Miron HealtHcare ServiceS
                         Medical center expertiSe

Our commitment reaches beyOnd cOnstructiOn...
Welcome to miron HealtHcare ServiceS

      miRon HeaLtHcaRe seRVices helps decision-makers in the
      healthcare indus...
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Where should the pro...
                          Before founding MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES, Dennis was Vice President -
We eXIsT TO...
                                                                                    develop soLutions

TOOls UseD by
                        mIRON healThCaRe seRvICes
                        Staffing/RecRuitment	Plan
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The goal of analyzing        The paper handled on  ...
We eXIsT to . . .

    create ReLationsHips, built On hOnesty and integrity, with
    clients, partners, and emplOyees. at...
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Miron Construction - Healthcare Services Brochure


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Miron Construction Co., Inc Brochure detailing our healthcare construction services

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Miron Construction - Healthcare Services Brochure

  1. 1. Miron HealtHcare ServiceS Medical center expertiSe Our commitment reaches beyOnd cOnstructiOn; Our passion brings dreams tO life.
  2. 2. Welcome to miron HealtHcare ServiceS miRon HeaLtHcaRe seRVices helps decision-makers in the healthcare industry build the right facility in the right location at the right time. INTRODUCTION MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES speaks to bottom line results. It’s more than a slogan; it’s our philosophy. We are driven by the overriding principle that whatever we recommend meets not only the physical, but also the financial requirements of the organization. Before we present a solution we must all ask the question “Can we afford it?” MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES is led by Dennis Lynch who has 25 years of experience in the planning, design and construction of healthcare facilities including new facilities, expansions, and remodels. MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES’ primary customer base is hospitals, clinics, and group practices. The PROCess We eXIsT TO... Our process typically begins with a kick-off and needs assessment of the key create ReLationsHips, project drivers, critical issues and the current facility. We conduct our kick-off and needs assessment with 5 major issues in mind: built on honesty • Size and integrity, with • Location • Budget clients, partners, and • affordaBiLity • ScheduLe employees. at miron, people come first. Size: How much space is needed? To answer this question we will meet with the appropriate stakeholders to gather their insights and compile this information to help inform the future space program. We will also conduct an operational audit to gain a clearer picture of how the current operation functions and collaboratively identify any process improvements that will impact how the new space will function.
  3. 3. Location: We eXiSt to... Where should the project be located? Location is a function of understanding your current competitive marketplace, future growth and expansion ability, fulfill dReams and flexibility and the ability to accommodate your workforce. Whether it’s one location or a dozen, the facility expansion plan and space needs must be assist our clients in analyzed thoroughly in order to select the best possible site for your building. turning their visions Budget: into realities. How much will it cost? Once the space needs are determined, we have the ability to collaborate with the architect to develop a conceptual budget and a proforma for the business plan. affordaBiLity: Is the project affordable? Many projects fail when this question isn’t asked or if it is asked too late in the project. Affordability should be a key project driver that all design and construction solutions should provide. In order to determine affordability, revenue and expenses must be projected. MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES team members use a very conservative model to project and analyze affordability. ScheduLe: How long will it take and what are the steps? This is a frequent question asked and this will be spelled out in detail during the project analysis phase. Only by being committed to keeping a schedule, will things get done.
  4. 4. eXPeRIeNCe Before founding MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES, Dennis was Vice President - Consulting Services and in charge of the consulting group for the nation’s largest design-build firm for healthcare projects with a focus on planning, design and construction for the healthcare industry. He held this position for over fifteen years. Dennis’ past clients include Mayo-Midelfort Clinic of Eau Claire, WI, Kaiser Permante and Cleveland Clinic of Cleveland, OH and Naples, FL. sTRaTegy DRIves eveRyThINg The Owner and team must be clear on the strategy before attempting to design anything. What services are you planning on delivering and does the market need those services. Do you have the providers willing and able to provide the We eXIsT TO... services? How do we measure success? Do we need to make a profit? Is this a mission driven project? promote innoVation Once the strategy is set, the Owner must then determine if the project is and be the leader in financially feasible. What are the assumptions for volume, revenue, staffing and providing and utilizing operating margin? If the project shows a profit in five years but loses money the first year is that a problem? What other scenarios are available that can be the best tools, proposed and studied for consideration? Are our assumptions to aggressive or to conservative? processes, and safety measures. OPeRaTIONs PlaNNINg Is CRITICal ALTERNATIVE SCENARIOS NET MARGINAL INCOME Simultaneously with the financial analysis, the operational plan must be developed. Staffing assumptions $750,000 $500,000 must be verified with managers and $250,000 front-line personnel. The equipment $0 must be signed off by the users to ($250,000) verify the staff is qualified and trained ($500,000) Do Nothing on the equipment. The patient ($750,000) experience must be planned; staff 3-Phase New building- existing building sold in 3 Phases 41,500 sf small building-Keep existing facility ($1,000,000) 1999 2000 2001 2002 and patients are a rich source of 2003 2004 2005 2006 knowledge on current processes and process improvements. The staff must be part of the design and agree with the process changes being proposed. Too often process improvements are planned without staff input and therefore, fail. In our experience, the most successful operational designs have been those with staff input. Page 1
