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Continental Mapping Projects - ATC Dane County


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One of many projects performed over the years by Continental Mapping for their client ATC.

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Continental Mapping Projects - ATC Dane County

  1. 1. CONTINENTAL MAPPING Mapping from Earth, Sky and Space Madison, Wisconsin Indianapolis, Indiana Kansas City, Kansas St. Louis, Missouri LOCATION: Dane County, Wisconsin YEAR COMPLETED: 2013 OBJECTIVE: Provide high accuracy imagery and mapping to support the redesign and construction of 6 miles of transmission line American Transmission Company (ATC) provides electric transmission service from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, throughout much of Wisconsin and into portions of Illinois. ATC owns and manages more than 9,500 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and 530 substations within the region. Continental Mapping has been providing mapping and GIS consulting services to ATC since 2003. As ATC has grown, so have their needs for our services. One aspect of the company’s growth has been to expand upon or replace outdated transmission lines with a network that can handle the increased volume of energy. Upgrades of infrastructure requires current and accurate base mapping. One such project was aerial mapping to support the rebuilding of 6 miles of existing transmission line in south central Wisconsin. Existing 67KV transmis- sion line infrastructure was in place through both urbanized and rural areas. ATC was looking to replace the infrastructure with higher voltage lines and reduce impacts on existing land owners. Critical to the redesign was a current and accurate understanding of existing infrastructure. Continental Mapping was asked to perform high accuracy mapping of a 1000’ corridor along the proposed route. New aerial pho- tography was acquired that supported 1”=50’ scale planimetric mapping, a DTM capable of supporting 1’ contours, and a 3” color orthophoto. ATC Transmission Line Mapping