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Air Energi's in-house network of Global Mobility specialists are highly experienced in mobilising personnel safely and compliantly around the world. They are dedicated to ensuring your people receive an unrivalled level of service, complying with client policy as well as all international laws and regulations.

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Air Energi - Global Mobility Services

  1. 1. Global Mobility Services
  2. 2. Air Energi 1 Global Footprint 2 Global Mobility Services 3 Immigration 4 Employment Services 5 Income Tax & Social Payments 6 Destination Services 7 Case Study 8 Experience Record 10 Testimonials 12 Relocation Guides 13 Air Energi Core Values 14 Regional HQ’s 16 Contents Celebrating Excellence in Global Mobility EMMAs HIGHLY COMMENDED 2013
  3. 3. 1© Air Energi 2014 Air Energi Air Energi is a global workforce solutions provider solely dedicated to the oil and gas industry. For over 30 years we have supported the world’s largest oil & gas operators, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies and early engineering consultancies. We have delivered our trusted expertise to projects in over 50 countries, including Upstream, Downstream, LNG and the world’s first FLNG project. Air Energi provides a comprehensive range of services delivering a total personnel solution on any scale, at any stage in the field development or project lifecycle, anywhere in the world. Our regional head offices are based in the UK; Qatar; Singapore; Australia and the US. We have over 40 offices strategically located across the world to match the oil and gas industry’s global footprint. At Air Energi we have the specialist skills, global reach and local knowledge required to identify, mobilise and payroll talent wherever it is needed. Core services: • Talent Acquisition • Global Mobility • Integrated Project Solutions
  4. 4. © Air Energi 20142 Global Footprint Air Energi provides Global Mobility Services for oil and gas clients across the world, requiring specialist knowledge and in-country experience. Our global footprint gives us the ability to provide comprehensive support to client projects not just in mature markets but also more remote and challenging locations such as Papua New Guinea, Iraq and East Africa. Our trusted support and expert delivery has earned Air Energi a prominent reputation within the global energy supply chain. Our in-house network of Global Mobility specialists are highly experienced in mobilising personnel safely and compliantly around the world. They are dedicated to ensuring your people receive an unrivalled level of service, complying with client policy as well as all international laws and regulations. We have 150 specialists based over 40 locations worldwide and we’re continuing to grow. In 2013 we opened offices in six new locations and we are committed to opening on-the-ground operations to support clients and personnel wherever our trusted expertise is needed. Anchorage | Calgary | Houston | New Orleans | St Johns | Denver | Midland | Manchester | London | Aberdeen | Paris Milan | Stavanger | Den Haag | Lagos | Luanda | Tanzania | Mozambique | Dubai | Basra | Kuwait | Doha | Seef Al Khobar | Atyrau | Aktau | Astana | Moscow | Sakhalin | Brisbane | Perth | New Plymouth | Darwin | Port Moresby Yokohama | Jakarta | Kuala Lumpur | Sarawak | Ulsan | Geoje City | Singapore | Ho Chi Minh | Bangkok | Shanghai Air Energi’s Global Offices Offices Under Development
  5. 5. Immigration Income Tax & Social Payments Employment Services Destination Services Global Mobility Services Global Mobility Services Air Energi’s Global Mobility Services mitigate the risks for personnel deployed from their point of origin and ensure a smooth and safe relocation process. Compliance, bureaucracy, security and challenging environments are all reasons why companies need to take a holistic approach to Global Mobility. Air Energi’s integrated service delivery ensures that our clients and personnel receive the best possible support and an unrivalled level of service from Global Mobility specialists who are highly experienced and care passionately about what they do. Our Global Mobility Services cover four key areas: Employment Services, Immigration, Income Tax & Social Payments and Destination Services. 3© Air Energi 2014
  6. 6. Immigration 4 Immigration can be a highly complex process, involving strict visa controls and complicated migration regulations. Our immigration services simplify the process and reduce any stress by taking the responsibility for all immigration requirements when deploying personnel. These services are coordinated through our local offices and include: • Pre-mobilisation preparation and management • Visas & work permits • Coordination of Certificate of Eligibility • Medical benefits, health screenings and inoculations No two immigration scenarios are ever the same and so we ensure that every case is reviewed and managed independently. Our Global Mobility teams work closely with the people being deployed to ensure that their entry in-country is as straightforward and easy as possible. Below is an example of the proven system that we have in place for managing the visa application process: Air Energi is able to add value to the visa application process through quality control, local support & expertise and a dedicated contact. Provide personnel with a starter pack outlining documents and actions required of them and highlighting a point of contact in the Global Mobility team Follow-up calls to support personnel in document gathering, answering queries and providing interim quality assessments on suitability of available documentation and additional resources e.g. booking medical Application form and relevant documentation with local authorities for processing For collecting the visa at appropriate consulate location (this can include securing a dispentation to collect the visa from a consulate that is outside of the individual’s home country) Engage Facilitate Lodge Prepare
