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2012 marsville student introduction page c ounty teacher meeting


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2012 marsville student introduction page c ounty teacher meeting

  1. 1. Welcome toMarsville: The Cosmic Village
  2. 2. Exploration is the Essence of Learning!Challenger Center programs usestudents natural enthusiasm for spaceto create innovative learningexperiences for imaginative youngminds.Were creating a new generation ofexplorers.Inspiring. Exploring. Learning.Its our mission.Challenger Center for Space Science Exploration
  3. 3. In Marsville…• We believe that Hands On leads to Minds On• We believe that Space is Cool, Science isFun and that makes the Learning a naturalprocess• We believe that many youth excel in theapplication of technology that may not haveexcelled in traditional academic application• We believe that REAL-WORLD application ofknowledge makes learning more relevant• We believe through Marsville we can trulytouch the future
  4. 4. • Students are organized into teams of 4-5students/ 3-4 teams per classroom• Your ultimate mission is to prepare yourteam for Link-Up DayWhat is Marsville?
  5. 5. Marsville Prep• Each Team Develops Teamwork• Designs a Team Mission Patch• Plans a Team Uniform for Link-Up Day• Plans a lunch including all 5 food groups andmeeting weight restrictions• Each Team Adapts Technology• Learns their Mars ABCs• Designs a system to support life on Mars using currentand future technology built out of recyclables
  6. 6. Marsville Prep• Each Team Develops Communication• You must communicate with two other teams thatmake up your Habitat Crew on who is bringing whatparts of the habitat for constructing on Link-Up DayHabitatATeacher: HohbachSchool: ROMSTeam #: 1System: Temp ControlEmail:kerryh@roschools.comHabitatATeacher: SicklesSchool: ROMSTeam #: 1System: Air SupplyEmail:vickis@roschools.comHabitatATeacher: AdamsSchool: ROMSTeam #: 3System: Waste
  7. 7. Marsville Prep• Each Team Develops Communication• You also will prepare a presentation of your systemincluding-– Introductions– 3 Mars Facts used in designing their system– A short narrative on how their system will work– And a Mars Riddle• You divide your team into two sets of presenters forCelestial Questial 1 and Celestial Questial 2
  8. 8. Marsville Link-Up Day• Arrive and do Get-Acquainted Mixer• Weigh-in Lunches• Launch to Mars Video• Construct Habitats and Team Evaluation• Celestial Questial 1• Lunch, Weigh-in Waste and Sign Support Banners• Celestial Questial 2• Habitat Challenge—Emergency ConstructionScenario• Walk Through• Clean up and Pack for Home• Recognition—Certificates/M&Ms
  9. 9. Teams Checking in on Link Up dayThe science Guys
  10. 10. Weighing In Lunches
  11. 11. Team Misson Patches
  12. 12. Constructing Habitats
  13. 13. Walls are 8 ft tall by 10foot longCeiling and floor are 10 ft by 10ftFan Tunnel is 4 ft longby 10 ft around to fitaround fanConnecting tunnel is 12ft long and 10 footaround to create a tunnelbetween habitatsThe door flap is 4 ftwide by 6 ft long tocover inside ofopening cut forentering the habitat
  14. 14. Use Lots and Lots of DuctTape
  15. 15. Constructing the Fan Tunnel
  16. 16. Connecting Tunnel
  17. 17. Teamwork
  18. 18. More construction
  19. 19. Student Constructed Systems
  20. 20. Radio and NewspaperInterviews of Mars Travelers
  21. 21. Habitats are Up
  22. 22. Instructions for CelestialQuestial
  23. 23. This is Fun! Living in yourhabitat
  24. 24. Signing Sponsor Posters
  25. 25. Page County Schedule• May 4 is Marsville Link up DayM T W T F19Prep Week20 21 22 2326Begin MarsvilleCurriculum27 28 29 30March30 1CommunicationEnds2 3 4Marsville Link-UP DayMay2 3 4 5 69 10 11 12 1316 17 18 19BeginCommunication2023 24 25 26 27AprilPrep Week:If needed tomake up for Easter orSpring BreakFirst Week: Team Work—Mission Patches,Uniform,Mars ABCsSecond Week: MarsSurvivor Kits & MarsvilleSystems OverviewBegin ResearchingSystemsThird Week: Plan LunchBuild SystemsFourth Week: Build MiniHabitats, Build Systems,Begin CommunicaitonFifth Week:Communication, SystemPresentation, Weigh lunchPrototypeSixth Week: FinalizeCommunication, FinalizeSystem Presentation, CutPlastic, Decorate Plastic,Pack for Link-Up DayLink-Up Day
  26. 26. Marsville BECOMES ACOMMUNITY PROGRAM• Sponsors• School Administrators• Local Media strong support
  27. 27. The Success of Marsville• The most important things learned…– Teamwork– Communication– How to Work and Cooperate with Others– All the Facts about Mars• “I know a lot about Mars so now I’m ready to lift off!”– Planning Ahead– All the work that needs to be done before themission
  28. 28. Contacts:• David Seilstad, ISU Extension– Phone: 712/644-2105–• Debbie Swanson, ISU Extension PageCty.–– Phone: 712/542-5171