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1. roman empire pupil_map_exercise_1[1]


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1. roman empire pupil_map_exercise_1[1]

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1. roman empire pupil_map_exercise_1[1]

  1. 1. The Roman Empire 1. Carefully shade the area known as the ‘Roman Empire’. 2. Complete the following paragraphs in your book. As the population of R_________ grew l_________ the Romans needed to t________ with many countries for f________ and other g________. The Roman a________ gradually began c________ (or defeating) other countries. These countries were known as the p_________. People in many of the provinces were given a form of Roman c_________ if they agreed to f_________ for Rome. In this way the Romans i_________ their armies and made a_________ (or friends) of people who once had been their e________. allies food citizenship increased trade Rome conquering goods larger provinces armies fight enemies 3. Complete the following table – use your Planner for help! Roman name for the country Modern name for the country Hispania
  2. 2. Gaul Britannia Judea