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Canadian National Railway Photogrammetry
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Continental Mapping Projects - Wood Road Re-alignment


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Continental Mapping provided mapping to support the realignment of Wood Road in Northeastern Minnesota. The Area of Interest (AOI) centered around a dangerous rural railroad crossing.

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Continental Mapping Projects - Wood Road Re-alignment

  1. 1. CONTINENTAL MAPPING 888.815.3327 Canadian National Railway Photogrammetry Mapping from Earth, Sky, and Space Railroads are plagued by inattentive or risky behavior by motorists. In 2015 alone, there were 2,059 collisions, 244 deaths, and 967 injuries at grade crossings. Beyond the safety aspect, subsequent delays of rail traffic and legal action have proven to significantly impact railroad efficien- cies. In recent years, railroads have targeted high risk crossings for major overhaul in order to mitigate the risk of collisions. These capital improvements are typically com- plex and involve the realignment of non-railroad assets. Continental Mapping was contracted to support the recon- figuration of a dangerous crossing northwest of Duluth, Minnesota. The mainline route runs over 30 trains per day between Duluth and International Falls, with many heavy trains loaded with iron ore. The heavier the train, the longer it takes to stop. Continental Mapping’s client was working with Canadian National and identified multiple reroute possibilities for the area of interest. Mapping services provided: •Produce photogrammetric mapping (1-foot contours) from color aerial photography at +/- 0.50 accuracy •1”=50’ planimetric mapping Deliverables: •3D digital mapping (DTM/contours/plan) The existing crossing had a blind curve meeting a busy double tracked railroad A Canadian National train rolls through a similar crossing at track speed. A Canadian National train is visible in this raw ortho scan as it approaches the Wood Road crossing