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3 Global mobility

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3 Global mobility

  1. 1. Our global capabilities EXPERTISE NEEDED EXPERTISE FOUND
  2. 2. Our global capabilities Global Mobility When working on highly complex projects, you need access to the best in global talent. With more than 40 offices in 25 countries, we have the expertise to break down international barriers and negotiate global mobility challenges, ensuring you’re supported in every location imaginable, at every phase of your project. We’re able to mobilize candidates globally, arrange relevant visa and work permits, and ensure they have industry leading in country orientation, accommodation and travel arrangements. In particularly volatile or unfamiliar areas, we go further and offer health and safety support, individual security support and even a concierge service. 9. Mobilization and repatriation 10. Visas and work permits 11. In country orientation 12. Accommodation services 13. Travel services 14. Health and safety support 15. Individual security support 16. Expat concierge service
  3. 3. Our international presence and global support services see us regularly source candidates from one country and mobilize them onto projects in a second country, often in frontier locations. Our comprehensive mobilization service provides candidates with all the relevant transport, paperwork and accommodation information needed to ensure a smooth transition to their new working location. Whether mobilizing an individual or a full project team, our dedicated travel coordinators provide 24 hour cover to arrange the necessary transport required to get candidates to their assignments. We take full responsibility for candidates, ensuring that you’re able to retain the top talent across the different locations you work in and through different phases of your project. We guarantee to mobilize candidates to the right location and ensure they’re ready to start work on time, every time. Such is the extent of our global mobilization and repatriation capabilities that to date we have placed over 70 nationalities into 69 countries. Mobilization and
  4. 4. Our candidate’s challenge After living and working in Indonesia for 20 years and recently getting married and having two young children, our candidate was looking to return home to the UK. He was looking for a suitable role which matched both his skillset and the needs of his family, making sure the position was located near to appropriate schooling for his children. Our solution Our candidate worked exclusively with us to find a permanent staffing role. We found him several suitable jobs in various locations that matched his needs, including Greater London and Aberdeen. In addition to finding him suitable jobs, we offered him and his family a full repatriation service. This included securing him and his wife the documents they required to return to the UK. We secured passports for his two young children, booked flights and once he had decided upon Aberdeen as a location, we arranged a short term accommodation lease and suggested the best local schools and nurseries. The outcome Our candidate made a stress free and efficient transfer back to the UK with his family and is now working as a General Manager Operations in Aberdeen. How we support you If tasked with your mobilization and repatriation, we’ll: • Save you time and money. Our own in-house travel team will ensure that candidates are mobilized at the most economical rates, whether it’s before, during or after their assignment. • Give you access to the global talent pool. Being able to freely mobilize candidates between countries means we source the best talent available globally for your project, regardless of location. • Support you throughout a project. We know that projects can span multiple countries and continents. By mobilizing your staff, our network of offices will provide you on the ground support. • Share the risk with you. We're so confident in our mobilization solution, that we're prepared to negotiate individual guarantees with clients, which penalize us financially if our error results in an individual not being available for duties on the agreed date.* *Subject to terms and conditions Our global capabilities
  5. 5. It can be a difficult and time consuming process to secure the appropriate visas and work permits for contractors working abroad. Our in-house visa coordinators arrange all relevant passports, visas and work permits to ensure our contractors are fully compliant to work in the required countries. Whether mobilizing a British national to Saudi Arabia, or someone from the Philippines to the Middle East, our visa teams will work through the relevant paperwork to completion. Dependent upon country, we’ll apply on the candidate’s behalf, guide them through the process, or even sponsor them to ensure that all personnel are fully compliant with immigration regulations. We have strong working relationships with foreign embassies around the world, giving us the contacts, resources and know-how to guarantee that staff will be ready to work where they need to be, when they need to be. Visas and
  6. 6. Our client’s challenge Our client, one of the largest global oil and gas companies, was working on an ultra-deepwater oil field in offshore Angola. The company needed a team to work on its floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel in a fabrication yard in Singapore, before being mobilized to Luanda for the hook-up, commissioning, start-up and production activity. Our solution As well as sourcing, qualifying and mobilizing the team for the project, we also arranged their visas and work permits. This was particularly complicated due to the amount of countries the contractors had to pass through, as several of them weren’t residing in their country of origin. One was a British contractor, living in Thailand, working at the fabrication yard in Singapore then being mobilized to Angola. In addition to this, we secured a 'Seamen's Book' for selected personnel, ensuring they had the necessary documentation and identification to work during the tow phase of the project. The outcome We worked with the Singaporean embassy to design a bespoke solution. We sourced, placed, mobilized and arranged visas for over 100 contractors from 10 different countries, many of whom were on the FPSO on the tow from Singapore to Angola. As part of our mobilization services, we also conducted an offshore readiness campaign to ensure all staff were suitably and adequately qualified. This included helicopter underwater escape, health and safety and fire training, medicals, immigration, visas and insurance checks. How we support you If tasked with your visas and work permits, we’ll: • Save you time and money. Our team of experts know exactly the right visas to obtain and processes required to ensure that your contractors are ready for work and that your projects run on time and on budget. • Support the candidates. Obtaining a visa can be a nerve-wracking ordeal for contractors. We support them every step of the way, keeping both you and the contractor up to date with progress and help to expedite matters where necessary. • Give you access to a global talent pool. Being able to freely mobilize candidates between countries means we are able to source the best talent from around the world for your project, regardless of location. Our global capabilities
