Resume Cliff Hillier 2012


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Resume Cliff Hillier 2012

  1. 1. Cliff Hillier 31 Rotherwood Drive, Malvern East, Victoria, 3145 Mobile: +61 408 206 467 versatile business executive with deep knowledge and experience working with, and managing,internal sales and production teams to deliver optimised internal business processes that enhanceservice delivery, customer experience and ultimately deliver company EBIT growth.Combines a strong commercial orientation with an ability to make connections and project howpotential ideas may play in the marketplace. Instrumental in Executive Management teams as areliable member who provides pragmatic advice, solutions to complex issues and challenges thelink between strategic solutions and business integration in an operational and practicalmethodology.Ability to influence and change behaviour of key stakeholders and team members in order toachieve a higher performance ratio from team members and ultimately link business divisions toachieve a more cost effective and efficient process that does not comprise the customer experienceor the business objectives to achieve strong EBIT results.SYNOPSISPMP Limited Group of Companies. (26 years) September 1986 to April 2012 National Training and Development Manager - 9 months State Business Services Manager - 5 years Project Implementation Manager - 2 years National Client Service Manager & Key Accounts - 18 yearsKEY STRENGTHSBusiness Acumen: Ability to understand and evaluate how strategies and tactics work in the marketplace. Assesses a situation quickly and applies alternatives to achieve set objectives.Executive Management: Capable of engaging at ELT levels on all business projects and process.Creativity: Easily makes connections, able to facilitate value-added in brainstorming sessions. Has good judgement and can project how potential ideas may play out in the marketplace.Customer focus: Acts with the customers in mind: Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains trust and respect.Developing others: Builds capability and confidence. Can determine the best way to get things done by talking their language and responding to their needs. Clear communicator. Candid 1Resume of Cliff Hillier - August 2012
  2. 2. discussions.Dealing with Ambiguity: Can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty. Flexible, versatile.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEPMP LimitedNational Training and Development Manager – August 2011 to April 2012Nationally: 1,800 employees – $600 million revenuePMP Limited is Australasia’s leading integrated provider of consumer insight and printedcommunications solutions. A group of companies that has locations across Australia and NewZealand specialising in data analytics, pre-media solutions, photography, print and distributionchannels.A change management role reporting to the Executive General Manager and the National HRManager designed to establish a concentrated group sales division from diverse business unitswithin the PMP portfolio with the aim of amalgamating the sales and production processes suitableto the changing market and customer expectations. Behavioural change of key stakeholders andteam members became critical to achieve higher performance ratios, customer satisfaction andretention to deliver the business objectives with strong EBIT results.The spectrum included sourcing executive development programs aimed at strategic personnel andpositions for future management roles, succession planning, gender diversity and tenureinformation for PMP Board review, reporting structures and development of training programs.KEY ACHIEVEMENTSCultural ChangeDeveloped and implemented a national cultural change program designed to address silo behaviourswithin two PMP sales teams and improve the overall quality of key customer experience. Workedwith sales managers and sales staff to identify the most positive elements from both teams,established an ‘ideal’ sales competency framework and rolled out a program of mentoring by highperformers and formal training to build team capability and establish an integrated sales team,without experiencing the negative aspects associated with previous change programs.Cultural Change • Completed a skills based matrix across 2 major divisions • Incorporated performance management protocols across all States and New Zealand (peoplestreme) • Launched product and skill set training modules • Produced product training manuals and UAT systems • Initiated executive training courses (Scotwork) • Instrumental in driving cultural change to improve communication between business silo’s • Established six sigma graduate engineer position • Assisted in greenfield site considerations 2Resume of Cliff Hillier - August 2012
  3. 3. • Mapping and reporting on cultural diversity • Completed succession planning from previous rolePMP LimitedState Business Services Manager – August 2006 to August 2011Victoria: 600 employees - $190 million RevenueReporting to the Executive General Manager and the Site Production Manager, the position wascharged with aligning the print production and sales deliverables to a customer oriented focus whilstimproving workflows and increasing efficiencies in manufacturing processes.Initially consisting of 23 staff in the roles of Estimating, Scheduling, Planning and Customer ServiceRepresentatives the department was realigned through personnel promotion, cross skilling andpositional empowerment that delivered greater responsibility, cost savings and provided a talentpool for other parts of the company.The pre planning, scheduling and customer focus provided a solid base to invite the salesmanagement and staff to place trust in the department and create awareness of the fullmanufacturing cycle from quotation to DIFOT and the need to leverage greater returns from clientsand the production process with value add propositions wherever possible.With succession planning in place the role changed some of its focus to providing training anddevelopment in key areas which led to my own