  7. 7. Employment Services 5© Air Energi 2014 Providing the right framework for personnel to work legally and compliantly overseas can be a major headache for inexperienced personnel. We know that the relocation process can be stressful and can also influence a person’s decision to accept an assignment. The services offered by Air Energi help to reduce this stress as our Global Mobility specialists have the local knowledge and global experience to support you every step of the way. Our services include: • Local permits and licenses • Contract of Employment, secondment and Contract for Services • Medical insurance • Rotation and flight management • Host country and project site - safety & security training Having each of these elements in place is vital to ensuring that personnel are relocated compliantly and safely. We take the safety of personnel very seriously and we will ensure that they are completely covered.
  8. 8. Income Tax & Social Payments 6 Air Energi is able to provide knowledge and expertise on personal income tax liabilities compliantly in over 50 countries. Our Global Mobility specialists are trained to understand the local tax and social security requirements of their region. We also engage professional advisors to ensure that the advice that they provide is 100% accurate. As part of our service we will be responsible for the calculation and payment of local and national income tax and social security payments on behalf of each individual. We will also make sure that this money is deducted from their salary and paid directly to the tax authorities. Our services include: • Payroll instructions and reconciliations • Tax equalisation • Gross-up services • Host country and shadow payroll • Year-end compliance reporting
  9. 9. Destination Services Moving to an unfamiliar city can be a difficult process and so we offer a range of services to reduce any stresses and make the process safe and straightforward so that they can get on with their job from day one. • Assignment policy administration and counselling (pre-assignment counselling, expense management and payments, assignment cost estimates and projections) • Origin services (travel coordination services, property management, international shipment of household goods, auto transport, pet transportation, language training, inter-cultural training, partner employment services) • Orientation services (airport welcome, home search, school search, settling-in services and accommodation) • Localisation • Repatriation services (host country departure services – medical and school records transfer, de-registration from local authorities, bank account closure, lease cancellation) Emergency Support Air Energi operates a 24/7 local emergency support line. This line connects directly to a dedicated member of the Air Energi team ensuring that any problems are dealt with promptly and rectified quickly. 7© Air Energi 2014
  10. 10. Case Study - Total © Air Energi 20148 Air Energi supports world-leading IOC to support consultants in Asia Background Total is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company. They have 97,000 employees globally and sales exceeding €200 billion. Total have operations in 130 countries and are the world’s fifth-ranked publically traded international oil company. Challenge Total approached Air Energi in Kuala Lumpur in 2012 to support two project teams consisting of 20 personnel and their families. The teams were due to take up assignment in Malaysia on the Ichthys project in Australia and the Maharaja Lela project in Brunei. Although the teams were already working for Total in other locations, they required the structure in-country to work compliantly and safely in order to work on the projects in Brunei and Malaysia. Air Energi Solution Air Energi provided the following Global Mobility services from Kuala Lumpur: • Immigration Visa / work permit processing and sponsorship for all personnel and dependents pass arrangement as and when necessary. • Employment Services Local employment contracts, statutory and benefit management (locals only). • Income Taxes & Local payroll and income taxes paid on behalf of personnel. Social Payment • Destination Services Meet and greet, accommodation and local transport, schooling for children, drivers license conversion, event management. Result For over one year, Air Energi acted as a sole supplier to Total on this project. This approach enabled the smooth, safe and compliant mobilisation and ongoing support of personnel and their families through the lifecycle of the projects.
