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  1. 2. Last chapter: Fonso and Crystal ran away to Blue Water Village, leaving the whole family behind. Aidan Callum and Mckenzie had a baby boy named Larry.
  2. 3. Exactly 9 months of pregnancy had passed, not even a day later, when Lily felt contractions.
  3. 4. She gave birth to a baby boy named Ice, who inherited his father’s blond hair.
  4. 5. “ I’m so happy, I could take you to Paris right now” David said, caressing his wife. “oui, Paris, that’d be nice!” Evangeline giggled like a 6 year old kid in Christmas by the touch of her husband’s lips.
  5. 6. Lindor Household <ul><li>Crystal woke up screaming, which made Fonso wake up, too. </li></ul>
  6. 7. “ Twin girls. Lana and Bonita welcome to the real world” After so many years, Crystal finally felt a true joy in her heart.
  7. 8. Time passed by flying and soon it was time to twirl the twin girls into toddlerhood.
  8. 9. Nursery rhymes, talking, walking and using the potty. All those skills were taught to the girls.
  9. 10. Rabbit/Brito household <ul><li>“ Mom, hey. Esmeralda gave birth yesterday!” Jaelle said, faking her enthusiasm. </li></ul><ul><li>“ Really? I should head there, then.” </li></ul>
  10. 11. “ Yeah, you should. She felt contractions in the morning.”
  11. 12. “ Is it a girl or a boy?” Evangeline asked, her daughter had forgotten to mention that. “It’s a girl. Name is London” “nice name, I definitely like it”
  12. 13. “ Jonas couldn’t be happier. Now, he keeps asking me to have a child.” “You should really consider it. Babies are cute!”
  13. 14. “ Well Mom, I gotta go. Jonas is asking me to have a baby again.” “See you in a few”
  14. 15. With the constant fights between Jonas and Jaelle, she tried to keep herself busy. She wouldn’t have children if she didn’t want to.
  15. 16. Every time they fought, the make up was always good.
  16. 17. Esmeralda was loving motherhood and couldn’t wait to have another child.
  17. 18. She still had time to be herself, though.
  18. 19. Like Esmeralda, Flávio loved to be a parent.
  19. 20. “ Naww, look at what we’ve done” “Let’s do it again?” Flávio said suggestively.
  20. 21. Lisbon household <ul><li>“ Ouuuch,” Florbela screamed in pain “Hanzi, please come here” </li></ul>
  21. 22. Hanzi, in their bedroom, heard screaming and got up right away.
  22. 23. Only to see he had a baby girl.
  23. 24. “ What shall we name her?” “Lara would be great. D’ya like that, huh, little baby?” Flor said tenderly to her child.
  24. 25. Ethnies household <ul><li>Auntie Esmeralda payed her brother a visit and got to meet little Ice. </li></ul>
  25. 26. “ I swear Esme, I still can’t take care of this little guy here” “What a shame,” Esmeralda said, taking a break to stuff some more cookies into her mouth “You should take lessons or something”
  26. 27. In the living room, Flávio and Aidan were enjoying some quality tv together. It was little Ice’s birthday, but an important match was always an important match.
  27. 28. “ Hanzi” “Esmeralda” “How’s the baby?” Esmeralda asked, like she had asked so many times before. “Oh, for God’s sake, stop talking about babies. You’re getting a little bit too family-sh for my taste”
  28. 29. Soon it was time to take little Ice to his cake.
  29. 30. He became a good looking toddler who inherited most of his mother’s features.
  30. 31. Lindor’s house
  31. 32. “ Come on baby,” Crystal said, staring at her fork before she proceeded “why don’t you call your parents?” “You know I never ask too much from you and right now, I’m begging, please stop reminding me that I have such cruel relatives.”
  32. 33. Deep breathing, she closed her eyes. There wasn’t that much to do except for begging. He needed his family, her baby girls needed grandparents and little cousins to play with.
  33. 34. “ Chill out, honey, I’m not going away. You’re my family now.” Fonso reassured his wife.
  34. 35. When they got home from work that night, Fonso made sure to take Crystal into their daughters’ room and kissed her. He wanted to show her how beautiful their family was.
  35. 36. Rabbit/Brito household <ul><li>It was time for little London’s birthday party. </li></ul>
  36. 37. For the friends it was another birthday party in one of the legacy’s houses, but for the family, it was another birthday party without Fonso.
  37. 38. Still, once the proud grandparents reached London’s nursery, they melted and forgot about Fonso.
  38. 39. London was their known older grandchild and she was growing up so fast…
  39. 40. Of course, when it came to change her diaper, David and Evangeline preferred not to do it, leaving the dirty job to Jaelle.
  40. 41. Despite what she had said before, Jaelle liked being an aunt. Having a little kid to love without having to raise her? That was life.
  41. 42. “ Hey, people, birthday time!,” Jaelle yelled out loud to everybody in the house, “here Dad, take the baby to the cake”
  42. 43. Felisberto was at the the party too. “Hi London. One day we’ll be housemates and have lots of parties. Aren’t we, grandpa?” “Oh for God’s sake, stop being such an ass.”
  43. 44. Lily and Emilian were busy flirting like two teenagers, as usual. Nothing could tear them apart.
  44. 45. All the family gathered around the small table where the cake stood.
  45. 46. All the family, except for Fonso , who was still nowhere to be found. Emilian missed him and he knew they would be together again someday.
  46. 47. He swallowed his thoughts and smile to his wife. “ At least I’ve got you, Lily” “Hey, this is not the time for that Emilian” Jaelle said, waiting anxiously for David to blow out the candles.
  47. 48. London finally grew up and inherited a good mix of features from both her parents.
  48. 49. “ Good night sweetie. Tomorrow is a big day, you’ll be learning new things”
  49. 50. “ Did you put her to bed, Esme?” “Yup honey. Have you watched her sleeping? She looks like an angel. A fire angel” “Alright, we’ll see if we can get an electricityangel next time”
  50. 51. Downstairs, Emilian had fallen asleep in the study room. In his dream, Fonso was there. Right there staring at him.
  51. 52. When Emilian got up and said it was only a dream, Fonso freaked out. If they couldn’t be together even when their minds were as one, what was the point of trying to communicate with him?
  52. 53. “ Hey Emilian, are you staying for some poker tonight?” “What? I’m not asleep?”
  53. 54. The end.