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Charles Pierce visual CV


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Charles Pierce visual CV

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Charles Pierce visual CV

  1. 1. Charles Pierce Senior Program Manager, Project Manager, Risk Management Professional and Executive Experienced, innovative and dynamic professional with diversified experience, including program management, portfolio management, project management, risk management, IT governance, application development and technology leadership Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  2. 2. Seeking… An innovative individual with expertise and a successful background in Executive Management, Risk Management, Program Management, Project Management and Development, seeking a position where this experience can be utilized to benefit an organization. Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  3. 3. Attributes Consistent track record of success both as an employee and as a consultant Clients (internal or external) are “raving fans” because I am customer focused Former managers are also my boosters because I strive for excellence in all my endeavors Delivers value and achieves measurable results that benefit the business or organization Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  4. 4. Attributes Broad and diverse knowledge of business, technology and risk management Manager of teams of all kinds including technology teams, business teams and cross functional teams Manager of team of all sizes ranging from two to more than 150 (direct and matrix) Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  5. 5. Selected Accomplishments Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  6. 6. Selected Accomplishments Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  7. 7. My Background I currently work or have worked at Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  8. 8. Morgan Stanley Vice President Senior Program Manager February 2006 – current Senior Risk Manager New York, NY Executive Management Manage and report on large business programs, PMO functions Develop and manage program budgets Provide thought leadership on technology risk issues Develop technology risk and performance KRIs, metrics and reporting dashboards Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  9. 9. Morgan Stanley Selected results: Successfully completed application risk reduction program 3+ months ahead of schedule with positive financial and risk returns. Delivered projects within the risk and business programs on time or ahead of schedule with 99+ % completion of projects across all programs in 2009 and 100% percent completion in 2010. Eliminated two year backlog of projects in Compliance program. Successfully managed large scale projects of a high risk nature, completed them ahead of schedule, accurately and with the sensitivity needed to avoid unnecessary damages to the firm or clients. Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  10. 10. TD Ameritrade Enterprise Project Manager August 2004 – February 2006 Portfolio Manager Jersey City, NJ Successfully managed portfolio to develop applications for customer web trading, AML (and OFAC related), deposit capture, new accounts, cash management and stock loan Engaged all levels of the organization, including senior executives (CIO and other C-level), operations, cross functional teams of business lines and technologists in delivering solutions Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  11. 11. TD Ameritrade Selected results: Regulatory projects related to AML, Patriot Act (KYC, CIP) were delivered ahead or on schedule; on or below budget. Delivered the firm’s premier project 10% under budget and several months ahead of schedule, routinely exceeding sponsor’s expectations. Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  12. 12. Consulting Consultant, Executive and April 2001 – August 2004 Management Consultant New York, NY C-level & executive advisement and varied solutions were delivered for clients including PMO setup, process improvement, resource management projects Created “raving fans” by routinely exceeding expectations Clients included Lenmar, Finlay Enterprises, Deloitte Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  13. 13. Consulting Selected results: Saved client over $750,000 in immediate data center and personnel related costs and reduced client’s ongoing operating costs. Implemented training plan that reduced help desk calls by two thirds. Designed, developed and implemented successful rollout plans for nationwide and international rollouts to assist client in gaining market advantage. Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  14. 14. ChaseMellon Assistant Vice President Project Manager November 1997 – April 2001 Development Manager Ridgefield Park, NJChaseMellon Executive Management DeveloperFinancial Group Successfully managed projects and development of applications for corporate actions, transfer services, trading and client services Large scale development and implementation Charles Pierce Copyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  15. 