VSA Partners Font Management Case Study - Chicago Font Symposium


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VSA Partners is a large Chicago-based creative agency that provides creative services to many of the world’s top brands such as Facebook, Harley-Davidson, IBM and many more. Chris Stuart manages the font server that helps 300 users stay creative and productive in this fast-paced shop. In an interview with Extensis expert Jim Kidwell, Chris shares how he meets the varying needs of his creative teams, and how they are looking to evolve to meet future needs.

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VSA Partners Font Management Case Study - Chicago Font Symposium

  1. 1. VSA Partners Case Study VSA PARTNERS: Managing Fonts in a Fast-Paced Agency
  2. 2. VSA Partners Case Study Chris Stuart •  IT Manager •  9 years serving creative agency IT needs
  3. 3. VSA Partners Case Study VSA Partners •  30 year old agency •  Offices in Chicago, NYC and Detroit Notable clients:
  4. 4. VSA Partners Case Study Life Before Universal Type Server •  Single user font management •  Ad-hoc installed with an system image •  Not really updated
  5. 5. VSA Partners Case Study Server Configuration •  One Universal Type Server •  Client Licenses: 180 •  Core Client Licenses: 120 •  LDAP & Kerberos Single Sign-on •  Serve fonts to all offices from Chicago
  6. 6. VSA Partners Case Study Universal Type Server Initial Configuration •  Management of multiple font collections serving disparate creative teams •  Consistent and reliable server •  Easy server configuration •  Local administration •  Three teams separated into separate workgroups •  Local personal workgroups
  7. 7. VSA Partners Case Study Initial Configuration Challenges •  Local personal workgroups •  Users shared fonts •  Font compliance nonexistent •  Multiple cuts of the same font in different formats •  Lack of consistency
  8. 8. VSA Partners Case Study Universal Type Server Reorganized Configuration •  Ensure font licensing compliance •  IT & Legal department push •  Built New Workgroups •  Old Fonts •  Client Font Workgroups •  Adobe Font Folio •  VSA Fonts •  Reintroduced Personal Workgroups
  9. 9. VSA Partners Case Study Compliance Strategy •  Licensed Adobe Font Folio •  All fonts purchased by IT •  Requests made through helpdesk •  IT uploads fonts to server •  IT tracks licensing with UTS •  IT can now view server-based personal workgroups
  10. 10. VSA Partners Case Study From the Client User’s Perspective •  Easy access to font collection •  Ability to search and browse fonts •  Precise font activation •  Better ability to manage font libraries •  Standard part of creative toolset •  Easily recognized by new employees
  11. 11. VSA Partners Case Study Core Client User’s Perspective •  Users who need fonts who don’t know that they do •  Account Management, Project Management, Strategy, Copywriters, Finance, etc. •  People who use Acrobat, PowerPoint, Keynote, Office •  Headless, so no user interaction