The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 1


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Abiona is on her own and begins her new life, while searching for answers.

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The Ward Matriarchy - Chapter 1

  1. 1. Welcome to my Legacy! In the Prologue, Abiona, the Founder, lost her father, discovered that her late mother might have been a witch and that she probably was one too. She ran away from her mean and calculating stepmother in the hopes of learning more about who she really is.
  2. 2. Abiona had been travelling for a week when she stumbled upon a small village named Shelterwoods. She liked the sound of that name. After all, a shelter was what she wanted. A place far away from her step- mother, somewhere she could find answers.  
  3. 3. She asked around and learned that there was a small house for sale outside of town. She made her way over there and immediately knew she had found the place for her. It wasn’t much. The house was really tiny and was nothing like her former home, but it would be hers.  
  4. 4. The small amount of money Abby had managed to bring with her was rapidly decreasing. As she was climbing into bed, she realized that she would have to do something about it and find some work.  
  5. 5. “I can do it,” she told herself, as she was falling asleep. “I’m sure someone in town will have the need for a maid, or something.” Abiona was ready to do whatever it would take to make sure she’d never have to go crawling back to Amelia.  
  6. 6. In the meantime, she started to grow tomatoes, hoping to sell them at the market and earn some money. She found the work tedious but enjoyable.  
  7. 7. Soon, she learned that the local paper’s editor, Mr. Clarke, was looking for a new employee. Abiona went to meet him and convinced him to give her the job. But, after her first day, the man was less than impressed and asked her not to come back. Humiliated, Abby came back home feeling completely depressed.  
  8. 8. “I should’ve done more with myself while Father was alive,” she thought. “I wouldn’t be struggling so much now.” She couldn’t help but cry, missing her father, her home and everything she’d been used to. Money had never been an issue before and now, it was all she could think about.  
  9. 9. And she had not even started to research things about her mother and her possible powers. She felt like a complete failure.  
  10. 10. “That’s enough!” Abby exclaimed. “I will not let one bad day set me back. I will show that Mr. Clarke that he made a mistake. One day, I will be his boss and I will oversee all of the County’s newspapers! He’ll see!”  
  11. 11. Knowing she had pushed aside the issue long enough, she went back to her mother’s journal and reread everything. “There must be something in here that will tell me where to look, a hint, something!”  
  12. 12. That’s when she noticed that the late Diana sometimes wrote “we” instead of “I”. “Which should mean that there are other witches out there…” whispered Abby.  
  13. 13. She started to go into town more often, trying to subtly ask questions and listening to all the gossip. Maybe someone would say something interesting. That’s when she met Jake Huntzberger.  
  14. 14. They saw each other quite often around town. Abby quickly realized that he knew nothing that could help her, but still, she felt drawn to him. Jake had lived all his life in Shelterwoods with his family and was delighted to meet the newcomer. And she was so pretty! He was instantly smitten.  
  15. 15. One day, while strolling through Brightwood Forest, Abiona crossed Mr. Lillard. “How are you feeling this morning?” Abby asked him. “Actually, not too well,” Mr. Lillard replied. “In fact, I was on my way to see Mrs. Wilson,” he paused. “You know,” he added, seeing the Abiona’s confused look, “well, to get a… ahem… potion,” he said quietly, leaning in and leaving quite quickly afterwards.  
  16. 16. Abby thought about what Mr. Lillard had said all the way back home and for a good part of the day, while taking care of her garden.  
  17. 17. She finally felt she had discovered something of interest. She had never seen Mrs. Wilson since she had settled in Shelterwoods but had heard of her once or twice. But nothing until today could have made her think that Mrs. Wilson was not an ordinary woman.  
  18. 18. Jake started to call on Abiona as often as he could without seeming too obvious. The more time he spent with her, the more he liked her.  
  19. 19. Abiona was also falling for him. Jake was always there for her when she needed him. They would talk about nothing and everything, spending more and more time together. Still, Abby wasn’t sure if she should tell him about her mother and her secret…  
  20. 20. She decided to find out more about Mrs. Wilson before talking to Jake. After all, she didn’t even know if it was possible to be a witch. “I don’t want to make a fool out of myself and scare him away,” she thought, as she looked at her dear friend.  
  21. 21. It didn’t take her long to find out that Mrs. Wilson lived in Brightwood, a neighboring village. Abiona waited for her to be alone to go talk to the woman.  
