Become a Cisco Select Certified PartnerGet Access to Specialised Resources and Increase Your ProfitabilityThe Cisco Select...
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Reasons to become a Cisco Select Partner


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The Cisco Select Certification is a partner certification that provides you with industry recognition and a range of benefits to support you in building and sustaining a profitable business. We want to help you increase your sales by taking advantage of all the benefits that the Cisco Select has to offer:

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Reasons to become a Cisco Select Partner

  1. 1. Become a Cisco Select Certified PartnerGet Access to Specialised Resources and Increase Your ProfitabilityThe Cisco Select Certification is a partner certification that provides you with industry recognition and a range ofbenefits to support you in building and sustaining a profitable business. We want to help you increase your salesby taking advantage of all the benefits that the Cisco Select has to offer:Get the latest news from Cisco Receive special pricing with the Opportunity Incentive ProgrammeTo ensure you are receiving information from Cisco on programmes, The Cisco Opportunity Incentive Programme (OIP) provides protectiontools, technologies and solutions that are relevant to your job role, and promotional discount incentives to channel partners who activelyplease take a moment to log into the Partner Self-Service tool and identify, develop, and win new business opportunities. Cisco OIPupdate your profile, to help us improve our communications with you. offers an incremental discountto partners with approved OIP deals.Visit Visit recognition from Cisco account teams Close more sales with great discounts using Fast Track 2 PromotionsSelect Certified Partners are recognised as knowledgeable and highlycapable partners in the small business and mid market l space. As a Select Certified Partner you can take advantage of Cisco’s Fast Track 2 Promotion which is designed to help you improve your dealAchieve market differentiation flow and revenue potential by getting fast quotes, competitive pricing, and quick availability on high-volume core networking products.The Select Certification can help differentiate you from the Visit, as it demonstrates expertise and showcases your trustedadvisor credentials and competency in selling and deploying Cisco Contact your Cisco Partner Advisor for non technical questionssolutions. Visit This support service for Select Certified Partners makes workingTake advantage of discounts on demonstration products with the with Cisco, so much easier. Talk or chat online with a Partner AdvisorNot for Resale Programme agent to obtain answers to non-technical questions regarding sales, programmes and tool usage. Visit Cisco Not For Resale Programme (NFR) provides you, as aSelect Certified Partner, with an upfront discount of up to 70 percent Leverage the Cisco Partner Helpline for technical supporton selected Cisco products and solutions when purchased for yourcompany’s IT infrastructure and/or for demonstration purposes. We want you to succeed, so we’ve made sure you have every formVisit of support imaginable. The Partner Helpline provides one-to-one assistance on everything from pre-sales support to product design and technical post sales support. Visit deals and maintain profitability with Cisco incentivesand promotions Create your own workspace with My CiscoCisco has developed several promotions and incentives to drive sales.From simple discounts to competitive trade-ins, from products to My Cisco is an integrated web page you can use to create yoursolutions, to Cisco Architectures, Cisco promotions can give you the very own customised workspace and improve your productivity. Addedge and help make a big difference to your profitability. Visit modules from a catalog of options and get immediate access to business applications and information you use most frequently. Visit your profitability on Cisco products with theVIP Express Programme Take advantage of the Cisco Commerce WorkspaceAs a Cisco Select Partner, you are eligible to enroll onto the VIP Cisco Commerce Workspace (CWW) provides one integrated,Express Programme. This programme offers you financial rewards, streamlined, and simplified commerce experience that allows youof up to 10 percent rebate, for selling selected Cisco products. to: register deals; configure and price products software and relatedVisit to find out more. services; and submit orders from a single Workspace. Visit in VIP will receive a fixed cash back payment on eligibleproducts, so the more you sell the more you earn. To enroll in the VIPExpress Programme, visit
  2. 2. Access free technical and sales training Leverage Cisco co-branded marketing materials and services to drive incremental revenueTraining increases your ability to successfully sell, design and deployCisco solutions: To assist you in your marketing and to generate incremental opportunities for your business you will have access to customisable • Cisco Authorised Distributors are committed to serving marketing materials and services. As a Select Certified Partner, you the small business and mid market and providing focused will be allocated a Cisco Marketing Agent that can offer you support training on Cisco solutions and services. Visit and advice to help you create marketing activities and maximise your return on investment. To further support you, Cisco also offers funding for your co-marketing campaign*. Visit • Small Business University offers you training courses on partnermarketing. *Terms and conditions apply. how to market, sell, and deploy Cisco solutions to small businesses. Visit Accelerate your productivity with Partner Practice Builder • Partner Education Connection (PEC) is an educational tool Accelerate your growth and productivity by optimising business that provides online training on products, tools and solutions. practices in Unified Communications, Contact Centre, Security, Visit Wireless, Small Business and more. Visit practicebuilder.Join Cisco CommunitiesMake sure you are taking full advantage of the various Cisco Maximise your business potential with Cisco - A competitive edgecommunities. There is no better way to learn and leverage best The Cisco Competitive Portal holds a powerful ‘BITE’ with a wealthpractices than by connecting to other people working in the field. of information on competitors’ solutions, products and businesses. • Cisco Small Business Support Community provides practical Designed for Select Certified Partners, Cisco also provides resources information with technical discussions, news, contacts, to defend against competitive and market gossip and myths - all ready and resources to go and easy to use. Visit • Learn more about all Cisco technologies customers, plus partner services and programmes through the Partner Chart a course for customer satisfaction with the Smart Central Community Business Roadmap • Cisco Support Community (NetPro) is a Cisco discussion When you introduce Cisco products and services into your portfolio, forum that can help answer difficult questions. A special Ask Cisco Smart Business Roadmap helps you create a reusable sales the Expert feature offers deeper information about a specific planning process for more efficient and more profitable customer Cisco technology every two weeks engagements. Visit your competitive advantage with Cisco technical servicesAs a Cisco Select Certified Partner, you are eligible to sell Cisco How to become a Cisco Select Certified Partnertechnical services, which could add significant value to your Simply follow three easy steps:sales proposition. 1. Prepare. Firstly you will need to allocate an Account • Cisco SMARTnet Service – an award winning technical Manager and/or Sales Engineer to study and prepare support service for the Cisco Small Business Specialisation. This can be done via online training, so whenever it is most convenient • Cisco Smart Foundation Service – entry level technical for them. Visit for support service more information.You will also have access to the Cisco Services Accelerate 2. Pass. The allocated member of your organisation will thenProgramme – a robust training programme, designed to help you need to sit and pass the relevant online exams (cost persell services effectively. Visit exam per individual is currently $65USD).products/services.html. 3. Apply. Once your organisation achieves the Small Business Specialisation, you can then simply complete an onlineOffer Cisco Capital financing to your customers application form at the Certification and SpecialisationBy offering Cisco Capital Financing as part of your sales strategy Application (CSApp) tool. Visit toyou could overcome common customer objections around budget gain your Select Certification.and enable your customers to acquire the technology solution theirbusiness needs, rather than the one their budgets dictates. Cisco Select Partner Benefits may vary per country. Please contact your Cisco Partner Advisor or Authorised CiscoUse Cisco SMART Designs - the network without the guesswork Distributor to discover which benefits you can take advantage of.Check out Cisco SMART Designs. Our portfolio of proven andvalidated network solutions, optimised to help you save time, increase For more information, visit profitability and quickly and effectively meet the needs of smallbusinesses. Visit© 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco, Cisco Systems, and the Cisco Systems logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.All other trademarks mentioned in this document or Website are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. (rotl/12353b/08.11) (rotl/12566/09.11)