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A snapshot about dhara sansthan


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A snapshot about dhara sansthan

  1. 1. A Snapshot about Dhara Sansthan Background: - Dhara is a not for profit organisation working in Western part of the Rajasthan from last two decades. Dhara intervention in many sectors but the core areas are, Health, Education and Livelihood. Dhara is committed to work with the underprivileged society and working for their upliftment. Dhara Sansthan is registered under society act in the year 1989. Dhara Sansthan is working mostly in Western Rajasthan (Barmer and Jalore District). Currently Seven projects are running, with staff strength of 25 (Including the Chief Executive). Mission: - to empower deprived communities to demand and manage access to health, education and livelihood resources and services. Vision of the organization: - Healthy and just society in which all the communities have equal access to basic needs. Objective of the organization: · To organize deprived communities (including women) and empower them for effective involvement in the process of development. · To bring the change in health seeking behavior of the community for utilization of health services. · To facilitate spread of health services in distant and remote regions. · To create an environment conducive for realization of “right to education and right to food” for poor and deprived communities. · To work for environment restoration processes for sustainable livelihood. · To empower resource poor communities in the area for improved resilience against climate change conditions · To work for development of child friendly communities
  2. 2. Partner Agency: -  CAIRN Energy Pvt. Ltd.  Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.  Gravis  Sir Dorabji Tata Trust  Child Line India Foundation  Action Aid  Mamta Project Details: - As discussed above, currently seven projects are running under the flagship of Dhara Sansthan. Following is the brief about the projects running: - Mobile Health Van: -
  3. 3. Mobile health unit is running under the flagship of Dhara Sansthan with the financial aid from CAIRN Energy India Pvt. Ltd. This mobile has two components; first one is General health check up in which a qualified MBBS doctor is providing his services to the community members and doing the health OPD. Second component is the Eye care in which an Optometrician is providing the eye care services and also providing the necessary referral services to the needy one. This project was started in the year august 2010 in Sanchor block of Jalore district. The schedule and the trimming of the MHV is fixed in the allotted villages provide by CAIRN Energy India Pvt. Ltd. running five days a week in the village. The total OPD catered till date is following: - S.NO General OPD Eye OPD Male Female Cataract Operation Other referred patient 1 63250 16665 43786 36129 137 119 Note: - Dhara Sansthan has also tied up with the Global hospital Sanchor and Netra Jyoti hospital Barmer for cataract operations. Event Celebration: - This is the project related to organizing the important das and other activities across CAIRN operational area. The main objective of organizing event program is to generate awareness among the local community and also to motivate the school students by awarding them in different manner. The target members of the program are mainly the school going students and the local community members. S.No List of days already celebrated Number of Participants 1 World Women Day 350 2 World Water Day 265 3 World Malaria Day 147 4 World Health Day 135 5 Dhoond Mahotsava 450 6 Independence Day 1200 7 Teachers Day 178 8 Children’s Day 1400 9 Road Safety Week 1600 10 Career Counseling Day 265 11 Global Hand Washing Day 124 12 Environment Day 365 13 Republic Day 1400
  4. 4. 14 No Tobacco Day 287 15 International Rural Women Day 234 16 Veterinary Camp 7500 Note: - Republic Day and Independence Day were organized in 8 different schools, whereas in Children’s day program participants from 10 different schools were participated in the different activities organized by Dhara Sansthan. Total 10 veterinary camps were organized in 10 different villages of Barmer district; during the camp more than 7500 cattle’s were benefitted. Draught Mitigation Project: - with the technical support from GRAVIS and Financial support from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust a draught mitigation project is running under the Dhara Sansthan in five villages of Barmer Block. The basic theme of the project is rain water harvesting through a water storage structure called Tanka, Improved agriculture practices by providing training and with the construction of Khadin (which is used for storage of water for agriculture practices), Sustainable livelihood by developing the horticulture units and skill development of the SHG’s Members and Kisan Club with the starting financial aids to start some income generation activities like Goatary. Figure 4: - Tanka “A water storage unit”
  5. 5. Figure 5: - Structure of Khadin (Firm Bunding) Figure 6: - Horticulture unit set up.
  6. 6. Table below shows the details about the activities being carried out in DMT project: - Name of the village Number of Tanka’s being Constructed Number of Khadins being constructed Number of Horticulture unit set up SHG groups linked with the livelihood activities Kisan Club linked with livelihood activities Ati 4 2 4 1 1 Indara 4 2 4 1 Balera 4 2 4 1 Sujan Nagar 4 2 4 1 1 Juna Patrasar 4 2 4 1 Total 20 10 20 5 2 Sustainable Livelihood in Thar through capacity building and demonstration: - This project was initiated by Dhara Sansthan with the financial support from Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. in five villages of Shiv Block of Barmer District. This project was initiated with the objectives of: - · Awareness Campaign about the project activity a. One Awareness Campaign in Each Village at the start of the project
  7. 7. · Identification of Farmers Beneficiaries: a. Identification of Beneficiaries for the project according to the operation areas (50 Farmers / Village) · Soil and Water Testing a. Collection of Data for soil and water testing from (10 Samples from each Villages) · Weather and Market advisory on Mobile a. Tie up with Reuters Market Light for Such Services b. Linking farmers with Mobile Services and start of services · Demonstration Unit for advanced crop cultivation a. Demonstration unit at each village i. Line Sowing ii. Hi Yielding Variety of Seeds iii. Water Conservation or any specific trial · Training of Farmers a. Training on crop specific cultivation technology (One Training Program / Village) · Market Intelligence Awareness a. Analysis of Market and Awareness program with Farmers (One meeting / Village) · Buyers – Sellers meet a. Arranging Buyers Sellers meet for farmers for their produce · Impact study and publication of analysis a. Analysis of all the data and publication of findings of the project List of activities done in the project: - S.No Activities being carried out 1 Training/Workshop on capacity building of Farmers with KVK personnel 2 Linkage of the farmers with the RML activities through mobile SMS services. 3 Identification of 15 farmers for setting up the demonstration unit. 4 Establishment of 15 demonstration unit with the technologies provided by the KVK personnel. CHILDLINE: -
  8. 8. This project is basically a helpline started for the children’s in need by the CHILDLINE India Foundation, with the objective of main streaming of the deprived child and to motivate the street children to link with the program’s run by the central Govt. of India as well as state Govt. There are several issues related to children still prevailing in the country, like education drop out, Child Labour, Child Marriage, Child sexual Abuse, Begging of the orphan child, missing child, female feticides. Numbers of Child Related cases solved by the CHILDLINE Barmer team are as following: - S.NO Particulars or list of cases In figures 1 CHILD lost 12 2 Restoration 12 3 Medical 32 4 Child Marriage 43 5 Emotional Support 23 6 Linkage with education 31 7 Financial support 54 Awareness campaign on T.B: - With the financial support from MAMTA a T.B control program is running in Sanchore Block of Jalore district by Dhara Sansthan. This program was started in the month of July by Dhara Sansthan. Total 8 awareness meeting were already organized by the Dhara Sansthan in eight villages of Sanchor Block.