  7. 7. Travelling to a new assignment in an unfamiliar country can be a daunting process. Our consultants are on hand to give candidates and contractors all the help they need. With offices in 25 different countries we support our contractors wherever in the world they’re working. We help our people settle in to their new locations, offering support services ranging from pre-mobilization information, to meeting them at the airport when they arrive and helping them with the local language. In insecure areas we work with our global network of approved partners to provide contractors with all the information and support they need to ensure they keep safe during their time in country. Where necessary, we transport people in armoured vehicles and provide familiarization tours to enhance the security profile. Our in country orientation helps contractors and new staff members to accustom themselves with the area, dispelling any fear or uncertainty. In a nutshell, our in country orientation and security services are designed to ensure that candidates are ready and happy to start work, on the agreed date. In Country
  8. 8. Our candidate’s challenge Our candidate, an American national, had been offered a long term contract vacancy working in Lagos, Nigeria. However, he was uncertain about the location, expressing concern about relocating with his family to such an unfamiliar area. Our solution With a global network of strategically located offices, we were able to supply our candidate and his family with a full in country orientation solution. Prior to accepting the job and being mobilized, one of our Nigerian consultants was in touch with the candidate to discuss the benefits and drawbacks to life in Nigeria. He also agreed to help our candidate secure places at the local international school for his children and sent information on the best areas to live in. The outcome After lengthy discussions and advice about the area and potential lifestyle change, our candidate decided to accept the position and relocate with his family to Lagos. As well as arranging full mobilization, we were there to meet him and his family at the airport, transporting them to their new accommodation. When they were ready, we also provided a guided tour of the local area including the children’s new school, local amenities and potential areas for long term accommodation. In addition, we also provided comprehensive security support with our partners Control Risks, helping to keep the contractor and his family as safe as possible in their new location. How we support you If tasked with your in country orientation, we’ll: • Support the candidates. We make sure the candidates feel safe and at home in their new location and have access to all the amenities they need. • Save you time and money. By dealing with the logistics and administration of mobilizing candidates and introducing them to a new area, we save you the cost and hassle of having to make these arrangements yourself. We also improve your staff turnover, saving you the project damaging requirement of recruiting for the same position twice. • Give you access to a global talent pool. By looking after contractors when they move overseas, we are able to ensure that we are selecting the best talent from around the world to work on your project. • Tailor the solution. No two candidates or locations are the same. We tailor the solution to ensure every candidate receives the appropriate level of care when locating to a new country. Our global capabilities
  9. 9. Organizing accommodation can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks when moving abroad. Whether the candidate is about to start a new assignment or is moving for a permanent role, issues with accommodation can cause unhappiness, unreliability and in turn damage productivity We offer to find short term accommodation for candidates when they arrive at their new destination. We also support them in their search for long term accommodation, taking them to view properties and arranging cost effective leases with local landlords. Whether taking the lease of an entire housing block, booking hotel rooms or building temporary housing, our accommodation services ensure that candidates have all the support they need when relocating. Accommodation
  10. 10. How we support you If tasked with your accommodation services, we’ll: • Support the candidates. By booking both short term and long term accommodation, we relieve candidate stress, meaning that they’re able to move overseas knowing that they're ready to start work. • Save you time and money. We relieve you of the administrative task of arranging huge volumes of accommodation. We have agreements in place with hotels and landlords at all of our projects and client sites around the world so we negotiate the best deals available. • Tailor the solution. Not every candidate requires the same type of accommodation. Whether they’re moving alone or with their family, we talk to them about their requirements and find an accommodation solution to match. Our global capabilities Our client’s challenge The client was seeking the support of a company with proven experience of looking after contractors in the country and dealing with local partners to offer all necessary services. Our solution We took on a two year lease for a block of apartments on behalf of our client. Using our mobilization and repatriation solution, we shipped many of the candidates’ personal belongings including furniture, luggage, and in one instance, a pet dog to their new home. Additionally we also hired security and maintenance personnel as well as a maid to service the accommodation. We also provided full furnishing, internet access and home comforts such as satellite television and phone lines. The outcome Our client was able to relinquish full responsibility to us, safe in the knowledge that the contractors would have the practical support to get themselves set up in country and be able to go to work in their new location.