  11. 11. Case Study - WorleyParsons 9© Air Energi 2014 Air Energi provides perfect framework for mobilising high volumes of staff from India to Canada Background WorleyParsons is a leading provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors. They deliver engineering, procurement and construction management services to support projects globally. WorleyParsons has been a key client for Air Energi in several regions for almost a decade. Challenge In 2012 WorleyParsons engaged Air Energi to support the mobilisation and onboarding of 60 engineering personnel and their families from India. Our Global Mobility teams were required to negotiate contracts, manage immigration, ensure local taxes and payments were arranged and that consultants were supported in-country. Air Energi Solution Air Energi provided the following Global Mobility services to WorleyParsons’ consultants: • Immigration LMO / Visa / work permit processing and sponsorship for all personnel and dependents. Support against subsequent permanent residency applications. • Employment Services Local employment contracts, statutory and benefit management. • Income Taxes & Local payroll and income taxes paid on behalf of personnel. Social Payment • Destination Services Meet and greet, accommodation and local transport, schooling assistance for children, driver’s license conversion, in-country set up for banking, healthcare, and related services. Once settled, our teams also assisted consultants with their efforts to secure permanent residency in Canada. Result The management of this project was recognised as being such a success that WorleyParsons asked Air Energi to support their Indian consultants who were with another agency. We remain their sole provider of support for international consultants to this office based on our performance on this project.
  12. 12. Company Date Location Scope of Project Details WorleyParsons 2009 - present Canada: Edmonton, Calgary and St. Johns Immigration, Mobilisation, Payroll Managed the immigration of over 300 personnel from overseas to Canada Schlumberger 2007 - Present Papua New Guinea HR Services, Immigration, Destination Services, Payroll Full range of Global Mobility Services delivered for over 100 personnel Shell 2013 - present Kazakhstan Immigration, Payroll and Destination Services Managed the work permit and visa acquisition and subsequent mobilisation and payroll for 82 personnel ConocoPhillips 2013 - present North Sea (Jasmine Project). UK, Spain, Italy, UAE, APAC Mobilisation , in- country support and Roster management for commissioning team Full service support for project management team of 100+ roster management for a team of 150 commissioning specialists offshore helicopter deployments Millbank Holdings 2010 - present Qatar Full representation office covering Payroll Taxation and Sponsorship Multiple service support covering logistics, personnel and financial services for oil and gas specialist companies Talisman 2011 - present Canada, Peru, Australia, UK and Norway Immigration, Payroll, Employment Services and Destination Services Supporting Talisman’s projects across the globe compliantly © Air Energi 201410 Experience Record
  13. 13. Company Date Location Scope of Project Details ExxonMobil 2003 - present Global including PNG, Nigeria, Angola, Iraq and many Western Countries Immigration, Payroll, Tax and Social Payments, Destination services 800+ deployments via Global Enterprise Contract covering full range of Global Mobility services delivered compliantly in over 30 countries Chiyoda 2013 Australia Immigration, Payroll, Employment Services and Destination Services Deployed a team of Indonesian Nationals on behalf of Chiyoda from Japan to Australia for FAT testing on PNG LNG project in Papua New Guinea Total 2012 - present Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Immigration, Taxation, Accommodation and Transportation, Schooling and Logistical Support Service provided to Senior Management team of Total to enable them to work compliantly in Malaysia for the duration of a major exploration program Honeywell Process Solutions 2012 - present Papua New Guinea Compliant Work Permit and Visa Application, Roster, Pre-Employment Medical, Cultural Awareness, PPE Meet and Greet, Tax Remittance Service delivered to 50+ non-PNG nationals to conduct process control systems installation on PNG LNG project 11© Air Energi 2014 Experience Record
