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Electric motor thermal analysis trade study


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Determine the maximum operating temperature of a 10HP electric motor used in a stone crushing application.

Published in: Engineering
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Electric motor thermal analysis trade study

  1. 1. LARGE DC ELECTRIC MOTOR THERMAL ANALYSIS 2/11/2016 Don Blanchet 3B Associates 339-234-3544
  2. 2. Goals  Perform a simple thermal analysis of a large 10 HP electric motor.  Estimate the maximum case temperature at a 70% efficiency operating point  Heat transfer modes – Natural convection to ambient air – Conduction through mounting plate
  3. 3. Natural Convection  The natural convection heat transfer coefficient has been de-rated by 50% to allow for the very dirty and dusty environment for this specific application.  Cleaning maintenance is not practical.
  4. 4. Model 14 inch dia
  5. 5. FEA mesh
  6. 6. Heat transfer modes Conduction to Mounting surface Natural convection to ambient Through exposed surfaces
  7. 7. Results: steel housing
  8. 8. Results: aluminum housing
  9. 9. Conclusion  Cast aluminum offers a considerable cooling advantage over the baseline steel housing.