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Marketing plan

  1. 1. Ellen, Abi, Jack & Hazal OUR MARKETING PLAN Friday, 4 July 14
  2. 2. Our Product Our product, Snail Trail, is an upcoming interactive game for children. The game focuses on a character called Lucinda who is a snail that lives in the kingdom of Gardonia. Lucinda is a princess snail and when her husband, the prince, is kidnapped she must journey across the garden to rescue him from the evil King Slug. Snail Trail is a fun loving game which focuses around one touch control. The game is an endless scroller and platform game and while it is fun and easy to play, it is also challenging and interesting. The game is aimed at children and casual gamers. Snail Trail will be free to download from the App Store, which is easily accessed from iphones/ipads/ipods, as well as being available on the Android Store. Friday, 4 July 14
  3. 3. Friday, 4 July 14
  4. 4. PRICE Snail Trail will be available for free on the app store because we believe that this is the best way to initiate sales and create a buzz. People are more likely to download a game, especially if it is for their children, if it is free according to the ISFE research on gamer habits (shown below). We would however include in- app purchases which would allow the user to upgrade their character and download additional levels however we need to careful when doing this because many parents have issues with in-app purchases, especially after the scandal with Apple where a child spent over £1000 on in-app purchases by mistake. To avoid this and other instances of bad publicity we would charge a low price for the in-app purchases but also we would hope that this would convince people to buy more. We could also generate revenue inside the game by including advertisements which other company’s would pay us to complete as well as having a premium version of our game with all of the add ons and no advertisements at a cost of 99p. Friday, 4 July 14
  5. 5. Place - App Store The App Store is Apple’s official online download page where users can get applications for their devices. On the App Store, there isn’t any children's options on the app sections or in the game sections. This is most likely because the majority of parents will download apps on behalf of their children and so the section has been named ‘family’. This tells parents that the games included in this section are appropriate for children to play the games with their parents and gain help from them if they’re too young to play alone. This is where our game would be placed if we sold it on the App Store because whilst most of our target audience (4+) would be capable of playing the game alone, it is likely that parents will want to play with them or simply make sure the game is suitable for their child. Having our game in this section of the App Store will make it more likely to be seen by our target audience rather than if we put it in the adult game section or the football games section for example. There are also other versions of the App Store for different device users such as the Android Play Store where we could sell our game. Friday, 4 July 14
  6. 6. Place - Disney & CBBC The Disney Channel is a TV show/ website aimed at pre-teens and adolescents ages 10 - 16 while Disney Junior programmes are targeted at younger children age 3 - 9. CBBC is a brand name for BBC which is a TV channel targeted at children aged 6 - 12. CBBC also has a brand named Cbeebies and this is a digital channel aimed at children 6 and under. If we were to advertise on the Disney site we would use our Banner Ad to link directly back to the App Store or our own website where users can download Snail Trail. Most of the advertisements on the Disney and CBBC website are for their own games and TV shows and it is likely that it would be extremely expensive to advertise our game in these spots however one way which we could target these consumers without having to pay large amounts for promotional space would be to advertise on Google or other search engines so that when consumers are searching for Disney they would notice our advertisement and hopefully, as this would be relevant and targeted towards them, would click on the advertisement with the aim of downloading the game. Friday, 4 July 14
  7. 7. Market SegmentationWe have placed our game towards the casual sector of the graph because the game can be played by anyone due to its simple mechanics however it still requires basic game knowledge and skill due to the typical game mechanics such as moving platforms ect. Niche Mainstream Casual Core Our game is equally niche and mainstream. The game is targeted at children however it is open to everyone in this age group, we think it will appeal to most children as it is not an overly niche game and little skill or game knowledge is required. A Niche Market is a market which may not appeal to everyone, it is a small portion of a market which appeals to a specific type or group of people. Casual games require little skill and can be player during short time periods, for example on the bus. A Mainstream Market is a large portion of the market which most people will fit into, mainstream products are products which appeal to the masses. Core games are often complex and skill based. Core games appeal to serious gamers who play them continuously, not as time fillers. Friday, 4 July 14
  8. 8. Market Segmentation PieChart 10% 55% 35% Socialisers Achievers KillersRichard Bartle was an author who, in 1996, wrote a paper about Gamer Psychology. Bartle theorised that gamers could be identified and split into the four following category’s: Killers - focus on winning, rank, and direct peer-to-peer competition. They are engaged by leaderboards and ranks. Achievers -  focus on attaining status and achieving preset goals quickly and/or completely. They are engaged by achievements, either determined by the game or themselves. Explorers - focus on exploring and a drive to discover the unknown. These players may end up knowing how the game works and behaves better than the game creators themselves. Socialisers - focus on socialising and a drive to develop a network of friends and contacts. They help to spread knowledge and a human feel, and are often involved in the community aspect of the game. Our game, Snail Trail, mostly appeals to achievers as shown in the chart above. This is most likely due to the repetitive nature of the game and the fact that the whole goal of the game is for the player to beat their previous highscore. Our game would probably appeal more to killers if we added an online leaderboard and we could also increase our appeal for the socialisers by creating a system which allows players to post their highscores to social media sites. Friday, 4 July 14