successive role change and enabled me to maintainsome key customer contacts that provided significant benefits to the company.KEY ACHIEVEMENTS • Realigned skill sets with product knowledge and abilities • Instigated mentoring and team building plans • Guided responsible and valuable staff towards career paths • Incorporated significant system changes across production process • Full involvement in UAT of a new print management system (DiMS!) • Significant improvement in commercial return • Significant reduction in spoilt work and claims • Increased customer satisfaction and involvement • Establishment of a dedicated Training area in Victoria • Further rollout of training model to all major print sites • Development of printing for non-printers course • Instrumental in driving cultural change to improve communication between business silo’s • Adopted 5S principles in the office environment • Assisted with 5S process in factory areas • Maintained full customer relationships from previous roles • Concluded assimilation from previous job role (Amcor Project) 3Resume of Cliff Hillier - August 2012
  4. 4. PMP limited (Print & Digital)Project Implementation Manager - December 2004 to August 2006Nationally: 250 employees - $30 million revenueResponsible for the implementation and management of process and procedure required for thesupply of Pre Press materials and Services from PMP Digital to new clients in the packaging industryand preparing business synergies and procedures ready for the project.A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was established between Amcor Packaging and PMPDigital that encompassed PMP assuming all pre- press digital file preparation, proof and printingplate supply, staffing requirements and installation of a full plate production facility in the AmcorSouth Australian site.Amcor at this stage was still an analogue production process in all states, the cost for them totransition was considerable. As PMP print sites were in similar geographical positions and there wasno conflict of interest it was reasonable to investigate the synergies and benefits to form apartnership.In order to fulfil the terms of the contract it was critical that disparate parts of the combinedcompanies understand the outcomes required and that a full service level model be approved by allentities, production staff and managers and that commercial interests be strictly adhered to.KEY ACHIEVEMENTS • Recommendation and adoption of File Management process • Managed the inclusion of Service & Print requirements into PMP’s National structure • Instigated the workflow processes between PMP Print & Digital to establish PMP as preferred supplier; prepared and executed test procedures • Ensured common understanding of business requirements and goals. • Completed project plan on time and under budget • Developed complete sop’s and process plans • Ensured cost capture and determined revenue stream • Designed workflow processes • Commissioning of the Plate-line installation and studio management system • Created reporting vehicles for business reviews • Enabled handover for sales and operations • Oversaw Capex procedures and installation of capital works within client’s premises and ensured that PMP interests were secured, including compliance issues and OH&S standards. 4Resume of Cliff Hillier - August 2012
  5. 5. PMP LimitedPreviously: Progress PressActing State Manager Major Retail Sales (dual role) September 2003 to December 2004Customer Relationship Manager, Coles Myer Limited September 2000 to September 2003National Client Service Manager: Key Account Manager September 1991 to September 2000The roles covered over these 13 years were many and varied within the PMP organisation andconsisted of strong network values, responsibility for customer liaison and the prime responsibilityfor 30% of the PMP print revenue as well as the subsequent follow on effect to other parts of thegroup involvement.Value add and commitment to purpose were the integral ingredients to maintaining a client basethat was 100% retained in excess of 19 years and grew in revenue from 12 million dollars to 45million dollars during this time.Many of the clients that I worked with from 1991 remain clients to PMP and my involvement withthem has been relevant until current day and they are part of my employment referee network. Sept 2003 – Dec 2004 Sales Revenue managed: $90 million People managed: CRM sales force (4) Sept 2000 – Oct 2003 Sales Revenue managed: $30 million Sept 1991 – Sept 2000 Progress Printers & Distributors Pty Ltd Sales Revenue managed: $21 million People managed: Production Planners (13)PMP LimitedPreviously: Progress PressSales Representative: Production Planner September 1986 – February 1991 Progress Printers & Distributors Pty Ltd Sales Revenue managed: $12 millionEmployed by the principals of the business as a result of working with my previous direct report whotook a role as State Manager with PMP and encouraged me to join this company due to its uniquemanagement style and commitment.Became responsible for the execution of company relations with the Coles Myer Group (as wasknown at that time) and became the principal contact and technical advisor for the print business.This grew to encompass distribution and geo demographic profiles associated with the account anddefined growth parameters for account management into the future. 5Resume of Cliff Hillier - August 2012
  6. 6. Prior to 1986Aug 1984 – Aug 1986 Sales Manager, Detmold PackagingJul 1979 – Aug 1984 Sales Representative, Bowater Scott (now Carter Holt Harvey)Jul 1978 – Jul 1979 Real Estate Sales Representative, Richard Carter Real EstateOct 1974 – Jul 1978 Insurance Sales Representative, AMPOct 1970 – Oct 1974 Printing Apprentice, E.L. Bell (a division of Bryant & May) Qualified tradesman – Letterpress Hand CompositorProfessional affiliations & interests– Member of Freemasonry– Member of Victorian Masonic Motorcycle Club– Member of BMW Motorcycle Club & Ulysses– Photography– Wood working– Golf– Fishing– Computers 6Resume of Cliff Hillier - August 2012