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Mobile health van ppt


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Social sector is one of the important sectors in the economy because it improves quality of human life as well as help to stimulate the economic development. It is not only improve quality but also make strong, healthy and give power to produce knowledge. Social sector includes such as primary education, public health, housing, drinking water and sanitation etc.
Human resources and its contribution to growth are therefore necessary at every stage of development. It is therefore, apparent that it is the quality of the people in the terms of their health and education that constitutes the very important sub-sectors of a modern economy popularly termed as the social infrastructure. Mobile health program was started from the village Barmer from July 2013 by Dhara Sansthan from the financial support of CAIRN India Ltd. The objective of this program was to provide the health care services to the pipe line villages of CAIRN and to make them aware regarding the diseases. Every program has two kinds of objectives one is short term objective and the other is long term objective. Short term objective here was to provide the health care services at their door step and to guide them how they can live healthy life. Long term objective was to make them aware regarding the diseases and how they can protect themselves from the diseases, and if they are suffering from disease then do not ignore them and go to sub center or hospital to cure that, ignorance will be dangerous and may cause serious diseases.

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Mobile health van ppt

  1. 1. Previous status Wide geographical area Scattered approach Health facilities at large distance No approach of Health services to Dhanis (Hamlets) Poor health facility Lack of awareness poor community condition (can not afford medical services at out side of home) DHARA Sansthan
  2. 2. Selection of villages for MHV Facility Poor facility of health services at village Inner villages of district Functional area of CAIRN India On community demand Dhani approach- Hamlet DHARA Sansthan
  3. 3. Mobile Health Van Program Started at Sanchor on 15th August 2010 and On 15th July 2013 in Barmer Objectives To provide primary health service  pipeline villages of CAIRN India To aware about health related issues  organizing Health camp, awareness camp, events in schools DHARA Sansthan
  4. 4. Current facilities in MHV Covering 20 villages of Baytu Block(Barmer) Covering 20 villages of Sanchor Block(Jalore) Multi specialist Camp in every 3 month Available facility in MHV(Service provider) MBBS Doctor Pharmacist Optrometricain Services in MHV Check up and treatment of general disease Testing of malaria, Hemoglobin & sugar. Medicine DHARA Sansthan
  5. 5. Successfully treated cases in Barmer Treated cases in Barmer- 6566 (from July 2013 to till date) DHARA Sansthan 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 70 No. of Patients (Age wise) 680 1999 536 2042 200 0-1 1-5 6-14 15-18 19-45 Above 46
  6. 6. Linkage with National Programs National Tuberculosis Control Program National blindness Control program School Health program Village sanitation program National immunization program HIV/AIDS Awareness program DHARA Sansthan MCHN Day Adolescent Girls /Boys Iron folic supplement
  7. 7. Challenges Availability of MBBS Doctor Doctors are not interested in this geographical area (Barmer) Expectation of remuneration is very high Continuity of medical staff DHARA Sansthan
  8. 8. Key Learning  MHV facilitates health service Dhani to Dhani.  People conscious about their health issues.  Participation and coordination of people increased  MHV serving at village to village.  Govt. Hospitals are far away from their Dhani’s.  Coordination of medical agencies, local Doctors, staffs and Govt officials( schools, offices etc) increased. DHARA Sansthan
  9. 9. 3074 4297 2597 900 1266 1949 880 529 421 276 188 93 1885 1750 919 118 195 0 391 455 615 174 64 0 0 5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Sanchor Barmer DHARA Sansthan Treated patients