, LLC – (909) 590-1790  Bio-Organics - (888)-332-7676GraywaterGraywater is water collected from sinks, showers and dishwashers that is used forirrigation. There are specific regulations for their use.  - the definitive resource for graywater  - look under irrigation tipsOn-line Irrigation Tutorials Class    Gardening Class  Certified Sustainable Landscape Professionals List s  Monica Landscape Ordinances  - SMMC 7.16.020 & SMMC SMMC 8.108.010Alternative Lawn care ▪ Organics Rx LAWN FOOD Garden Organics Inc. 5
  6. 6. Recommended ReadingPlants  California Native Plants for the Garden;Carol Bornstein, David Fross, Bart O’Brien  The California Garden, and the Landscape Architects Who Shaped It; Jere Stuart French  American Green, The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn; Ted Steinberg  Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Vol. 1; Brad Lancaster  Introduction to California Plant Life; Robert Ornduff, Phyllis M. Faber, Todd Keeler-Wolf  The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses; Rick Darke  Designing with Succulents; Debra Baldwin  The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses; John Greenlee  Mediterranean Gardening/A waterwise Approach; Heidi Gildemeister  Selected Plants for Southern California Gardens; Southern California Horticultural Society  Plant Life in the World’s Mediterranean Climates; Peter R. Dallman, California Native Plant Society  Sunset Western Garden Book (latest edition)  Trees and Shrubs for Dry California Landscapes; Bob Perry ▪ Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for Environmental Harmony, Second Edition ; F. Herbert Bormann, Diana Balmori, Gordon T. Geballe  Landscape Plants for California Gardens; Bob Perry 6
  7. 7. Plant Maintenance  Care and Maintenance of Southern California Native Plant Gardens by Bart O’Brien, Betsey Landis, Ellen Mackey for Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden  Teaming with Microbes, A Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web; Jeff Lowenfels Integrated Pest Management  Good Bugs for Your Garden; Allison Mia Starcher  Chemical-Free Yard and Garden (Rodale’s); Anna Carr, Miranda Smith, Linda A. Gilkeson, Joseph Smillie, Bill WolfIrrigation  A Guide to Estimating Irrigation Water Needs of Landscape Plantings in California; Univ of CA Coop Extension; CA Dept of Water Resources. [Includes Water Use Classifications of Landscape Species (WUCOLS)]  Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor; The Irrigation Association  Certified Irrigation Contractor Workbook; The Irrigation Association  Weather and Soil Moisture Based Landscape Irrigation Scheduling; Technical Review Report; August 2006; US Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region  Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates; Robert Kourik 7
  8. 8. LANDSCAPE/HORTICULTURAL ORGANIZATION RESOURCESAssociation of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)www.apld.orgCalifornia Landscape Contractors Associationwww.clca.orgCalifornia Native Plant Society (CNPS)www.cnps.orgCactus and Succulent Society of America (CSSA)www.cssaine.orgFree Green Exchangewww.FreeGreenExchange.orgGreen Garden Group of LAwww.g3LA.comMediterranean Garden Society (MGS)www.MGS.orgPacific Horticulturewww.editor@pacifichorticulture.orgRancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden (RSBG)www.RSBG.orgSanta Barbara Botanical Gardenwww.SantaBarbaraBotanicalGarden.orgSouthern California Horticultural Society (SCHS)www.socahort.orgTheodore Payne Foundation (TPF) Office of Sustainability and the Environment Watershed Management Section 200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite C Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 458-8972 ext 2 8