  22. 22. “Hello, Mrs. Wilson,” she began nervously. “I’m sorry, I know we haven’t been introduced, but I really need to speak with you.”  
  23. 23. “I see. And who are you, my child?” “My name is Abiona Ward.” The woman looked startled for a moment. “Well, well, well! The Ward lineage has not disappeared after all! Interesting!” she said, looking pleased. “You know something about my family?” asked Abby, suddenly feeling excited.  
  24. 24. “I know a lot of things, Miss Ward.” “Can you please tell me what you know? I have so many questions and you’re the first person I’ve met that can help me,” Abiona added, almost pleading.  
  25. 25. “Now, now, we’re not to talk about all of that stuff here, in town. Too many ears…” Mrs. Wilson said, looking around. “But I will visit you soon. You seem like a sweet girl, I will help you if I can.” “Oh! Thank you so much, Mrs. Wilson!”  
  26. 26. “You can call me Linda. And in the meantime, it is very important that you keep what you think you know for yourself, understood?” the woman added with a serious look. “I promise,” replied Abiona, relieved she had not confided in Jake.  
  27. 27. Her relationship with the young man was as perfect as it could be. “You know, Abby,” he told her one day, “I’ve always dreamed of meeting someone like you. You are so real, so honest.” Abiona couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty as he spoke, knowing she was keeping something from him. But she knew she had to follow Linda’s advice. So she just smiled.  
  28. 28. “Abby, I love you,” he whispered into her ear just before he kissed her for the first time. She felt herself blush, so happy she had found him.  
  29. 29. A few days later, Linda came by, as promised. Abiona greeted her with enthusiasm, ready to finally learn about her mother and all that witchy stuff, as she had said. “I believe you have questions, Abiona,” Linda began, as they sat down. “I do. I guess the most important one is: Was my mother really a witch, like I read in her journal, and am I one, too?”  
  30. 30. And Linda told Abiona that since the dawn of time, there had been families of witches. Not many, but some and they all knew about the others. She explained that, as Diana had written, the power was transmitted from a mother to her eldest daughter. “So, I really am a witch,” Abby said softly, finally accepting it.  
  31. 31. “Yes, but I can see that you have not come into your own, yet. Normally this happens much earlier, but since your mother died, she didn’t complete the process with you.” “How can I trigger my powers? And what will I be able to do?” asked Abiona.  
  32. 32. “I will give you a spell book and a cauldron. You will have to study and work hard, there is no other way. You have the gene, you just need to use what you’ve got,” answered the witch. “At first, you will only be able to do small spells, but if you practice, you’ll learn more.” “I understand.” “Also, I’ve heard that you and the youngest Huntzberger are becoming quite close.”  
  33. 33. “We’re in love,” Abby blushed. “That’s very well. After all, you will have to keep the Ward lineage going. But you have to make sure he never knows about your powers! Witches have been hunted for centuries and still now, people are wary of us. They must not know about us.” “But, Mr. Lillard, the other day…” Abiona began.  
  34. 34. “They buy remedies, nothing magical about that, only plants and herbs. It must stay that way. I will help you create a hidden room if you need.” Seeing the look of worry on Abiona’s face, she added that she had one too and that if she had managed to keep her secret from her husband all these years, Abby would be able to do so as well. Then, Linda left Abiona to think about all she had learned.  
  35. 35. Curiously, at the same time, Abby felt something wash through her, like a wave.  
  36. 36. Not long after, as she was taking a stroll in Brightwood with Jake, they started to talk about the future. “Abby, I’ve told you how much I love you. And I hope I’m not too presumptuous, but I think you love me, too. I promise you my love will never falter. Maybe it’s time for us to consider marriage?” Jake said, looking intensely in her eyes. “I know you miss having a family. We could have one of our own.”  
  37. 37. “Jake,” said Abiona, as she got on her knee. “I don’t think I’ve told you how much I do love you. You are the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. I’ve been thinking about our future, too. I know it’s not traditional for the woman to ask for it, but…” she took her breath, “would you make me your wife?”  
  38. 38. Jake was startled. It was just like Abby to surprise him like that. That was why he loved her so much.  
  39. 39. “Of course, I’ll make you my wife! And you’ll be the happiest woman in Shelterwoods, I promise you that!” They fell into each other's arms, already looking forward their life together.  
