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2013 CrossRef Annual Meeting Flash Update FundRef Kirsty Meddings


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2013 CrossRef Annual Meeting Flash Update FundRef presentation by Kirsty Meddings.

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2013 CrossRef Annual Meeting Flash Update FundRef Kirsty Meddings

  1. 1. A standard way of reporting funding sources for published scholarly research Kirsty Meddings Product Manager ! CrossRef Annual Meeting November 2013
  2. 2. CrossRef Database & Query APIs FundRef Registry Publisher Submission System Funder Grant Number Production Systems Funders Researchers Institutions Publishers
  3. 3. DOI Funding Source Award Number
  4. 4. American Chemical Society American Diabetes Association American Institute of Physics American Psychiatric Publishing American Psychological Association American Physical Society American Society of Neuroradiology Association for Computing Machinery Bioscientifica eLife Elsevier FapUNIFESP (SciELO) Hindawi Publishing Corporation ! IEEE International Union of Crystallography Internet Medical Publishing IOP Publishing Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Developm Just Medical Media, Ltd. Kowsar Medical Institute Landes Bioscience Optical Society of America Oxford University Press Royal Society of Chemistry The Royal Society Wiley-Blackwell
  5. 5. 44,000 DOIs with funding metadata
  6. 6. Look up funding data
  7. 7. Publishers: sign up now! FundRef Terms & Conditions: No fees for FundRef deposits Everyone else: no action required. No need to “join” - querying freely available
  8. 8. Thank you.