  11. 11. Moving individuals and teams globally requires planning and organization. Whether travelling between projects, countries, or transiting offshore, our travel services team are on hand to deal with all your travel requirements. We’re experienced at arranging even the most complicated journeys. As well as booking flights, we also arrange any local transportation that you require, from hiring cars, booking train tickets and organizing taxis on your behalf. Our team will guarantee to arrange the travel needed to get your candidates to their new destination on time and within budget. Travel
  12. 12. How we support you If tasked with your travel services, we'll: • Support the candidates. We keep in touch with the candidate throughout the process, ensuring they’re fully aware of what flights they need to catch, what they need to bring with them, and what the arrangements are for local transportation. • Save you time and money. With our dedicated in-house support team we cut out the middle man and get you the best deals on transport and accommodation. We take over all the hassle of logistics and manage the entire process ourselves. • Give you access to a global talent pool. We work with the best in global talent, irrespective of their location. • Share the risk with you. Our clients can’t afford to risk contractors being late for their assignment. That’s why we guarantee to have them where they need to be, when we say they’ll be there. Our global capabilities Our client’s challenge Our client, a global oil company, had completed an offshore project in Angola and needed to repatriate the project staff back to the UK. However, the flight that many of the contractors were scheduled on had been cancelled, leaving them stranded with no travel arrangements and no accommodation. The contractors were anxious to return home so we stepped in to help. Our solution Our specialist travel team in the UK took on the challenge of making alternative arrangements on behalf of the contractors. Once we had the contractors on mainland Angola, we sourced and booked a good quality local hotel where they could stay and relax while we arranged their repatriation. During this time, our travel team contacted several airlines and were able to secure enough spaces on upcoming flights back to the UK to be able to transport all staff. The outcome Following their night in the hotel, all contractors were able to return back to the UK the next day, suffering a delay of less than 24 hours, a result which wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't taken up the challenge.
  13. 13. The health and safety of our candidates is of paramount importance to us, so we provide all our people with relevant health insurances and advice and offer them access to the most up to date safety and security information. We know that some of the locations that our candidates work in can leave them vulnerable to diseases such as malaria or tuberculosis, or to compromised security and personal safety if they aren’t fully prepared in advance. We offer comprehensive health and safety support to ensure that every precaution is taken. To ensure we fully understand the requirements and implications of all the areas our candidates work in, we attend the same training as them, partaking in hostile environmental awareness training and crisis management scenarios. Our in-house security experts and partnerships with Control Risks and TravelTracker help us keep up to speed with the latest developments around the world. We also work with City Brief, an online security information portal, providing independent analyses of the latest political, security and travel developments in over 300 cities worldwide. Health and Safety
  14. 14. Our candidates’ challenge Our contractor, a Malaysian national, suffered a detached retina as a result of a non-work related accident while on assignment in Nigeria. He required urgent assistance if he was to regain his vision. Our solution With the support of our global medical partners, we flew our contractor to London, the nearest medical center of excellence, on a doctor escorted plane, where he was able to attend a specialist eye hospital. We also arranged for our contractor’s wife and immediate family to fly out from Malaysia to London to be with him while he was having his operation and was recovering. The outcome With his family around him, our contractor underwent an operation to reattach his retina and made a full recovery in London, completely regaining his vision. How we support you If tasked with your health and safety support, we’ll: • Support the candidates. We provide contractors with full orientation packs, advising them about what they need to do before being mobilized and informing them about any potential challenges they may encounter and how to deal with them. We ensure we keep them fully updated with the latest developments including any potential threats of civil unrest. • Insure and repatriate. We provide the best available healthcare services and insurances to our contract staff. In the case of critical illness or unrest, we offer emergency repatriation through our partners International SOS, returning contractors to their home location or an area of safety. • Inoculate and educate. We take an active approach to ensuring contractors don’t suffer from diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis when working abroad. We offer an online learning program with a certificate of completion and a wealth of information on ways to minimize the risk including the relevant inoculations and preventative medicines. Our global capabilities