  40. 40. Some weeks later, at sunset, Jake’s family and friends, as well as a few people Abiona had grown to know since her arrival in Shelterwoods, gathered at the small house to ear the couple’s vows.  
  41. 41. “Jake, I promise to love you and to cherish you until my death. I'm so lucky to have met you. Our marriage will be a blissful one.”  
  42. 42. “My wonderful, sweet Abiona, I’ve loved you since the first time we met and I swear to take care of you and give you the life and family you deserve.”  
  43. 43. With a kiss, they sealed their union while everyone manifested their joy. Everybody could see that Jake and Abiona were made for each other and that they would be happy together.  
  44. 44. With Jake moving in, the Wards were able to make some changes. They quickly demolished the old, small house to build something more suited for a family.  
  45. 45. They settle into married life quite easily, finding it reassuring to be able to see each other every day.  
  46. 46. At breakfast, Abiona mentioned how she was still hurt by her dismissal from the paper by Mr. Clarke. “I really want to prove to him, and to everyone, that I can make it!” she exclaimed. “He did not even give me a proper chance.”
  47. 47. “I know, sweetheart,” replied Jake, comprehensively. “I’ve heard about the Old Shelterton Herald looking for someone…” continued Abiona. “I thought I might go over there and introduce myself. What do you think, Jake?”
  48. 48. “You know I will always support you, whatever you may do, Abby. If you really want this, we’ll make it work. I know you’re talented. And we both know we could use the money.”  
  49. 49. Jake understood why his wife wished to prove herself, she was a proud woman and he loved her determination. So, when she got the job, he told her once again that everything would be all right and that they would still find time for one another.  
  50. 50. Jake was right, of course. And at night, they would spend a lot of time thinking about the children they both wished for. “Abby,” Jake confessed, “I really hope to be a grand- father, someday. I’d like to have at least six grand- children.”  
  51. 51. “Well, honey, why don’t we make sure that happens?” Abiona said, leaning towards him. She was as eager as he was to welcome a child, hoping that it would be a little girl that could carry out the name and the witch gene.  
  52. 52. Soon enough, Abiona started to feel more tired and particularly emotional. Everything was going well at the Herald, she impressed everyone there. And Jake was as nice and understanding as he had always been.  
  53. 53. Then, she realized that she was finally pregnant. “Of course! It makes so much sense! Why didn’t I think of it sooner?” she told herself. “I can’t wait to tell Jake!”  
  54. 54. Her husband was more than delighted by the good news and became even more protective of Abiona during her pregnancy.  
  55. 55. He would spend hours talking to her belly, with Abby looking at him lovinly. “Hello, little one. Daddy can’t wait to meet you!”  
  56. 56. Abiona’s boss at The Old Shelterton Herald was also very happy to learn she would soon become a mother. He generously offered her to stay home until her son or daughter was born. Abby took advantage of the situation to spend some time working on her magic. She could only do so while Jake was at work, so that he wouldn’t become suspicious.  
  57. 57. While the new house was being constructed, with the help of Linda, Abiona had managed to build a small room, hidden behind a bookcase, where she stored her spell book, her cauldron and the reagents she made.  
  58. 58. But Abiona realized that using her powers required a lot of work. And with the birth of her child fast approaching, she didn’t know if she would progress that much.  
  59. 59. “I guess even some magic is better than none,” she said, as she was once again left her secret room. Then, talking to her belly, she added “If you’re a little girl, I will make sure you are more prepared for this than I was.”  
  60. 60. Labor surprised Abiona, one night, as she was about to take a long bubble bath. “Jake!” she screamed and her husband came running. “What is it, honey?”  
  61. 61. “It’s time, it’s… time,” she said, trying to suppress a moan. “The baby is coming.” “Oh! Wow! Okay!” Jake didn’t know what to do with himself. As much as he wanted a family, seeing his wife in pain was not something he was comfortable with.  
  62. 62. “I’ll go fetch the midwife, Abby. Don’t you worry, I’ll be right back,” he added as he rushed to get his coat, not even bothering to get fully dressed.  
  63. 63. The delivery took many hours, but in the end, Abiona was really proud to introduce Jake to his son. “He’s so small,” Jake said, looking at the baby. “And so beautiful! Abby, you’ve done so well.” “He is absolutely adorable, isn’t he? He has your eyes and your hair, too.”  
