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Session 1 mo ia 4 h specialists final


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This is the Missouri 4-H Presenation for the IA MO 4-H Specialists meeting.

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Session 1 mo ia 4 h specialists final

  1. 1. Getting to Know YouGetting to Know your 4-H Program
  2. 2. Where we Work  Becky Simpson Harrison, Jane Hayes-Johnk Taylor, AdaAnnette Gentry, Region 17 Urban ms, Council Bluffs Cass,Deering DaviessAtchison, N Mary Adairodaway, Wo Mercer Kramerrth Grundy Livingston Shaun Murphy Ringgold, D Region ecatur, Way 17 ne, Union, C larke, and Lucas Debi Davis David Seilstad Caldwell, Clinton, Deka Karen Pattison lb
  3. 3. Our Commonalities  Our 4-H Pledge  I pledge my Head to clearer thinking  My Heart to greater loyalty  My Hands to larger service  And My Health to better living  For My Club, My Community, My Country and My World. Our 4-H Motto: “To Make the Best Better”
  4. 4. Our Commonalities  Four Basic Needs of Youth  Belonging  Mastery  Independence  Generosity
  5. 5. Our Commonalities 
  6. 6. Our Commonalities  Focused on Empowering Youth Dependent on Volunteer Leaders Engaging groups of youth and adults to guide the program through County 4-H Committees and County Youth Councils
  7. 7. The Iowa 4-H Focus  Growing the 4-H Community Club Program Strengthening our Volunteer Supports Systems Engaging new models of Clubs  Robotics and FIRST Lego League Clubs  Environmental Clubs  4-H Shooting Sports Clubs  Cooking Clubs  Nutrition and Activity Clubs  Afterschool Activity Clubs
  8. 8. The Iowa 4-H Overview  Moving our Community service more toward Service Learning  Youth Directed and Identified Community Need  More Long Term One required 4-H Volunteer Training and most counties hold at least two county training meetings per year Using 4-H Online as a Web-based enrollment system where families enroll themselves in 4-H and in 4-H Project learning
  9. 9. The Iowa 4-H Overview  Family Enrollment Screen Member Project Enrollment Iowa 4-H Online Enrollment
  10. 10. The Iowa 4-H Overview  Recognition for Statewide Project Awards, National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Conference, State 4-H Council and State 4-H Technology Team is a 3-5 page written application and Interviews on Campus at Iowa State University in Ames County Recognition carried out in various ways using 4-H Record Keeping systems and County Awards program or club recognition program
  11. 11. The Iowa 4-H Overview Staffing   Most counties have county based 4-H County Youth Coordinator part-time and full-time staff  Most counties have a County Extension Program Coordinator which is now a county paid County Extension Director who works with communities to do programming and bring Specialist directed programming to the county  20 Extension Regions have at least one 4-H Program Specialist who works with the counties to plan and conduct the 4-H program, Region 18 has two specialists because they have 9 counties, 6 Urban Centers, Council Bluffs in Region 17, have 1 specialist for 4-H programming and partnerships
  12. 12. The Iowa 4-H Overview  State 4-H Youth Conference held on Iowa State University Campus for three days each summer with around 1000 youth in attendance Counties send projects to the Iowa State Fair for 2 weeks in the middle of August…Youth in Communications, Educational, Working Exhibit and Share the Fun also participate in the 4-H Building Special State Fair Competitions: Stitch This, Cook This, 4-H Film Festival and Robotics competition
  13. 13. The Iowa 4-H Overview  Curriculum System of We no longer support the 4-H Learning materials because of high cost and low use. We came up with two resources: Project Hot Sheets
  14. 14. The Iowa 4-H Overview  Project Hot Sheets We came up with two resources:  Exhibit Tip Sheets
  15. 15. The Iowa 4-H Overview  to be used by Youth Our State 4-H Website is geared and Adult Volunteers
  16. 16. The Iowa 4-H Overview  Iowa 4-H is under the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and Families Extension We don’t have a lot of multi-discipline programming anymore as we don’t meet as an Extension Staff over a geographical area anymore. A couple times a year we meet between Regions 12, 17 & 18 to hear a marketing message or something that we all need to know in representing the University as Extension.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. What are staff and faculty members called in Missouri 4-H?• 4-H Youth Development Program Assistant-High-school graduate (or GED equivalent).• 4-H Youth Development Program Associate-60 semester hours of course work from an accredited college or university with a minimum of six hours in one or more of the domains of the 4-H Professional Research and Knowledge (PRK) taxonomy for youth development.• 4-H Youth Development Educator- Bachelor’s degree with minimum of 24 hours of upper-level coursework in one or more of the domains of the 4-H Professional Research and Knowledge (PRK) taxonomy for youth developments. Teaching responsibilities.• 4-H Youth Development Specialist- Master’s degree required. Most are responsible for multiple counties. Goal is for no specialist to have more than 3 counties.• County Program Director(CPD)-Responsible for leadership of the county extension programs of University of Missouri Extension. Many youth specialists are also CPD’s.
  19. 19. So who do we report to?• Regional Director-Karma Metzgar (Currently 8 RD’s and regions)• 4-H Program Director- Dr. Ina Linville• Associate Vice Provost of Programs-Beverly Coberly• Vice Provost and Director of Extension- Dr. Michael Ouart
  20. 20. Who or what is the Missouri 4-H Foundation?Executive Director- Cheryl ReamsDirector of Development- Kristen HeitkampBoard of trusteesThe Missouri 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees is a group of business andcommunity leaders from across the state. These dedicated trustees lead theeffort to give focus and vision to the Foundation, support projects, and representthe Missouri 4-H Foundation in their communities. Through their dedication, theyensure that Missouri 4-H continues to meet the evolving needs of Missouri youth.What does the Missouri 4-H Foundation do?• Supports 79 Events or Projects for MO 4-H youth• 4-H Afterschool SET to Youth in Governance• 2012 Budget $868,827.00 (does not include salaries)• Funding Partners• Clover Classic Golf Tournament in June• Missouri 4-H Hall of Fame-Culminating award for volunteers• Frank Graham and Naomi Crouch Volunteer Awards
  21. 21. Common Concerns for the 4-H Program  4-H still viewed as a farm youth program Volunteers are harder to find Family time for 4-H is juggled with many other commitments New families need orientation to participate and support youth in 4-H work Youth populations in rural counties going down Youth commitment to any program is becoming more short term
  22. 22. Common Concerns for the 4-H Program  Others…..