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The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award Presentation to Narayan Muraka


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The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award Presentation to Narayan Muraka, prepared by PDG Bruce Baumberger

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The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award Presentation to Narayan Muraka

  1. 1. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award
  2. 2. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service AwardThe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award • PG17190001 - $560,000 – WASH in Schools (WinS) competitive challenge grant- one of four awarded in 2017-18 • GG1525739 - $175,000 – Mechanical Cow • GG1411300 - $194,000 – WASH, health clinics, mechanical cow, micro-credit, etc. • GG1225643 - $154,000 – WASH in seven elementary schools • GG1225333 - $58,000 – Mechanical cow and vocational training • MG 72358 - $10,000 – Water filters Projects Performed in Sumpango Municipality, Guatemala Mayor of Sumpango – “Dear Narayan, we sincerely appreciate your contribution essential for the success of these projects. Your dedication is well known, travelling from the USA twice or three times a year to visit our town and have an active participation and follow up. You are a true friend and partner in the community. Thank you very much for that support. The Rotary projects touched the lives of our people in many ways, especially the lives of our children in the communities.”
  3. 3. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service AwardThe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award • Member of TRF’s Cadre program since 2017-18. Evaluated two global grants. Attended Cadre training at Toronto and Hamburg conventions. Interfaced with other Cadre members during feedback sessions about the review of global grants. • Member of WASRAG – Attended WASRAG Water Summits during last several years • WASRAG Ambassador since 2017-18. Engaged to assist Rotarians in their grant preparation and WASH matters. • Board Member - RAG for Microfinance and Community Development since 2018- 2019 – Made presentation on Microfinance at a special breakout session during the Hamburg convention (June 2019). • Helping Rotarians with grant preparation. More recently advising/counselling Rotarian in New Hampshire, USA for the preparation of Phase I grant application for Programs of Scale. • Attended over 15 Rotary International conventions since joining Rotary in 1999- 20. • Wrote several educational and training articles about TRF and global grants. Special Projects or Activities in Support of The Rotary Foundation
  4. 4. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service AwardThe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award PDG Robert Brickman –1981-1982 – RID 1997-1999, RIVP 1998-99 It is a great pleasure for me to add my congratulations to you upon your receipt of The Rotary Foundation’s highest award. Receiving this award puts you in a small but elite group among the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. Your many years of service and devotion to the Foundation’s mission to Do Good in the World make you a very deserving recipient of this commendation. It’s Rotarians like you that make me proud to say my Rotary roots date back to when we lived in the Home District. District 6440 has always stood out as one of the world’s leaders in support of the Foundation – both financially and with good hard work. With people like you, this reputation remains in place. Thanks for all you have done and for your continued service. PDG Dick Beals – 1992-1993 Congratulation on receiving the Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award. You richly deserve this recognition for all of your dedicated service to the Foundation. Thank you. Warm regards. PDG Tony Tolbert – 1998-1999 and 2003-2004 Congratulations on your award! I am so happy for you. You are truly a great Rotarian who continues to help the world. Your latest accomplishment is terrific! When you look back over your many years as a Rotarian one sees nothing but great achievements. Enjoy the moment! PDG Gordon Schrubbe – 2000-2001 Congratulations! You have long earned this award. We are soooooo proud of you! PDG Terry Mueller – 2002-2003 Congratulations on receiving TRF Distinguished Service Award. You truly deserve the recognition. It has been the privilege of The Rotary Club of Crystal Lake Dawnbreakers to be able to partner with you and your club on the many Global Grants that you have written and executed. Many lives have been made better because of your dedication and leadership. You are knowledgeable, passionate and thorough and it shows in your many accomplishments. Thanks for all you do for Rotary.
  5. 5. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service AwardThe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award Elke Friedman (wife of PDG Robert Friedman – 2002- 2003) Through all these years I’ve known Narayan as a very kind, patient, knowledgeable and very dedicated Rotarian. He is also such a modest person – which is rare these days. We are so very blessed he is a big part of our District 6440. Nancy Redmon (wife of PDG Don Redmon 2004-2005) Congratulations! You are most deserving of the Distinguished Service Award. Having known you for many years, I have seen first-hand the good work you have done both locally and Internationally. You are truly an amazing Rotarian. PDG Tadashi Enami – 2005-2006 Congratulations Narayan from deep in my heart. PDG David Waring – 2006-2007 Your energy, time and perseverance have and will impact millions of people. Your legacy is large and continues to grow. You are a great ambassador to Rotary, District 6440 and our Club. PDG Mike Ericksen – 2007-2008 We in Rotary District 6440 are blessed with many assets. One of our secret weapons is Narayan Murarka. He does not know the meaning of “It cannot be done”. When the new future vision program was in pilot, we were no longer able to do projects with our friends in Guatemala. Narayan found a way. Just like the Apollo 13 mission, for Narayan “failure is not an option”. Congratulations Narayan, this award is so well deserved! PDG Pamela Kerr – 2008-2009 Narayan – CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for all that you continue to do for Rotary and the needy around the world. PDG Bill Ferreira – 2009-2010 A Rotarian committed to the ideals of Rotary and the Rotary Foundation. A champion of the microcredit program that has changed women’s lives where needed the most.