  9. 9. App Store Ratings We have decided to give our game this rating. Applications in this category contain no objectionable material. Having a 4+ Rating means that we can market our product to children aged 4 and over which is helpful as according to a Guardian article, 28% of 4 year olds own a tablet for playing games. 4+ Drugs No reference to drugs Imitable Behaviour None Language No speech or text with strong language Nudity No nudity Sex No sexual references Threat There are no scary or unsettling images Violence Salt balls are thrown at the snail Friday, 4 July 14
  10. 10. Friday, 4 July 14
  11. 11. Legal Considerations We will need to make sure that our competition to win the free add on is fair and that it is done based on download times so that we can prove this is fair. We will advertise the rules of our promotion on our website and ensure that the people who won are fairly chosen through viewing everyone’s individual download times. Friday, 4 July 14
  12. 12. Despite the children’s app market being incredibly large, $1.5B with an expected increase to $2.3B by 2017 (according to there is a surprisingly low amount of advertising directed at children this is most likely because children are too young to be surfing on the internet and then there would be no point so instead they are marketed towards their parents. One way in which Snail Trail could fit in with this trend would be to attach our advertisements to Facebook, this way when parents are scrolling through their timeline’s they would notice our advertisement. Facebook advertising is also relatively easy to set up and the costs are not too high for our game. Place - Facebook Friday, 4 July 14
  13. 13. Above is a venn diagram which shows some of the competition which our game may face when launched into the market. All of the games have been organised into different sections, Endless Runner, Cartoon Style, One Touch Control & Side Scrolling. The games which overlap in certain areas take on both of these elements. The games which overlap all of the segments are the ones which will be the biggest threat to Snail Trail as they will be very similar to our game. Our Competition Friday, 4 July 14
  14. 14. Our Target Consumer Friday, 4 July 14
  15. 15. Audience Profile Despite Apple’s first Ipad and the hoard of tablets that followed being aimed at adults, use of tablets among five to 15-year-olds in the UK tripled between 2012 and 2013 (from 14% to 42%) and is still set to rise, according to The Guardian. This means that our product has an excellent position for sales growth due to the expansion of the market because our product is aimed at children. We also believe that because of the strong female lead in our game and the colour palette used, the game is more likely to appeal to young girls rather than younger males however there is no reason why the game would not appeal to boys. Why is this our target audience? Our ideal individual member of our target audience would be female and 8 years old. Her name is Emily. Her interests would include having sleepovers with her friends, taking part in different sports (for example: Gymnastics) and watching TV with her younger sister. The TV channel’s she’s generally interested in would be CBBC and Disney Channel, as she feels like she’s far too old for Cbeebies (although she does watch it with her little sister). Her favourite TV show’s are Austin and Ally and Shake it Up. Emily’s favourite colour is purple and would be classed as quite a girly girl. She uses her mum’s ipad to download different games onto and loves adventure games. Friday, 4 July 14
  16. 16. Questionnaire We identified that market research may be one of the best techniques when trying to gather information about who are game would appeal to and so we have created a mock up of a questionnaire which we could use. We would ask this questionnaire to a wide range of people in order to see which demographic is most likely to purchase our game. We would be especially interested to find out how many children play games and which games they like most as they are our target consumer and so if the result of this questionnaire was that they don’t tend to play games we would have to alter our target audience. Friday, 4 July 14
  17. 17. Meeting Minutes To the left are our meeting minutes from the meeting we had to discuss the plans for our marketing campaign. We brainstormed possible ideas and discussed what the best course of action would be in order to maximise downloads upon the release of our game. We decided to create a short video about stepping on snails as we thought this would be a fun way to promote the game, as well as having a banner ad and creating a short book on how to make your own snail. At the end of the meeting we discussed the actions to be taken, by who and by when and decided that while Ellen and Jack would complete research into the products, Abi and Hazal would begin to draft ideas for our products so that we could gain feedback. Friday, 4 July 14
  18. 18. Promotional Campaign Plan Friday, 4 July 14
  19. 19. Aims of Our Campaign - To raise awareness of people who are unaware of what are game is and to get people talking about our game (including our target market but also other people who have just heard about the game). - To promote the game online as well as using other methods to get people understanding what our game is (The banner and also by film). - One main aim is that it needs to appeal to the target audience (which is 4-6 year olds). - We also need to advertise the game in a way that will make it look fun and interesting to play so it grabs peoples attention. - To attract other audiences which wouldn’t normally be interested in the style of our game. - To develop a fan base, both online and offline. Friday, 4 July 14
