Stepchanging Our Dialogue with Youth


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This is a case study about Coca-Cola's Project Highjack. Project Hijack was an on-going market research online community and co-creation workshop with hundreds of young people created to do one thing: get under the skin of young shoppers.

Esomar 2010 Presentation

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Stepchanging Our Dialogue with Youth

  1. 1. Project hijack Step changing our dialogue with youth Beth Corte-Real, Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, UK Philip McNaughton, Face, UK
  2. 2. business challenge in 2008 Coca-Cola GB&I identified a big challenge what young people* told us they were doing was different to what they were actually doing in market needed to get under the skin of this audience to get insights that lead to solutions with impact in the market * male & female aged 16-20
  3. 3. as well as getting under the skin of young people, we also needed to get under the skin of the stakeholder audience so the name hijack was chosen – to signify that we wanted to why ‘hijack’ the stakeholder team’s expectations and presumptions about a youth audience hijack? and to signify that this project would aim to deliver direct, hard- hitting messages about the challenges that faced the brand
  4. 4. research challenges real time, their world stakeholder engagement Coca-Cola ecosystem – bottlers and brand teams breadth of coverage and depth of insight action orientated needed yesterday
  5. 5. how to understand the world of becomes this….. In just 2 young people, when this….. years and working with young people in research can be a little like this…..
  6. 6. originally intended as a standalone piece so in 2008 Hijack of research intended to get deep understanding into a youth audience and 1 was born develop a range of solutions for engaging young people with Coca-Cola brands has become an ongoing insight platform still running in allowing Coca-Cola to engage with young people in research in an real time, social 2010 (Hijack 3) & participatory way to help land real business results
  7. 7. hijack in pictures video diaries online community online focus groups stakeholder workshops real time mobile phone social media analysis status updates co-creation workshop
  8. 8. hijack in numbers 200 young people involved in the project (and counting) 3 initial phases of hijack, which has grown to become the number of years hijack has been running 5026 forum posts and blog entries 16 ultra-creative young people who co-created with the stakeholder team
  9. 9. and the most important number of all infinity …. or the idea of an ongoing dialogue with young people, rather than a hit and run project that is just about numbers of groups, participants
  10. 10. consumer/shopper principles real conversations = real insights listen to young people talking to each other, not to us playtime all the time ‘game’ orientated & multi-media ongoing and real time capture real behaviour over time, not edited highlights create together for better insight work with them, don’t ask questions at them
  11. 11. stakeholder principles limited formal debriefing come on the journey or be left behind removing filters participate findings straight to desktop youth world straight to their world borderless project scope and outputs business wide objectives, business wide outputs
  12. 12. from insight to action (some tasters of things that Coca-Cola are doing as a result of the hijack project) on pack promotion because young people consistently told us they needed something focused, simple, everyone wins & in their currency
  13. 13. from insight to action helping develop a brand platform coming from video & written diaries which helped us understand when they were most engaged with the category
  14. 14. from insight to action shopper strategy & the vital role of getting it right in marketplace because all the shopper video diaries showed us how many and how often young people changed their minds at the point of purchase
  15. 15. from insight to action reawakened belief in the full range of pack formats because we saw just how young people loved and engaged emotionally with all our pack formats – not just 500ml PET
  16. 16. coherent audience-centred approach that cuts across brands & types of output youth music fashion trends IMC extreme tech gaming
  17. 17. an approach designed to help step-change the business’ attitude towards research & consumer / shopper consumers people observation immersion respondents partners channels niche tailored silos collaboration one-hit adaptive
  18. 18. brand/ insight agency consumer bottler agency consumer brand/ insight bottler
  19. 19. evolution approach applied to different audiences expanded geographic footprint development of new tools and approaches
  20. 20. Thank You