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How to be better in Sales... and win the best deals

Артём Яремчук (CEO @Attendify) выступил с темой "How to be better in Sales... and win the best deals" на Conformato Conference 2016. Приобрести видеозаписи конференции можно по ссылке

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How to be better in Sales... and win the best deals

  1. 1. How to be better in Sales… and win the best deals
  2. 2. Attendify Attendify empowers companies to build and manage mobile apps for their events. It replaces printed materials and provides attendees with a private social network, helping them interact and engage before during and after the event. • 50+ people team, offices in Palo Alto, Phoenix and Kyiv • 1000+ clients • 2000+ apps created
  3. 3. What does SALES mean in the US? “Sales as a profession”, optimistically, is 20-30 years ahead of CIS market. • Focus: Prospects prospect and Closers close • Specialisation: Sales Dev, Market Response, Account Exec, Inbound Prospecting, etc. • Prestige: Sales Dev is a prestigious and highly rewarding profession. You can’t start as a Sales Dev out of sudden, without any experience • Efficiency and automatisation in everything • Focus on financial responsibility and metrics
  4. 4. Who is Aaron Ross • The author of the best-selling book "Predictable Revenue" (Sales Bible of the Silicon Valley) • He built the outbound prospecting sales team at, which has helped add an extra $1 billion • Father of 9 kids Main idea: Cold Calling 2.0 Leadgeneration drives growth. Sales people fulfil it
  5. 5. Predictable Revenue 1. Predictability: If you have predictable and scalable Lead generation you can create predictable and scalable revenue 2. Focus: Prospects prospect and Closers close 3. Specialise Different roles requires different skill sets. Customers and Prospects get a better service when you specialise
  6. 6. Predictability Leadgen is a fuel that drives your Ferrari
  7. 7. Focus
  8. 8. Specialise
  9. 9. Sales Team structure Outbound • Outbound Prospecting Team • Sales Development Representative • Account Executives Inbound • Inbound Prospecting • Sales Development Inbound • Account Executive Customer Success • Customer Success Prospecting • Customer Success Representative + VP or Head of Sales
  10. 10. Key findings • The outbound prospecting role is often treated as a low-level, cheap job. If you treat it that way, you’ll get low-level, cheap results. • Customer Support doesn’t have to be a burnout, boiler-room job. Why are the two teams that interact with customers the most (sales, support), so commonly mistreated or unappreciated? Frustrated agents (& salespeople) help create frustrated customers. • Hire hungry, coachable people (not too much sales experience), train them on your products and customers, and give them a systematized process and they can often generate all the appointments you need. • By promoting from within using a farm team system to develop talent, you reduce your "hiring risk" of new people because your talent already knows your products and customers, your culture, your systems and they've already proven themselves - or at least you already know the truth about their strengths and weaknesses. • Adding people doesn’t drive your sales growth. Lead generation does
  11. 11. Problems with emails • People are bad at grammar • No one wants to change/improve himself and learn. Be better than you’re right now is the hardest thing • No one heard anything about proper formatting • No personalisation. The only thing that changes is recipient’s name • Texts are long, boring and confusing • Too many me-me-me stuff • Large number of disruptive follow-ups that doesn’t bring any new value to a prospect
  12. 12. At the end of the day…there’s no time to sit down and think about your strategy, what works and what doesn’t…There’s no time for it as you need to keep on running, right?
  13. 13. Example from yesterday At 11:09 PM, ОТПРАВИТЕЛЬ said the following: Артём, Добрый вечер! Пишу, так как мы друзья в LinkedIN. “ДАТА” организовываю в Киеве 5-й раз “НАЗВАНИЕ ИВЕНТА” ссылка на сайт В этот раз в программе 72 доклада по 6 направлениям: Business Straregy, Sales & Marketing, Operational Development, E-commerce, Own Product, Work4Startup. Среди спикеров, по доброй традиции, лидеры и топ-профессионалы украинских и иностранных компаний. На конференцию в этом году приедут 1000 лучших представителей отечественного и зарубежного IT- бизнеса. P.S. Как другу по LinkedIn, специальный промокод LINKEDINFRIEND007 на 7%, который можно использовать до 5 октября. Кроме этого действуют корпоративные цены от 2х человек.
  14. 14. Your perfect email check-list • Exciting subject line. The subject line is your gatekeeper, so 50% of email work should be spent crafting and testing different subject lines. You want to create an exciting but credible (not spammy or salesy) subject that intrigues recipients. • Enticing offer. Give your prospects a reason to respond, and a simple call-to- action. Mentioning your past success with another client they’ve heard of makes this offer seem more realistic and obtainable. • Personal feel. This sales email has the same basic format and tone of an email you’d send to your mom or best friend. When you’re too formal, you sound stiff and like a salesperson rather than a person-person. • Social proof. One of your biggest barriers to selling is risk. No one wants to be the first customer and work with a company without credibility or experience. Mentioning one of your customers and the results you delivered to them makes you less of a risk. Source:
  15. 15. Your message should be… • Short, laconic • Personal • Simple to read and to the point, no jargons, buzzwords • No hipster stuff please • No mistakes/typos • Well formatted • No attachments, minimum links • It should have a value to a prospect (answer to yourself: Why should he care?)
  16. 16. Example The results of this email spoke for themselves: • 57% open rate • 21% response rate • Outcome: 16 new customers
  17. 17. What worked with Big Brands • ABC - Always Be Helping. Get what you want by helping prospect to get what they want. • ABL - Always Be Learning • Find a “Champion" or an “Ambassador" in a big company (not necessary to be a top manager) who will promote your company through the entire organisation. Make him happy. • If you don’t have clients or “big names” - offer them free service. Integrate with them for free. It should be effortless for them (Artemiy Lebedev example) • Narco-dealers tactics - if your product has a free limited version and is addicted enough it is then hard to quit it… you have to “upgrade" to get even more value (take a look at Slack or Dropbox)
  18. 18. Looking for Lead Generation / Research Specialist Click here for more details

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    Jun. 5, 2017

Артём Яремчук (CEO @Attendify) выступил с темой "How to be better in Sales... and win the best deals" на Conformato Conference 2016. Приобрести видеозаписи конференции можно по ссылке


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