  64. 64. “He's perfect. I’d like to call him Francis, what do you say?” whispered Jake, looking at his son. “Francis. I like it. It suits him,” answered Abiona.  
  65. 65. Linda Wilson was amongst the first ones to pay a visit to the new family member. When the baby went to sleep, she took Abiona aside. “Well, my sweet girl, you have a beautiful son.”  
  66. 66. “Thank you, Linda. Being a mother is absolutely wonderful. And Jake is so great with him!” “Good, good,” nodded the witch before becoming more serious. “But you do remember that the Ward lineage can only be carried by a girl?”  
  67. 67. Abiona suddenly felt very protective of her son. “I do. Jake and I want to have more children and I’m sure we’ll be blessed by a girl sooner or later. But for now, I just want to enjoy Francis. He needs me.” “Yes, well, don’t forget that you have a duty,” Linda said before leaving.  
  68. 68. It had been the first time Abiona felt as if Linda was not fully supportive of her. “I don’t care if you’re not a girl, Francis. I love you just as you are,” she later told her son. “I know I wished for an heiress, but then I wouldn’t have you.”  
  69. 69. She just couldn’t picture her life without the little boy anymore. The lineage would have to wait. She was still young and she wanted Francis to feel how much he had been wanted and how much both his parents loved him.  
  70. 70. Francis was a good baby, a real joy for both his parents.  
  71. 71. Jake was always happy to take care of him, feeding him, bathing him and helping him fall asleep with a lullaby.  
  72. 72. But as Abiona secretly continued to learn about her powers, she still couldn’t shake away the feeling that she was ignoring her true duty. After all, Linda had told her very clearly. Only girls could be witches. And she also wished she had someone who would understand her, someone she could be completely truthful with.  
  73. 73. One morning, Jake and her had a talk. “Honey, do you remember when you told me you wanted a large family?” “Of course, I do, sweetheart,” he replied.  
  74. 74. “Well, what do you say we try for another baby? I’m ready. And I don’t think it would be a problem at the Herald, either.”  
  75. 75. “Oh! Abby! That would make me so happy!” Jake exclaimed. “If you’re sure, I am too. And maybe this time, we’ll have a little girl, how wonderful would that be?” “It would be amazing,” she smiled.  
  76. 76. It didn’t take long for Abiona to start feeling like while she was pregnant with Francis. Every morning, she would wake up with nausea and she could feel her body changing. But this time, she felt even more tired.  
  77. 77. Jake was worried about her. “Abby, you have to rest,” he tried to convince her. “I want both you and the baby to be in perfect health when you give birth.”  
  78. 78. “I know,” she sighed. “I just don’t understand why this pregnancy is so difficult compared to the previous one.” “I don’t know either, sweetheart, but I urge you. Don’t push yourself.” Abiona nodded, knowing he was right.  
  79. 79. Time was going by very quickly and Francis was growing fast. Jake and he had to celebrate his first birthday by themselves, as Abiona kept the bed. She was devastated that she couldn’t be there to see her son blow his candles, but Jake had insisted. He knew she was feeling worse than she admitted.  
  80. 80. He made sure to keep Francis busy so that he wouldn’t realize his mother was missing. The two men of the house spent the entire day playing, reading and just being boys together.  
  81. 81. Francis became a very playful toddler who took great care of his toys, but who could also throw fits if things didn’t go his way, which seemed to happen a lot, as he was not the most patient little boy.  
  82. 82. Later, as Abiona was having a bite of Francis’ birthday cake, she thought about the baby to come. “I really hope you are a little girl…” she whispered. “I don’t think another pregnancy would be a good idea. I already feel so weak...” She rubbed her belly, praying she would soon have an heiress.  
  83. 83. That's it for this time! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! All comments are welcomed over at Boolprop. Until next time... Will Abiona give birth to a girl to carry the lineage, as she hopes? Will she be able to balance her career, her personal life and the discovery of her magical abilities? Will Jake ever find out he married a witch? How is Francis going to grow up?  
  84. 84. Credits Jake Ward: Jake Gyllenhal, by Udontknow on Modthesims Brightwood Diagon Alley by ali250790 on the Exchange Brightwood Forest: Magic Forest by nazariopilar on Modthesims All custom clothing from