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Continental Mapping Introduces


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Continental Mapping launched a website to serve as the market place for tools developed for improving geospatial production efficiency.

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Continental Mapping Introduces

  2. 2. What is Foundry?
  3. 3. Continental Mapping has been developing software for years.
  4. 4. This software has been developed through the process of solving problems and improving efficiencies.
  5. 5. Foundry is the market place for that software.
  6. 6. Check it out! THEGEOFOUNDRY.COM
  7. 7. That’s cool, but why is a mapping company selling its software?
  8. 8. Because there is a lot of value in what is being built.
  9. 9. Also, when you toil like a smelter in a foundry to produce something useful, you want to share that useful something with the world.
  10. 10. THE APPS
  11. 11. Developed during the course of a mobile lidar feature extraction project, the FindMax tool is rooted in QA/QC procedures..
  12. 12. FindMax only looks for differences in the Z dimension, therefore you will likely find it more useful to view the data set from a front view rather than the typical top view.
  13. 13. FindMax is installed as an MDL application that can be run inside Microstation and can be loaded by key in or from the menu.
  14. 14. THE APPS
  15. 15. Finishing Mill is a Microstation app that expedites the completion of a project.
  16. 16. Whether you are building data for yourself, others in your organization or an external client, Finishing Mill will help you polish off the project.
  17. 17. Like most Foundry products, Finishing Mill cuts clicks without cutting corners. Finishing Mill was developed to cut out up to a day of busy work prepping a dataset for delivery.
  18. 18. Functions include: • Detaches all reference files • Compresses the design file • Sets the active level to 63 • Turns on all levels • Sets the view to top • Fits the design file to the screen • Sets the weight on • Turns off the grid • Saves the current settings • Deletes any type 66 elements
  19. 19. THE APPS
  20. 20. GeoSieve is designed to make it easier to find outlier attribute values such as typos or otherwise mistyped information and review them quickly.
  21. 21. This tool comes out of our global mapping processes where we regularly process datasets that cover entire countries. We needed a sieve to quickly filter out all the outlier attributes across multiple attributes and features classes.
  22. 22. THE APPS
  23. 23. Clean up the vertices along linear networks where 3 or more segments intersect. Line Runner works by moving through connected network features with identical attributes and merging them back together.
  24. 24. While mapping a river region in the south pacific, Continental Mapping analysts were dismayed when many network features were disconnected at their vertices during an outside process.
  25. 25. THE APPS
  26. 26. A key to cutting software cost over-runs, Watch Dog tracks license usage in multi-user environments, keeping users from exceeding license total and encoring unnecessary/expensive license fees.
  27. 27. Microstation has a licensing model that allows you to use more than you have purchased but it will then bill you, creating potential for huge cost overruns. This tool monitors license usage and stops users from going beyond the license count setting.
  28. 28. It only took one big bill from Bentley to get this tool developed. It has saved Continental Mapping thousands of dollars.
  29. 29. More apps are on the way
  30. 30. ArcGIS Auto Save ArcGIS Compare Attributes Microstation Buffer Microstation Mass Point Filter August August September September