Create Cross Platform Apps with Portable Class Libraries


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This presentation is for Virtual Tech Conference by Microsoft MVPs.

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Create Cross Platform Apps with Portable Class Libraries

  1. 1. Create Cross Platform apps effectively with Portable Class Libraries
  2. 2. @f5debug
  3. 3. Agenda
  4. 4. Cross Platform Applications • .Net Framework Apps • Windows Phone • Windows 8 • Xbox • Silverlight • iOS • Android
  5. 5. Challenges in building Native Apps • Multiple Operating Systems • MultipleTeams and Products • Feature Fragmentation • Uniform User Experience • Cost Factor
  6. 6. Cross Platform Applications When to use • Low Performance Applications • Apps which makes a replication of Web Applications • Restful Applications • Targeting multiple platforms When not to use • High Performance Applications • More Native features like OS integration, device specific • Tightly coupled with Network communications
  7. 7. Portable Class Libraries • Introduced officially withVisual Studio 2012 • Library that runs on multiple platforms • Single code base for multiple target platforms • Avoid multiple copies of the same code • Share code across platforms • Can select the target framework out of the box
  8. 8. Portable Class Libraries Portable Class Library project supports a subset of assemblies from
  9. 9. Target Platforms
  10. 10. Portable Class Libraries Code Files for reusable classes UX.SilverlightUX.Phone UX.WindowsUX.Web Common PCL
  11. 11. What can I use and where?
  12. 12. Portable Class Libraries • One source • One project • One binary Multiple platforms!
  13. 13. Mobile Apps with Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone Market Place SeparateVisual StudioTemplates Different application Layers and Tiers Separate Emulators and device specific deployments
  14. 14. Modern Apps with Windows 8 Windows Store Market Place SeparateVisual StudioTemplates with support forWeb developers Different application Layers and Tiers Separate Emulators and device specific deployments
  15. 15. Client Mobile and Modern Clients Server
  16. 16. Mobile Apps with Xamarin C# everywhere SDK and Studio available for both Windows and MAC Build Apps for iOS and Android as well Single code base for all platforms Separate Emulators and device specific deployments
  17. 17. Cross platform apps with Xamarin Xamarin
  18. 18. Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) Views How to display information Written in XAML View Models What information to display Flow of interaction Models Data objects Business logic Etc. Platform-specific Portable References Databinds
  19. 19. MVVM in Cross-platform app architecture Reference Reference
  20. 20. Resources Portable Class Libraries on Channel9 @
  21. 21. Question & Answers
  22. 22. Microsoft Tag Scan theTag to reach me directly in case of any questions