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  1. 1. Heavy Lift & Project Cargo GRAVITY DOES MATTER
  3. 3. About usOperating from the hearts of Dubai inthe UAE, HUDA is a logistics & ship-ping company specialized in ProjectCargo-Heavy Lift of Oil & Gas / Energy -related contracting.HUDA’s Group now employs, direct-ly and indirectly, over 200 peoplethroughout four complementary andclosely linked divisions. The staff is ex-tensively trained and skilled in theirspecific fields, ensuring products andservices of the highest caliber and atight relationship with the clients.
  4. 4. MissionWe strive to be a leader in shippingand logistics service and exceedingthe expectations of our partners.We strive to build a network with thebest reliable collaborators aroundthe world, thus branching out intoother regions just as they willuse our infrastructures for their ownexpansion.We observe and listen, trying tounderstand your cargo transportneeds before recommendinga logistics solution that will ulti-mately fulfill the client’s objective.Going the extra mile is part of ourwork plans to ensure consisten-cy and security and our dedicatedteam will ensure the safe han-dling and proper placement/posi-tioning of your cargo on the Port.
  5. 5. Oil & Gas, no location is too extreme
  6. 6. Saving your time , Suiting your Budget
  7. 7. Your best choiceOur reputation has been built onrendering fast, efficient and reliableservices.No matter the size or weight,Huda Shipping has the experienceand knowledge needed to offer atransport solution to your oversizedfreight (OOG FRT). Our fleet andfirm infrastructure give us the abilityto sustain any request and executethe task on time and in fullsufficiency.We also offer customs and quaran-tine clearance, transport and stora-ge of these shipments. Our ProjectServices will outline a logisticspackage to suit your requirements.
  8. 8. Our best cultureAt HUDA our culture is about exce-eding our customers’ expectations,fulfilling their every single need andrequest, and providing a place forour employees to build a career.Our environment is fertile ground forsuccess, and you will realize that wemove faster, work harder and are bet-ter rewarded than our competitors.Our branch offices are neat, organi-zed and set up in accordance with ourquality policies.We a r e a c l i e n t / p r o c e s s - d r i v e norganization that focuses on continualimprovement. It’s a simple philosophythat works.We will do all we can to protect ourculture. We will do what we can todeliver your goods and project
  9. 9. Our strenght, expertise at all levels
  10. 10. Project CargoDIVISIONProject cargo requires great skill in handling, protection, andsometimes maintenance. We are the right people to han-dle such tasks with great care and security as well dedication.Project Cargo Division co-ordinates all phases related tothe shifting/transportation of materials from productioncenter to site where a new industrial plant is underconstruction.Our Project Cargo Division provides the specialized expertisesuch as logistics capabilities, precise timing, wide geo-graphical knowledge, and global connections to coordi-nate project cargo movements from origin to destination.Typical of these materials are medium and large semifinishedmasses as well as equipment and manufactured productsof all types including those large dimension and high-value.
  11. 11. No Cargo is too complex or Bulky
  12. 12. Heavy LiftDIVISIONThe Special Project Division was formed to fulfill a key role inserving our clients and contractors (EPC), handling the tou-ghest shipments with the most exceptional service. It analysesyour shipment to determine special handling requirements.Our experience in Special Project has come to us after ye-ars of hard work and acquiring shipment & project tasksto carry out. Each task is like a test to our skills and experti-se and till now, we have passed each test with flying colors.We quickly set the solution in motion with personalizedservice to ensure your shipment goes smoothly from pick-upto delivery on-site.Within this framework it is able to offer countless collateraland support services to the shipment and the various logisticrequirements.
  15. 15. LogisticsDIVISIONLogistics Division optimizes and administrates the incomingand outgoing flows of prime materials and productioncycle products, and is able to operate at both the Client’spremises and the company structures.From the simple to the most complex logistics problems,we provide creative ideas and the means to execute them,proving that anything is possible with HUDA Shipping.
  16. 16. Ship CharteringDIVISIONHUDA Ship Broker Division works across markets & timezones, building long-term relationships between shipowners and charterers in 90 countries. The integratedservice we offer combines unrivalled market intelligencewithan extensive database of ship owners and chartersand leads the way to lucrative business opportunitiesfor our clients.HUDA will provide an up-to-date list of vessels offered onthe market for charter including many photographs anddrawings plus an informative newsletter. Clients can alsoobtain our standard lists or have one customized to theirspecial requirements.In Chartering, all order received are sorted by size,category and area. HUDA will report prompt employmentpossibilities for both vessels and barges. Charter orderswill be sent immediately to appropriate vessel or bargeOwners.
  17. 17. Heavy Lift & Project Cargo