Ch. 4 12 angry men_movie_quiz


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Sociology Holt Chapter 4

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Ch. 4 12 angry men_movie_quiz

  1. 1. 12 Angry Men Name_________________________ Period:________ Score:________/52Directions: As you are watching the movie, pay close attention and circle youranswer or write down the answers to the questions. The bold questions arediscussion questions (2pts each). The sociological themes have been discussed andpresented. This quiz is designed to test your attention to the content of the trial.1. What are the charges against the defendant? ________________________________________2. True or False – The verdict must be unanimous.3. What kind of day was it?a. cold b. hot c. snowy4. Why do you think they lock the jury in the room?______________________________________________________________________________5. What was juror #3 carrier business called? _________________________________________6. What two baseball teams are playing at the game?a. Yankees and Boston b. Yankees and Detroit c. Yankees and Cleveland7. Who voted “Not Guilty” for the first vote?a. #8 b. #1 c. #108. How old is the defendant?a. 21 b. 18 c. 259. Why didn’t juror #8 raise his hand to vote not guilty?______________________________________________________________________________10. What time did the baseball game start?a. 7pm b. 8pm c. 9pm11. True or False – The defendant had a rough childhood; he spent some time living in anorphanage.12. Juror #10 makes comments like “knowing what he is”, what do you think he means?______________________________________________________________________________13. Juror #2 “just thinks” the defendant is guilty, is this from wanting to conform or facts?
  2. 2. ______________________________________________________________________________14. A witness claimed that they heard the defendant say “I’m gonna kill you”. Do youbelieve that the murder would yell this right before he killed someone? Why?______________________________________________________________________________15. Juror #10 brings up a witness testimony that she saw the killer, what did she see the murderthrough?a. elevated train b. passing bus c. taxi16. Why do you think juror # 7 brought up the defendant’s past?______________________________________________________________________________17. When was the last time, juror #3 seen his son?a. 3 years b. 2 years’ c. 4 years18. True or False – Juror #5 was raised in a middle class neighborhood.19. How many days did the trial last?a. 6 b. 7 c. 820. Why do you think juror #8 brought a knife to court?______________________________________________________________________________21. Juror #8 calls for another vote, who changed to not guilty?a. #3 b. #9 c. #1222. Why did juror #9 change his vote?______________________________________________________________________________23. What does juror #11 do for a living?______________________________________________________________________________24. What does juror #8 do for a living?______________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. 25. Why is the testimony of the body hitting the floor and the yelling important?______________________________________________________________________________26. Why do you think that the old man (witness) would want attention?______________________________________________________________________________27. What juror changed his vote next?a. #4 b. #12 c. #828. True or False – In his anger, juror #3 contradicted himself about the old man (witness).29. When #8 reenacted the old man’s walk, how long did it take him to walk to the front door?a. 43sec b. 23sec c. 59sec30. What did #3 mean by “slip through his fingers”?______________________________________________________________________________31. What threatening words did #3 say to #8? _________________________________________32. How come the windows had to be shut? __________________________________________33. Does the fan have any symbolizes?______________________________________________________________________________34. What was the defendant’s alibi?a. at the movies b. sleeping c. visiting friends35. What did #2 bring up about the knife?______________________________________________________________________________36. Juror #5 demonstrates that a switch blade should be used how?a. underhand b. overhand c. slashing motion37. Why did juror #7 change his vote?______________________________________________________________________________38. When juror #10 started his rant, why did the others turn away?
  4. 4. ______________________________________________________________________________39. What is the importance of the eyeglasses?______________________________________________________________________________40. Why did juror #3 take this case so personal?______________________________________________________________________________41. Extra credit (5 points):Predict what score range you will earn on this quiz:A. 40-52B. 30-51C. 10-29Extra credit:Explain WHY you believe you will earn the score range above:__________________________________________________________________