Happy Birthday Billy! From House Divided


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Billy! Your friends at House Divided wanted to share their Birthday Wishes with you. <3

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Happy Birthday Billy! From House Divided

  1. 1. Happy Birthday Billy! Hope! Betsy! Pepper ! ~aka Ramona ~ Your friends at House Divided wanted to pass on their birthday wishes to you…..
  2. 2. Happy Birthday Billy!!! Happy Birthday Billy! i’m still wearing the collar you out on Me…on a good amount of my writer’s accounts! *sticks tongue out and gives you a cake!*
  3. 3. Happy Birthday Billy! This place has meant so much for me in the last few weeks! I have loved getting to know you and “hang” out with you. For a writer, I find myself a loss for words… I hope you have a fantastic birthday!! Full of fun, drinks, good food and happiness (not necessarily in that order) From: Paige (and her writer Rebecca)
  4. 4. CLOC has informed me that it is your birthday *hovers in the air, smiling* So, I thought I’d take a moment from saving the world, a crime at a time, and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I would have brought a present but HE stole it.. You know.. *whispers* … The void … *cough and speaks* Well, um fellow friend, take it easy and give yourself a night off from fighting crime. *winks, grinning and flies into the distance in seconds* From: Sentry
  5. 5. Hey bubette Not doing anything with youtube and also not being creative since that’ll violate a restraining order, but other than that: here you go. Cheers, Mark // Wolverine A birthday wish/card from me, with accompanying stolen artwork from someone and with some text and stuff…
  6. 6. Happy Birthday Fraulein! Du ist vone year closer to dying! Hrm…. Too morbid? XD Ah vell…. OH. Und I vould also like to send you a stripper. Du vould appreciate zat, ja?
  7. 7. Billy, I hope your birthday is happy, even if your foot is still smaller than the other one. I adore you to little bitty pieces and hope that your birthday is another signal of your changing luck. You got me into RP on Twitter, and I can’t thank you enough for that save for to be here for you as much as the distance and the internet and life allows. And if it doesn’t I’ll kick in the junk for you! XD From Penance
  8. 8. Feral Moon – A Poem by Frank Castle With the tides changing as her whims We’d still celebrate every day Both Moon and what tidings she brings Not quite dancing yet, but walking, And forever dancing in our hearts
  9. 9. March 4th. A little over two months ago. That’s where I found a new family. With everything from a few brothers, that weird uncle (we both know it’s Frank) a bromance, and what I like to call an older sister. I like to call her Billy! I came to this website not knowing what to expect and I was greeted with some of the nicest…craziest…people in the world. But enough about everyone else, today’s about you! One message you manager to ALWAYS get to me is, “I’m here if ya need me.” Billy, I read somewhere that you were like an older sister to me. Not sure who wrote that, but it’s completely true Despite some of the bad luck you’ve had with that damn foot of yours, you have always tried to make time for not just me, but everyone and I can’t thank you enough. One thing I’m always reminded of is how encouraging you always are for all of us. For all of us here at HD I want to personally wish you a Happy Birthday Billy! And a Happy New Years! … . … .WTF Alex? I told you, you could type when I was done! I know but I wanna go nowwwww! Fine, douche. Billy! Hold up, at least separate the paragraphs? Para whats? The sections of words? Ohhh like… Continued on the next page
  10. 10. This!? Yeah, that’s good. Kay… Paragraph. Such a funny word. Paragraph. Para. Paratrooper. Paradactil. Paradox. paraMonkeys. Alex….. Billy? Yes? What about her? Her birthday? Oh? A Birthday? Who’s birthday is it? Billy?! The awesome feral lady? The one dating Deadpool? Who is super awesome and I love her with all my heart cause both her and her writer are downright amazing and I don’t know what I would’ve done if it wasn’t for her and the rest of the site owners who help us get out of our daily slumps? Yes Alex….that Billy Awesome! What about her? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY!!!! ~ Alex! And Austin
  11. 11. Happy Bitchday, Wolfie! you are my pole-dancing princess. You are the troll of my dreams. You are the BAMF that inspires me to write more. Thanks for everything you do – know that it’s all appreciated and noticed, even on the days when you think it’s not. ~ Panda aka Domino aka Kate You have broken my mind more times than I can count and I have loved every moment of it
  12. 12. Hey ‘Mona Happy Birthday! I already gave you my gift but I’m working on the next drabble, it’ll be better, m’kay And no, I’m going to drink /less/ from now on, admitting that to you was embarrassing for the first hour I woke up the morning after! XD From: Luke
  13. 13. From everyone at HD: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY!!! This place just wouldn’t be the same without you <3