  14. 14. Testimonials Toothache offshore “The Global Mobility Team has always been available to assist and smooth the way and I have never received anything but excellent service…when I dislodged a tooth filling offshore in Nigeria, Air Energi’s Assignment Support Team came to the rescue. Within two days, an emergency dental pack arrived for me courtesy of the UK team. All fixed up and feeling no pain, I stayed the full time and completed many more trips before moving to another assignment with Air Energi. This is just one instance when Air Energi went above and beyond the call of duty.” John Craft Stranded and in danger “When I was stranded without support and despite my not being through Air Energi at the time, the UK support team was kind enough to assist in arranging transportation for me, plus other logistics. I was under an immense amount of stress stranded in a strange and dangerous country and the team helped prevent me from having a breakdown. I promised upon my return I would move over to Air Energi and here I am still. I will never forget the support Air Energi gave to me over this period.” Don Hensley Positive people “I cannot say enough good things about the Global Mobility Team. They made my experience with Air Energi a good one. They were very professional, courteous, and prompt which helped shape my very positive opinion about Air Energi. I would absolutely use Air Energi again and would be happy to recommend their services.” Eric Black 12
  15. 15. Relocation Guides A selection of our Relocation Guides for clients who are planning on living and working overseas. For our full range of guides please visit: 13© Air Energi 2014
  16. 16. Air Energi Core Values 14 What makes Air Energi stand out is our dedication to our core values. To be the people services partner of choice we underpin our business and the way that we operate on our values: Safe; Innovative; Passionate; Pragmatic; Knowledgeable; Inclusive and We Deliver. Our values apply to everyone from our CEO to the specialists providing our services. They ensure that we deliver an outstanding level of service and maintain high standards throughout everything that we do. Not only are our core values there for our employees but they also act as a promise to our clients, consultants and candidates in all countries that we support. Business Code of Conduct Our Business Code of Conduct governs how Air Energi carries out its business affairs across the world. We are committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements and the ethical/conduct standards set out in this code wherever we operate. For more information please refer to our Business Code of Conduct at: Our Mission “To be the trusted people services partner of choice for clients, consultants and candidates engaged in the global oil and gas industry” Our Vision “We will deliver against our financial objectives through the quality of our people and services; expanding global reach; market knowledge and relationships with our clients, consultants and candidates.” Our Core Values Safe: Safety is never compromised Innovative: Forward Thinking, Pioneering Passionate: Strong Belief and care in what we do Pragmatic: Problem solving in a realistic way Knowledgeable: Well-informed and Insightful Inclusive: Engaging, Consultative, Respectful We Deliver: We do what we say we will do
  17. 17. 15© Air Energi 2014 Safe Our overriding concern at all times is to ensure the safety of personnel deployed. Much of what we do is pre-emptive in creating the right framework and conditions for safe deployment but also to provide an essential safety net should anything go wrong Innovative We are continually developing and improving our already comprehensive range of services. Our structure and communication processes allow us to innovate in one part of the world and copy successful implementation and delivery across the globe Pragmatic Pragmatism comes from competency and common sense. The experience of our teams is second to none. We know what to do, how to do it and if we still can’t find a solution we know who to ask! Knowledgeable From the subtleties of local culture to the intimate knowledge of local taxation and employment law. It is our accumulated and shared wisdom which gives comfort to our clients that risks will be mitigated. Passionate Spend a day in an Air Energi office and you will come away with an overwhelming sense of individuals caring about what they do and how they can make other people’s lives that bit easier. It’s the little things that matter. Ask anyone deployed overseas and they will always say the same. Inclusive We know what its like to be away from home not quite belonging to either a new community or work group. It is the human touch above all that our clients recognise in the Air Energi global mobility teams that set us apart We Deliver Whether it is mobilisation to a tight deadline, accuracy of payroll, acquisition of a work permit, our global mobility teams know what it is like to have to deliver and surpass expectation every day.
  18. 18. Regional HQ’s UK, Europe & Africa 4th Floor, Delphian House Riverside, New Bailey Street Manchester United Kingdom M3 5FS Phone: +44 870 112 9444 Fax: +44 870 112 9445 Americas 6002 Rogerdale Rd Suite 340 Houston, Texas United States 77072 Phone: +1 281 983 3464 Fax: +1 281 983 3468 Asia Pacific 06-03/04 High Street Centre 1 North Bridge Road Singapore 179094 Phone: +65 6511 1060 Fax: +65 6511 1050 Australasia Level 8, Riverquarter Building, 46 Edward Street, Brisbane Australia 4000 Phone: +61 7 3056 0900 Middle East & Central Asia 3rd floor, Qatar First Investment Bank / Al Jazeera Finance Building PO BOX 2953 C Ring Road Doha Qatar Phone: +974 4451 9917 Fax: +974 4451 9907 For a full listing of all of our offices locations please visit our website. 16
  19. 19.