  20. 20. Targets For Our Campaign - To get at least 10,000 clicks on our banner ad in the first month. This would tell us that people are actively interested in our game. - To reach at least 1,000 downloads on the first day. Our game is small scale and so we are not holding huge hopes for it’s release but would still like to reach a large amount of sales. - To get good reviews Friday, 4 July 14
  21. 21. Promotion (First 100 Downloads) On release day the first 100 downloaders will get a free snail shell colour add on. This will hopefully increase the number of people who want to download our game immediately and this should lead to higher sales on the first day which will result in positive reviews. This promotion will get people talking about the game and should create a positive brand image. We will need to make sure that we regulate the winners carefully and we will do this by checking with Apple and Android to see who the first downloaders were judging by time, we will also need to make it clear to everyone what time the game is released and when/where. Friday, 4 July 14
  22. 22. Direct Advertising (Banner) The reason why we have created banners is because they will come in use before and after the game is released. For example if we released the banner before the game was released it would be created just to create anticipation for the game and to raise awareness about our game, however if we released the banner after the game was released then we would actually have a link for people to click on that would take them directly to the app store where they could download the game. The banners work much better after the game is released because there is actually something for the person to click on. The reason why banners are so helpful and important is because it’s a very useful way to share your game with people around the world at a very fast pace. This is because you can have your banners on popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. These are very popular websites which get millions of people logging on each day and if you were to have your banner across the top of the main page then it’s very likely that all those millions of people will see it and click on it. The more eye catching and interesting your banner looks the more people will see it and will want to click on it so it is very important for the banner to look colourful and eye catching. The type of websites that we would put our adverts on would have to be websites that appeal to our target audience, so it would be websites like Cbeebies, CBBC and the Disney website. However we could also put it on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to appeal to our more mature audience of 13 - 16 year olds. This would then increase the amount of people that would play our game. Friday, 4 July 14
  23. 23. Direct Advertising (Video) The promotional video is to help advertise our game to a vast amount of audiences who aren’t too sure on what the game is about. The reason why we decided to choose a video to make was to use it as a promotion technique, getting different audiences to hopefully talk about this. We were thinking that we could link the video to the banner which would be presented on websites online like Cbeebies, CBBC and Disney (the websites in which children would most likely browse on). The idea would consist of the viewer clicking on the banner, which would then take you through to the website where the video could be waiting to play. Once this is finished, it could give you the chance of going through to the official website or going back to the page that they were initially on. Not only would we present this online, but also advertise it on TV in-between kids tv shows on the same sort of channels (CBBC, Cbeebies and Disney). The main concept of the short film follows a foot who stands on a snail, and we see the rest of his snail friends gang up to try and fight the foot. The end of the video just states “Watch your step”and having the game title ‘Snail Trail’ in smaller text underneath it. This way it still relates to the game, but does it in an entertaining way which would hopefully get the audiences questioning what they just watched. Friday, 4 July 14
  24. 24. Indirect Advertising (Build Your Own Snail) The toy will be used to promote the game. It will promote the game by giving the target audience an idea of what the game will be. Having a make your own snail book will get the audience interacted with the product. Another advantage of this being a book is that the company will be able to make a profit as the game is free in the app store. In this book there are the basics on how to make the snail, to make more money for the company, we thought that we should make a more advanced book, maybe with more detail to the shell, the body, eyes etc. This product relates to the store Build-A-Bear, children enjoy going in choosing a bear a stuffing it and then choosing an outfit for it. This will attract our target audience more because its what they might find interest in doing. Friday, 4 July 14
  25. 25. How Do Our Final Products Fit The Audience? We believe that our products reflect the needs and wants of our audience. All of our products are age appropriate and we also think that the video we have created will appeal to the parents and older children as well as our target consumers. The banner could be placed on any site which children’s visit which will generate interest and children are very curious and clicking on the banner could lead to either the download page or the promotional video. The data to the left, taken from the ISFE website, shows that 51% of gamers are under 35 which tells us that a large portion of the gamer market is young people. Our marketing campaign is targeted at young people and so should be relevant to this large portion of the market. Our products are fairly gender neutral which is good because only 5% more of the games market are male so in theory our marketing plan should balance equally between the male and female audience. We also have quite a wide range of products so that they can reach the audience in multiple ways, for example the ‘Create A Snail’ book may appeal to mothers who want activities to do with their children. Friday, 4 July 14