  6. 6. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service AwardThe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award PDG Bruce Baumberger – 2010-2011 Narayan, congratulations on receiving one of Rotary’s most significant awards, a wonderful way for us to recognize you for your awesome work to benefit so many people impacted by your exceptional Global Grants, and the Rotarians that you mentored to develop their Global Grants. You were a Future Vision pioneer with whom I feel privileged to have partnered with for many years. You are a role model for the rest of us! PDG Carlos Früm – 2011-2012 From the moment I met Narayan, I knew that I had met a person of exceptional intelligence. I don’t think there is anyone more deserving of this award than him. Donna Yesner (wife of PDG Mike Yesner 2012-2013) Congratulations and best wishes on this well-earned award. PDG Sarah Oliver – 2013-2014 Congratulations on receiving the TRF Distinguished Service Award, a well-deserved recognition indeed! I think of you as the father, or perhaps the midwife, of Global Grant activity in District 6440 because your initial thoughtful teaching and your personal assistance launched that journey for our clubs. The lives of so many Guatemalans have been improved by your dedication to providing clean water, proper sanitation, and hygiene education; and hundreds of thousands of them will benefit in the future from your continuing work. Put a huge smile on your face, and enjoy this occasion and the accolades PDG Ellen Young – 2014-2015 You have been an inspiration to me in my Rotary Service. Your dedication and passion for helping others is contagious, and your ability to identify how best to bring needed humanitarian aid to those less fortunate is a model for all who serve. Thank you, friend, mentor and true Rotary Humanitarian leader.
  7. 7. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service AwardThe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award PDG Rodney Adams – 2015-2016 As you are presented The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award, I would like to thank you, for your 20 years of service and dedication to the ideals of Rotary. You join only six other Rotarians from District 6440 chosen for The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award since 1977. Well done, Narayan and well-deserved. PDG Rick Rivkin – 2016-2017 Congratulations on receiving The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award that honors individual Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary service to the Foundation. I have had the unique opportunity to observe your commitment, dedication, and actions to warrant this recognition. On my most recent visit to Guatemala last year, I saw first-hand the impact on the community that your WASH and Mechanical Cow projects have had, capped by the high esteem in which you are held by Guatemalan Rotary and civic leaders and, of course, the smiling faces of the Guatemalans who have and continue to benefit from your leadership and “Service Above Self.” May you continue to enjoy good health and happiness and continue to be an inspiration to us all. PDG Don Brewer – 2017-2018 I cannot think of a more deserving man-Rotarian for this Distinguished Service Award. I have admired you and coveted your talent from the first day I met you. CONGRATULATIONS!!! to one of the most inspiring and favorite individuals in my life. PDG Julie Clark – 2018-2019 Thank you, Narayan for all of your service and dedication to those who need you! You are amazing!!! We are all inspired by you and your contributions. PDG Suzanne Gibson – 2019-2020 Congratulations, Narayan on achieving Rotary’s highest honor --the Distinguished Service Award. You have touched thousands of lives over many years. There are thousands of people you will never meet who are sitting in the shade of the tree of kindness you have planted. Thank you for your Service Above Self.
  8. 8. The Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service AwardThe Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award DG Lyle Staab – 2020-2021 The highest praise I can offer anyone is that they truly MATTER – that their actions make the world a significantly better place. I’ve developed a deep appreciation for your passion for, and skill at, delivering Global Grants improving the lives of those less fortunate. Your expertise, freely shared, is a tremendous resource for the District and all Rotarians. I congratulate you on being named a recipient of The Rotary Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award. You, sir, MATTER. DGE – Kevin Stevens – 2021-2022 Bravo and Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition as a Rotary Foundation Distinguished Servant. Your example of selflessness and service sets an excellent standard and provides tremendous opportunities for District 6440 Rotarians to understand the power of the Rotary Foundation and create impact across the globe. Thank you! DGN Bill Kmiecik – 2023-2024 Congratulations Narayan! If mechanical cows could dance, they would be dancing and celebrating you all around the world just as we are today!