  15. 15. Our candidates often work in locations impacted by security issues or that face political uncertainty. We offer detailed security support tailored to each individual, which teaches them to identify and mitigate any risks. To reduce the chances of running into trouble, our clients and candidates can access a 24 hour security support helpline, run in partnership with Control Risks, providing the latest security updates and advice on planning your trip. We also work with the candidates to keep them safe by advising them of what they should and shouldn’t be carrying, areas and amenities to avoid, safe methods of transport and general conduct to reduce their risk profiles. In extreme cases we also offer clients and candidates training on how to handle dangerous situations such as such as hostile environments and kidnap and ransom. Our consultants also take part in the training so they completely understand the requirements and are able to provide a knowledgeable reference point for our clients and contractors. Individual Security
  16. 16. Our client’s challenge We had several contractors working on a Libyan project, however, during the course of their assignment a widespread protest against the national government broke out. Soon the protests became violent, putting contractors and their families in potential danger. Our solution Such was our knowledge of the developing situation that we put together an individual security plan for each of our contractors and their families. We assessed the situation, kept the contractors fully informed via text, email and phone calls and were in continuous contact with our local security partners. The outcome We recognized that events were deteriorating rapidly and through prompt action we evacuated all of our contractors and their families from the country. This was completed a full 24 hours before Western governments issued evacuation notices that initiated panicked scenes, ensuring our contractors were safely evacuated before the rush. How we support you If tasked with your individual security support, we’ll: • Support the contractors. The wellbeing of our contractors is our biggest priority. We do everything in our power to keep them safe and secure while on an assignment with us. We provide regular updates on any developments which could affect our contractors, giving them access to real-time information. • Tailor the solution. No two people or situations are the same, so we tailor our security support to the individual, ensuring he or she has access to the latest information and support. • Insure and repatriate. We provide the best available healthcare services and insurances to our contract staff. In the case of critical illness or unrest, we offer emergency repatriation through our partners TSS, returning contractors to their home location or an area of safety. Our global capabilities
  17. 17. We assist with navigating through the many personal administrative tasks required of an expatriate abroad. Our expat concierge service will ensure that even if our contractors are working in new and unfamiliar locations, they have all the necessities needed to live in the area. Just some of the ways in which we support our contractors with this service include arranging social security registrations, local driving licences, mortgage assistance, local IT support, language translation or finding work for a spouse. In addition, we also ensure that contractors are comfortable in their new location by providing them with all the home comforts they’re used to. This includes help decorating their new property, registering with local sports and leisure facilities, securing home delivered shopping services and even sending flowers back home. Our expat concierge service will help to minimize the effects of working abroad for our contractors, by giving them all the personal support they require. Expat Concierge
