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Developing and retaining your client data art case studies and account management best practice

Janie Fox shared her experience at Conformato Conference 2016. She talked about "Developing and retaining your client DataArt case studies and Account Management best practice"
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Developing and retaining your client data art case studies and account management best practice

  1. 1. September 8th 2016 "Developing and retaining your client : DataArt case studies and Account Management best practice"
  2. 2. Contents • Introduction to DataArt • Introduction to Janie Fox, Account Director, DataArt • Account management 101 • Case studies • Lessons I have learnt • Key points • Thankyou – Questions?
  3. 3. Technology consulting firm that designs and builds software systems to help clients achieve their business goals
  4. 4. 2000 + Consultants & Engineers 1600+ Successfully Completed Projects <7% Staff Turnover 8+ million Billable Hours 95% Return Clients 19 Years in Operation Transparent Reliable Privately Held Profitable The Company
  5. 5. Introduction – Janie Fox • Travel Industry • Over 20 years Sales and Marketing ; Publishing, B2B, Awards, Conferences, Networking Events • Team Brintex/UBM/Centaur • DataArt
  6. 6. What is account management? Quite often when the deal has been closed, we do not put in the same amount of effort to keep the business as we did to win it. Account management • Focus • Customer oriented co-ordination • Account Management is a Process • Professional services being delivered by teams
  7. 7. What it is not! • Sales or selling • Engagement management • Delivery management • Project or programme management • Schmoozing
  8. 8. Your role Turn it from being a transactional opportunity into a partnering relationship, developing a long and lasting relationship What’s your answer to the following….. • Do you have a business plan if so how achievable is it? • Is your market segmented ? If so how and what part do you target? • How often do you talk to your account, who else talks to your account within your organisation? Do you know what they know? • Do you know the key players in your account/market?
  9. 9. Knowledge is key Know your stakeholders...
  10. 10. Asset management Your accounts consists of both internal and external assets. Internal assets your team and CRM systems External assets are your customers External Assets + Internal Assets = your Account As an account manager, your job is to manage your assets Account Manager External assets Internal Assets
  11. 11. Lessons I have learnt... Stop, COLLABORATE and listen... ... take a step back and understand what drives them
  12. 12. External assets • Knowledge, its critical that you prioritise • Learn which accounts are most important to your overall business. • Understand the market sector • Dedicated - work on key account business both existing customers and prospects • Become proficient at prioritising and learning about your external assets *Mack Hanan– Key Account Setting: new Strategies for Maximising Profit
  13. 13. Internal assets • Your internal assets can help you turn your best customers into permanent external assets • Act as a facilitator, working with your team • Depending on the size of the account, and your corporate structure, your account planning team can vary in size. • Remember without making good use of your internal assets, you cannot expect to properly manage your external assets
  14. 14. Account / customer lifecycle Every account has a lifecycle. Where are your key accounts? • Acquisition • Retention • Extension • Selection
  15. 15. Account players • “The Gate Keeper”: Filters potential vendors and allows in only those offering something the account may want. Generally influence access, but not purchasing decision • “The Influencer”: These will normally be the technical architects, users and technical team. They have high credibility and can persuade decision makers • “The Decision Maker”: They have the power to buy your product • “The Anti – Sponsor”: These are players who want you or your product out of the company
  16. 16. Warning signs Identify the warning signs that may impact your account Warning signs: • Lack of access to external assets • Lack of movement • Time constraints • You are not considered an external manager • Gut Feel • SWOT analysis
  17. 17. Do….. • Identify partners • Focus on customers whose business problems are susceptible to significant cost reduction by application of your expertise • Information • Provide creative solutions
  18. 18. Do….. • Identify partners • Focus on specific customers • Gather and share information • Provide creative solutions • Bond emotionally developing brand • Build trust • Be honest • “How can we help” not “what can I sell you” • Seek to add value • Be educators, not sellers
  19. 19. Build Trust... If you say you are going to do something... ... make sure you DO IT
  20. 20. Do….. • Get customers to participate in events • Set up Customer Advisory Council • Reward customers • Partner with key accounts • Develop 3-5 year business plans • Send reports/news letters on industry specific topics
  21. 21. “Case Studies"
  22. 22. Skyscanner The Beginning: White Label - re-design and re-build, fixed scope - fixed price, delivered on time and budget The Journey • Regular call and Skype connection • Checking in - on-site visits • Strategy days/sessions • Pushing for introductions • Move to next squad • PR • Testimonials • Speakers • Stay in touch when project finishes • Get Introductions • Close the next deal
  23. 23. Skyscanner “Thanks to our partnership with DataArt we’ve been able to achieve our goal of making our white label product easy to use” Filip Filipov, Head of B2B
  24. 24. Miki Travel Challenge • Integration with more suppliers • Upgrade core legacy system Solution • Multiple XML API supplier integrations • Migration to a new CRS • CRS QA Automation Functionality • Over 30+ travel systems integrated, Amadeus, Viator, Wirecard, Siteminder, leading hotel chains • Sped up booking journey, accelerated booking process • Highly increased testing speed due to QA process Automation Business Benefit • Enriched product offerings by adding more inventory
  25. 25. Miki Travel “We have a valued and trusted partnership with DataArt. This is why they deliver not only on our smaller standalone projects, but they also work closely with our internal teams to accelerate the critical replacement of our core legacy systems“ Renee Tsielpi Head of IT for ebusiness Miki Travel
  26. 26. Are you listening? You have two ears and one mouth... ... use them in that order
  27. 27. “Lessons I have learnt"
  28. 28. Lessons I have learnt... It’s about more than being nice to one another... ... it makes life easier and promotes further opportunities
  29. 29. Lessons I have learnt... Remember that you are the expert at what you do... ... but that they are the expert in what they do
  30. 30. Lessons I have learnt... Be honest... ... lose your integrity and you lose the relationship
  31. 31. Key points There are a myriad of theories about how to sell and manage accounts. This presentation touched on some proven key concepts in account management and hopefully it will help you in the future Key points to remember: • Be selective: Target customers with the highest growth potential • Be aware of the underlying psychological process to know what your customer may be thinking • Promote Teamwork: Work with your team, share ideas • Gather Data: Create comprehensive databases on your customers, pertaining to what you sell them and industry trends • Study: understand your market/industry sector, understand your customer, competition and your own organisation !
  32. 32. Ultimately... Remember that... ... ultimately your clients pay your wages
  33. 33. @JanieSFox Thank you for your attention Any questions?

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Janie Fox shared her experience at Conformato Conference 2016. She talked about "Developing and retaining your client DataArt case studies and Account Management best practice" Приобрести видеозаписи конференции можно по ссылке


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