15. ChaseMellon Selected results: Implemented corporate actions system that enabled internal customer to realize over $10,000,000 in incomeChaseMellon for the company.Financial Group Helped company achieve 30 point increase to a 90+ rating in the Group V customer satisfaction survey. Successfully redesigned process for Client Services and deployed enterprise wide event preparation checklists reducing conversion planning time by 50%. Charles Pierce Copyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  16. 16. The Bank of New York Assistant Vice President Project Manager May 1987 – November 1997 Development Manager New York, NY Executive Management Developer Successfully managed portfolio of projects to develop banking, trading, mutual funds ,securities processing and settlements applications Built teams, designed and implemented real-time desktop and mainframe systems Developed and managed budgets for technology Technology, Settlements and Reconciliation cross functional teams were led for successful deliveries. Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  17. 17. The Bank of New York Selected results: Developed Fed Funds wire capture and automated account processing system, saving over $250,000 per year in personnel and processing costs. Redesigned portfolio reporting system and eliminated 100% of processing errors. Reduced 3-year project development and maintenance backlog by 75% by cross training staff and revising methods and standards. Led team of junior programmers to successfully complete over 800 enhancement and maintenance tasks – more than 4 times the completion rate of any other and larger groups in the Technology division. Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  18. 18. My Certifications My current certifications Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  19. 19. My Certifications PMP CGEIT Project Management Certified in the Governance of Professional – PMI Enterprise IT – ISACA Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  20. 20. My Certifications ITIL CPI / SIX SIGMA IT Service Management Six Sigma (ChaseMellon facilitated education with green and black belt projects) Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  21. 21. Future Certifications? Certifications being pursued or considering Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  22. 22. Future Certifications? CISA PGmP Certified Information Systems Program Management Professional – Auditor – ISACA PMI CRISC CBCP Certified in Risk and Information Certified Business Continuity Planner – Systems Control – ISACA DRI International CISSP CIPP Certified Information Systems The Certified Information Privacy Security Professional – (ISC)² Professional – International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  23. 23. Education Where I went to school Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  24. 24. Education Long Island University Bachelors of Science in Mathematics Honors Program Brooklyn, NY Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  25. 25. Other Education College of Insurance Boardroom Actuarial Studies (non degree) – I-team productivity –maximizing briefly, I wanted to be an actuary team productivity and effectiveness NRI Other PC Architecture (non degree) – Other formal studies in risk learned to build and modify PCs management; business management, securities processing, operations and various other technology and business subjects Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  26. 26. Contact Me Charles Pierce Email: Phone: 914-299-8874 Fax: 888-730-1834 url: LinkedIn: Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  27. 27. Credits Images from: Other attributions: The Bank of New York PMI (PMP Certificate) Deloitte ISACA (CGEIT Certificate) Finlay Enterprises ISEB (ITIL Certificate) Lenmar Consulting ChaseMellon (CPI Certification) Long Island University Morgan Stanley Raving fans – Ken Blanchard, Sheldon Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Bowles Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  28. 28. Thank You Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  29. 29. A Little More A few more details Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  30. 30. More Expertise Leadership ♦ Cross functional team ♦ Executive reporting ♦ Team building Leadership ♦ Relationship building ♦ Management and ♦ Leadership of global ♦ Strategic Planning and executive consulting teams Leadership ♦ Budget and related ♦ People management and ♦ Manager of large and financial planning development small to medium sized ♦ Quality Management ♦ Recruiting, training, goal teams ♦ Customer Satisfaction setting, performance ♦ Management of large to ♦ Negotiation, persuasion management small projects and communication ♦ Mentoring ♦ Project and program ♦ Problem solving ♦ Technology governance management thought ♦ Industry forums ♦ Decision making leadership participant Business ♦ Compliance ♦ Technology ♦ Derivatives ♦ Legal ♦ Anti-Money Laundering ♦ Product Business Lines ♦ Operational Risk (AML); OFAC ♦ Trading, Banking and ♦ Operations ♦ Capital Markets Wealth Management Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  31. 