Social Media: The new buddies' concept


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An introduction to the value of social media in the world of aquatics programming. This presentation and information will be useful for people starting in social media for work - the information is high level and provides a start for further exploration.

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  • This is just a sample of social networks that your audience(s) could be using…

    But as we want to understand these specifically for the purpose of communicating and marketing to our audience(s), we need to focus on the premise of marketing which is to be where the bulk of your audience is – so, let’s look at some of the more popular platforms.
  • So – now we have a sense for what the platforms are, let’s look at the people who use them…
  • Who remembers Jordache jeans?
    Who’s first kiss was to Madonna’s “Crazy for you”?

    You’re probably a gen Xer. Generations are decided as such based on the types of international/national and local issues that are present during the teenage (influence-able) years.
  • Draw for books

    Questions re: SBUX cards

    1/ What are the “big 3”?

    2/ How many tweets go out on average everyday? (50M)

    3/ Name 2 of the 4 wings of the Dragonfly.

    4/ YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. Who’s #1? (Google)

    5/ What is the largest geo-location social network? (Foursquare)
  • Social Media: The new buddies' concept

    1. 1. Judi Samuels Manager, CorporateCommunications Maritz Canada
    2. 2. Tag – you’re it  Put a blank name tag somewhere on you – where you won’t mind others putting stickers on it (i.e. arm, shoulder, back)  Take the small stickers & pencils with you: GO!  Meet new people, talk with them; you have about 5-10sec per person  Form an opinion.Write it as a single word – as a tag – on one of the smaller stickers  Put the sticker on the person’s blank name tag, and let them do the same to you
    3. 3.
    4. 4. What we’ll talk about today  Simplifying social media  The scary part:Tag  Peas & carrots: Understand, enable & motivate  Platforms  Your people  Generation X  GenerationY  How will you mobilize them?  The Dragonfly Effect  Challenge:The virtual pool deck  Strategies:Things to think about
    5. 5. So, let’s dissect the term: social media
    6. 6. Social media: a definition  Social –  of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society  Media –  a channel or system of communication, information, or entertainment Courtesy: Merriam Webster online
    7. 7. Basically, the social part can be likened to a party…
    8. 8. And, the media: a boat So – what can go wrong with a party on a boat?
    9. 9. Tag – you’re it Name tags How do you feel? The results of the name tag game: there were plants in the room meant to provide negative tags – not all tags were “good news”. That’s social media.
    10. 10. But – if we learn a few things, we can all get along like peas & carrots.
    11. 11. Peas & Carrots Understand Enable Motivate We need to understand the platforms AND We need to understand, enable & motivate the people we are trying to reach
    12. 12. Platforms
    13. 13. + Mobile
    14. 14. Most popular platforms Most popular in Canada
    15. 15. Most popular platforms Facebook • 400M+ profiles • 35M status updates • avg user = 130 friends • 55min usage a day • move to mobile: 100M mobile users Twitter • 75M+ profiles • 50M tweets • mobile growth = 347% year over year • 55% women • 45% men YouTube • 2nd largest search engine • 32.4B videos watched • 99% onYouTube
    16. 16. People
    17. 17. Social media demands authenticity, transparency and honesty – independent of your market.
    18. 18. Why do people use social media?  Stay updated  Connect around common interests  Socialize  Get information  Debate Source:
    19. 19. Generation X
    20. 20. Gen X – a few facts  Born late 60s to mid 70s  Today: 34 to 45yrs  Beta toVCR to DVD  Desktop to laptop  StarWars rocks  JFK & Martin Luther King Jr. are in history books
    21. 21. Gen X & Social Media  Lifestyle needs  Facebook = friends & family  LinkedIn = work  Twitter = “brand me”  Privacy
    22. 22. GenerationY
    23. 23. GenY – a few facts  Born early 80s to late 2000s  Today: 10 to 30yrs  What USSR?  There is only 1 Germany  Why won’t you give me a ribbon for 12th place?  And, I need a laptop, iPhone, iPod, iPad and…  September 11
    24. 24. GenY & Social Media  Digital is everywhere  Email is old school  Social media = MY friends  WIIFM online
    25. 25. So, how will you mobilize them?
    26. 26. The Dragonfly Effect Source:
    27. 27. Challenge
    28. 28. Set up  Teams of 4  Seek out 1 GenY per team (ideally 2)  3 Groups • Group 1:Targeting parents • Group 2:Targeting employees • Group 3:Targeting community
    29. 29. The virtual pool deck Provide water safety instruction to everyone in Ontario  Role of the lifeguard/water safety provider: off the pool deck  How does a lifeguard/water safety provider reflect their role?  What does a lifeguard/water safety provider do online?  What does a virtual pool deck look/act/sound like?  How will your virtual pool deck contribute to the BIG goal?
    30. 30. The Dragonfly Effect Source:
    31. 31. So, how will you mobilize them?
    32. 32. Strategies
    33. 33. Things to think about  Engage your community  Why should they visit your pool/community centre?  Why should they trust you?  How can they support, endorse and promote you?  Engage your employees  How do they portray their link to your pool/community centre?  What can they do to portray their role and your pool/community centre in a relevant/appropriate light?  How can you use social media to make their job easier, more efficient & reflect your culture?
    34. 34. More things to think about  Let your employees engage your community  What if the lifeguard/water safety instructor role has gone beyond the pool deck?  How can a community engagement program take shape, with social media, executed by employees?  Interested: what are your objectives, how do you want to come across, who do you want to reach?
    35. 35. One more thing There is still debate over location- based social networks and games, but there exists true opportunity that is yet to be tapped. Foursquare is only 1 example.
    36. 36.
    37. 37. Q&A THANKYOU
    38. 38. Judi Samuels Manager, Corporate Communications @chieflemonhead 905.696.5113