  18. 18. Our client’s challenge We were working with our client, a worldwide oil and gas and exploration and production company, mobilizing 18 engineers from a project in Perth, Australia, to a project in Houston, USA. The team, comprised of both direct staff and contractors, were from different countries around the world and were unfamiliar with life in Houston. Our solution To ensure everybody was happy in their new location and to keep staff turnover to a minimum, it was our responsibility to ensure the contractors had all the amenities they required. Using our expat concierge service, we took time to listen to every single contractor individually and assess their needs. This meant that the contractors had a single point of contact and were given the full emotional and practical support they required in their new location. The outcome Working with our various solutions partners, we offered a full concierge service to all 18 engineers. This included sourcing jobs for several of their wives, arranging schooling for children, setting up local bank accounts and arranging credit cards for their personal use. We also met with all of the engineers within a week of their arrival and went for a drink with them in a local bar, giving them the opportunity to put a face to the name and better understand the extent of the service we were offering them. All contractors continued to work throughout the duration of the project, content that they had the comprehensive support of NES Global Talent if they needed anything. Our promise to you If tasked with providing you an expat concierge service, we’ll: • Support the candidates. The comfort and welfare of our contractors is of paramount importance. Our in country team will be on call to provide support during the critical ‘settling in’ period when a contractor starts in a new country. Although the levels of support required will differ between individuals, we help the contractor settle promptly and provide for every eventuality. • Give you access to a global talent pool. Our expat concierge service is just one way in which we can help to move candidates freely between countries with minimal disruption to them. This means you'll have a greater pick from the global talent pool. • Introduce the candidate to the area. Our expat concierge service provides the opportunity to offer candidates a brief tour of the area. Our global capabilities
  19. 19. About NES Global Talent... Established in 1978, NES Global Talent is an award winning manpower specialist that has placed over 70 different nationalities into 69 countries across the oil and gas, power, infrastructure, life sciences, chemical engineering and rail sectors worldwide. Our value proposition - guaranteed staffing solutions, engineered from the global talent pool by discipline specific consultants - demonstrates our commitment to delivering an exceptional service. • Guaranteed. Our range of guarantees cover you if we fail to meet the challenge. • Discipline specific. With a team of over 500 discipline specific consultants we truly know the industries we work in. • Global talent pool. With over 40 offices in 25 countries across Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, we have access to the best talent wherever it may be in the world. Today, we offer 31 different solutions to your global staffing challenges and if none of those fit, we will tailor make one for you that does. It’s people that deliver projects. We have the experience, expertise and local knowledge to find the very best talent from around the world. When we’ve found the people with the specialist skills you need, we ensure we look after them, without exception, so you keep hold of that top talent for as long as you need it.
  20. 20. Our global capabilities
  21. 21. North America Orlando, USA T: +1 407 208 0822 E: Houston, USA T: +1 713 551 4444 E: Denver, USA T: +1 303 386 7232 E: New Orleans, USA T: +1 504 754 6984 E: Calgary, Canada T: +1 403 984 0912 E: South America Rio de Janeiro, Brazil T: +55 21 3215 8487 E: Europe London, UK T: +44 208 399 6300 E: Birmingham, UK T: +44 121 200 8000 E: Manchester, UK T: +44 161 942 4000 E: Newcastle, UK T: +44 191 555 6300 E: Glasgow, UK T: +44 141 880 2777 E: Aberdeen, UK T: +44 1224 261090 E: Paris, France T: +33 1 70 92 39 68 E: The Hague, The Netherlands T: +31 70 353 8241 E: Stavanger, Norway T: +47 9221 2245 E: Africa Port Harcourt, Nigeria T: +234 1 903 2560 E: Lagos, Nigeria T: +234 1 903 2560 E: Luanda, Angola T: +244 222 335 490 E: Algiers, Algeria T: +44 161 942 4000 E: Accra, Ghana T: +233 302 224 573 E: Cape Town, South Africa T: +44 161 942 4000 E: Middle East Dubai, UAE T: +971 4379 2231 E: Abu Dhabi, UAE T: +971 2 658 7050 E: Doha, Qatar T: +974 4436 7044 E: Basra, Iraq T: +971 4379 2231 E: Erbil, Iraq T: +971 4379 2231 E: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia T: +966 13 864 6581 E: Australasia Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea T: +675 321 5817 E: Perth, Australia T: +61 8 9426 7400 E: Melbourne, Australia T: +61 3 9674 7179 E: Darwin, Australia T: +61 8 8981 3625 E: Brisbane, Australia T: +61 7 3112 2971 E: Sydney, Australia T: +61 2 8249 8247 E: Asia Singapore T: +65 6438 5333 E: Shanghai, China T: +86 21 3133 5050 E: Miri, Malaysia T: +60 8541 3763 E: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia T: +603 2381 2200 E: Jakarta, Indonesia T: +62 21 5292 2403 E: Hong Kong T: +852 2526 4411 E: Geoje, South Korea T: +82 70 4480 2190 E: Ayala Alabang, Philippines T: +63 2511 1529 E:

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