31. More Expertise Program Management, Project Management ♦ Program Management ♦ Program, Project lifecycle ♦ PMO policy, standards, ♦ Program balancing and management templates alignment with business, ♦ MSP, PMI Program ♦ PMO tools (HP PPM, financial, and technology Management Standard Changepoint) goals ♦ Program, Portfolio and ♦ Earned Value Analysis ♦ PMO / Program Project Risk ♦ Business analysis (development, Management ♦ Change management governance, operations, ♦ Program and PMO ♦ Resource demand compliance) Financials management ♦ PMO, Program, ♦ Program KPIs and ♦ Project Management Portfolio, Project Metrics ♦ Project Planning and Reporting ♦ Delivery management Execution ♦ Technology portfolio ♦ Application and ♦ Project estimation Management development lifecycle ♦ Project auditing management SDLC Methodologies ♦ PMI Methodology ♦ RUP (Rational Unified ♦ Traditional Software ♦ Agile Process) Development Lifecycle Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  32. 32. More Expertise Risk Management ♦ Risk identification, ♦ Regulatory Response ♦ Reference, Master Data management and ♦ Business Continuity Management and mitigation Planning Security ♦ Risk and Control Self- ♦ Disaster Recovery ♦ Data Governance and Assessment ♦ Business Impact Analysis Management ♦ Application Security ♦ Incident response and ♦ Issue Resolution and Management reporting Reporting ♦ Application risk ♦ Root cause analysis ♦ Risk Metrics, Scorecards, certification ♦ Increase awareness of Key Risk Indicators ♦ Technology Performance internal controls and (KRIs) Management policies ♦ Policy, controls, ♦ Technology Governance ♦ Risk Trend Analysis standards and procedures ♦ Continuous risk ♦ Vendor and sourcing risk ♦ Best practices monitoring management development ♦ Audit Response ♦ SAS 70 support ♦ Mandated training compliance Frameworks ♦ CoBIT ♦ COSO ♦ ITIL ♦ ISO 27002 / ISO 17799 Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  33. 33. More Expertise Regulatory ♦ Regulatory and legal ♦ Privacy, regulatory and ♦ Patriot Act (Customer response, inquiries compliance frameworks: Identification Program / ♦ Review, maintenance of SOX (Sarbanes Oxley), CIP, KYC, Enhanced regulatory documents BASEL II / III, GLBA Due Diligence) ♦ FFIEC, FINRA, FDIC, (Gramm-Leach-Bliley ♦ Governmental, Federal, SEC, FRB, OTS, Act) and state examinations Treasury, OCC ♦ Dodd-Frank ♦ External audits Process Improvement ♦ Continuous Improvement ♦ Capability Maturity ♦ Six Sigma (DMAIC, of Processes, Process Model Integration DMADV) Redesign (CMMI) Tools ♦ MS Word ♦ MS Access ♦ MS SharePoint ♦ MS Outlook ♦ MS PowerPoint ♦ MS Project ♦ MS Excel ♦ MS Visio ♦ Many others… Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  34. 34. More AccomplishmentsIncreased mandatory education and training Designed and implemented re-engineeredcompliance from 6% to 38% of staff in fewer processing for abandoned property whichthan eight weeks was cost effective and efficient, affording the Compliance Department more review time.Project Manager for activities related to the This resulted in a letter of commendationBank of America – Nations Bank merger. This from compliance senior management.major project was accomplished withouterror, on time and on budget. Built team, planned and managed the conversion of The Bank of New York’s globalQuintupled output and increased morale of mutual fund accounting systems. TheTransfer Services project team and enabled conversion produced maintenance andteam to react quickly and effectively to contract savings of well over $100,000client and marketing requests. immediately and completely eliminated recurring charges.Designed and managed development ofasset reconciliation and on-line settlement The project was completed in 25% of thesystem which resulted in a 70% reduction of scheduled time and 60% under budget. Thetime required to settle with clients time savings enabled the firm to realize other cost savings and efficiencies sooner than planned. Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  35. 35. More Career Honors Who’s Who Media Who’s Who In America; Systems and solutions Who’s Who In The World; previously profiled in Project Who’s Who In Science and Management Quarterly, Engineering mentions Computer World, MISWeek Commendations Other Bank of New York, ChaseMellon Letters of thanks from team Financial Services, Consulting members, mentees, interns and Clients others who received my help with opportunities Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce
  36. 36. Thanks Again Charles PierceCopyright 2010 Charles Pierce