  26. 26. We have chosen to release our game on April 11th at the PAX East Convention. This is because it’s after a public holiday and according to statistics not many people download apps when they are celebrating events like christmas, this then meaning that we would have more success with our game if it was not released on celebration events and public holidays. We chose not to release our game in december because it’s christmas and most people would go into stores like ‘Game’ to purchase the more mainstream games for christmas presents. It is unlikely that people would buy our app as a present as it is digital and not something you could physically wrap, so for us we think that december would be the worst month to release our game as it would not sell very well. Release Date Friday, 4 July 14
  27. 27. Campaign Schedule Friday, 4 July 14
  28. 28. EVALUATION Friday, 4 July 14
  29. 29. Client Feedback Do you think that the promotions and advertisements are suitable for our target audience? Yes because they are not inappropriate however they could be aimed more at adults. What do you think of the banner advertisement? The banner add looks professional and it is good however it is unclear why the consumer would click it and what would draw them in. I think it needs something to entice consumer into clicking it or a clear explanation of why they would do so. Do you like the idea of advertising on CBBC and Disney? Cbeebies and CBBC do not have advertisements on their sites so this needs to be adapted. Which sites would you advertise on specifically? Do you like the concept of the snail book? The snail book is a good idea however how would we get consumers to buy it? Is it something which would be given away? This needs to be linked to other products. What do you think about our viral video? The idea for the video is great however it is technically a trailer. The video is unlikely to go viral and so it would be best to use it as an advert. One suggestion is that it could be linked to the banner advert. Do you think that our campaign will appeal to our target audience? Yes, with these changes. Friday, 4 July 14
  30. 30. Change #1 One amendment to our plan is that we are going to advertise on CITV, Milkshake! and Disney rather than Cbeebies, CBBC and Disney. This is because the feedback we received stated that Cbeebies and CBBC do not have advertisements on their website, which is a clear issue. We did some research into children’s TV shows and found that children up to the age of 8 years old spend at least 70% of their time a day on watching television, from this it is clear that we needed to tap into this market and so we looked into the most popular children’s TV channels and found Milkshake! on Channel Five and CITV. We found research on BARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board) which told us that the average daily reach of CITV is 694,000 people, it is fairly likely that a large majority of these consumers would use the CITV website and so that would be a better place for us to use our banner advertisement. We also decided to still use Disney because they have huge viewer rates and are the most suitable for our target audience. Friday, 4 July 14
  31. 31. Change #2 The feedback we got from our client mostly states how we should adapt the banner in order to entice the consumers and how the short video idea is technically a trailer, so instead of creating it to go viral online, we could use this as an advert. As a group, we thought that we could link the banner and the short film/ trailer together. One big improvement which we could make for the banner is to animate the slug in the top right corner of the frame to bounce up and down. This would then give the consumer a good or clear explanation of why they should click onto the banner, as its eye catching and drawing them in to see what the banner is all about. To link this in with the banner idea, we would have the advert shown when the audience clicks on the banner. When clicking on the banner, it could send them to the official Snail Trail website, where the trailer is presented, before the audience can enter the actual site. This then could make the consumer more interested in what the game is, after watching the trailer (as this is indirect so doesn’t initially explain the game) and continue forward to the website to download the game. The graph shows the percentage of which ages use the internet occasionally and daily. This links in with how we’re going to present our banner and trailer (online) and can give us an insight on what type of people will be more prone to seeing it everyday rather than just occasionally. By looking at the graph we can see that the ages of 9-11 & 12-15 use the internet occasionally, whereas the ages of 16-25 use it daily the most. This can help us map out which places to advertise our banners, as well as putting them on children’s websites. Friday, 4 July 14
  32. 32. Change #3 From our client feedback, we have gained information stating how the snail book was a good idea however they had concerns about how we would get the consumers to buy it. We have thought about these concerns and in reaction we have decided to adapt our promotional campaign. Our initial plan for the promotion was to give away free app upgrades to the first 100 people who downloaded Snail Trail however on reflection we have decided that the best method would be to give away 100 free ‘Make Your Own Snail Books’. Not only would this be a better gift and probably persuade people more to download the game, but it would also promote the book. If people miss out on being the first 100 to download the game they may still want to purchase a book. What we would do in this instance is produce about 1,000 of the book and put them for sale on our website. If the book is popular we will restock and if not we will leave it. This should lead to more people downloading the game as well as increased downloads for Snail Trail. Friday, 4 July 14
  33. 33. this is what was suggested this is what i want to change diagram or chart or data Feedback i got was this i will do this change based on this research Friday, 4 July 14