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FACE Rapid Response Research


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Rapid Response Research is an agile philosophy of market research that can enable you to provide market research insights quickly and on time.

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FACE Rapid Response Research

  2. 2. UNDER PRESSURE?When you’re up against time,And your client’s breathingdown your neck,You need a quickturnaround,And you don’t knowwhat to do,Who you gonna call…?
  3. 3. FACE RAPID RESPONSE RESEARCH FACE Rapid Response Unit Method UNIT Photo by Flickr user Narmi_I
  4. 4. Rapid Response in Action:Project ReloadWorking with a design agencyaround new confectionarypackagingStanding online communities inFR and ES18 participants in each market,aged 16-17Three phases, occurring overthree sequential weekends Photo by Flickr user Jos Dielis
  5. 5. 1. TERRITORY TESTING 2. IDEA TESTING3. FINALVALIDATION Photos by Flickr users: kcp4911, khalid Albaih, USAG-Humphreys
  6. 6. BenefitsVisible, tangible effects of research seen – At each stage, we see the direct results of our workCommunity becomes actual community – Regular, recurring phases means participants build rapport with us and each otherOpportunity to get deeply involved in creative process
  7. 7. Things to rememberOrganisation is key! • It’s easy to overlook something due to the time constraintsNeed to be strict with client, re:stimulus deadlines, task plan sign-offNeed to reconcile need foradaptability with rigidity in terms ofdeliverables
  8. 8. Potential PitfallsScope creep• Casual nature of relationship means proposed deliverables are more subject to fluidityTop-line reports become more significant• Due to tight timelines, the client tries to get as much as possible as soon as possibleNeed to set out exactly what is deliverablewhenTask Plan can become overloaded, as last-minute additions become bigger and bigger
  9. 9. Thanks! Photo by Flickr User emilydickinsonridesabmx