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The Power of Army Social Army Social Media Presentation


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The Power of Army Social Media
The Ripple Effect Most social media services and blogs have overlapping
features that allow connections between them. For example
The power of Army Social Media is best described with the you can feed your Twitter posts into your Facebook page
ripple effect. One person tells a handful of others about a or blog so you don’t have to enter the same information in
story or idea, and subsequently those people tell a handful two locations. The graphic below shows how information
more. Soon that story reaches hundreds of others in a matter typically grows within a social media network. The solid
of days, hours or even minutes. Social media is blind to lines show the originating path of information and the
demographics, boundlessly crossing the spectrum to all who dashed lines show the secondary growth. Where people are
are willing to listen, observe and share. Its combined power communicating back and forth, arrows go both directions.
comes from the collective effort of all those involved and will Where information is simply being passed on or fed (via RSS)
continue to grow long as the topic remains relevant. the arrows only go in one direction.

Army Blogs Delicious



Provide Resources
Through social media, Soldiers have quicker and more thorough access
to internal and external resources to enhance Army life than standard
methods ever provided.

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  • Very good presentation! Educational indeed!

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  • This is a really great case-study. As the US Army has successfully done any brand/product/campaign can activate social media platforms as extensions of a lead website and manipulate each platform so it resonates with the intended audience via content plan and messaging focus. #Nice
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