  5. 5. We eXIsT TO... develop soLutions that exceed the needs and requirements of UNIqUe COmbINaTION Of seRvICes our clients, partners, In essence, MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES helps decision-makers in the healthcare industry build the right facility—in the right location—at the right and employees. time. What this means differs largely from client to client. Some may simply need construction services. Others may need an objective analysis, including financial projections of the feasibility of establishing a healthcare facility on an existing or new site. Increasingly, we’re asked to help design memorable patient experience that differentiate our clients from their competition. Others have already traveled down the design path and look to us for our Building Information Modeling and LEED/Sustainable services to help them (and their stakeholders) build healthier buildings and to visualize their facility in new ways to save them time and money during design, construction and future operations. Whatever the need, our team often sets the direction for a facility solution that exceeds patients’ expectations, meets budget requirements, turns a profit, and accommodates market changes and future growth.
  6. 6. TOOls UseD by mIRON healThCaRe seRvICes Staffing/RecRuitment Plan This staffing analysis shows the groups utilization of staff. Staffing levels are compared to MGMA Better Performing Groups. OPeRatiOnal audit/encOunteR-BaSed PROgRamming This operational audit looks at the current operation and identifies operational flow within the existing facility. Our team looks for areas where the organization has patient-flow problems and inadequate work areas for the staff. SPace PROgRam We eXIsT TO... Once the operational audit and capacity analysis have been completed, a space program can be generated. integrate Building and Site cOncePt sustainabiLity to Typically, this is where the architect takes over the analysis and provides building and site concepts to the client. enhance health and cOncePtual Budget well-being and reduce Working jointly, MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES and the architect will develop a our environmental project budget. impacts. OPeRaTIONal effICIeNCy IN ClINICal aReas MIRON HEALTHCARE SERVICES will conduct an operational audit that tracks patient, staff, and paper flow. Having observed hundreds of clinics, we are able to make suggestions regarding design, work patterns, and staff assignments that may improve your operational efficiency. Other firms may be able to show you how you compare to MGMA staffing and procedure benchmarks; we can show you how to exceed them. We develop our programming solutions using a technique we call encounter- based programming that also takes into account both present operations at the client’s existing facilities and the large number of best practices we have identified from other facilities. Actual patient schedules and volumes are tracked against the number of exam rooms and nursing staff. Staff and exam room resources are programmed to accommodate the number of patient encounters, rather than the number of providers in the clinic.
  7. 7. Patient flOw infORmatiOn flOw Staff flOw The goal of analyzing The paper handled on In small offices, patient flow is to make any given day is choking communication between it as easy as possible for the system. The goal reception, nursing the patient to check-in, each day is to have and physician is pretty register, see the doctor the patients’ medical simple. However, as and checkout. It is no record to the doctor physicians combine longer acceptable to when the patient needs into larger facilities the make the patient stop to be seen. A lot of simple procedure of at 2 or 3 windows to time is spent looking checking-in, checking- check-in and have an for the elusive record, out, re-appointing and entirely additional set of or relying on faxes. cashiering become windows to checkout. Shadow files are created more complex. Many Optimally, all business due to breakdowns times the small office We eXIsT TO... should be conducted in the system. A is repeated by creating at one location (i.e. paperless office and separate registration and serve the changes in address, an automated medical checkout for each doctor communities in which payor, co-pay collection, record will eliminate or for each department and reappointments) many of these issues. with the philosophy that we live and work, with staff cross-trained Until implemented many the provider is the most to handle all functions issues exist with all the important element. This giving back whenever rather than at many paper in the system – lab tends to be expensive locations throughout requests, ancillary tests, and lacks efficiency in and wherever we can. the building. MIRON dictation, lab results, etc. the use of staff. The HEALTHCARE SERVICES MIRON HEALTHCARE reception, check-in, observes the flow SERVICES’s goal is to reappointment and through a facility analyze the paper and checkout function can from the patient’s each form from the be combined and done perspective noting the staff’s perspective. Is centrally at one location number of staff the there a better way? in the building or on patient encounters, Change is recommended each floor. Two-thirds the frequency of stops when increased staff of the total operational made, and any barriers efficiency is possible. cost is staffing cost. confronted in making MIRON HEALTHCARE their way from initial SERVICES’s goal with phone call to exiting the staff flow is to attempt facility. to minimize the number of staff needed based on analyzing each staff function. The result is a staffing plan that is efficient and cost effective.
  8. 8. We eXIsT to . . . create ReLationsHips, built On hOnesty and integrity, with clients, partners, and emplOyees. at mirOn, peOple cOme first. fulfill dReams and assist Our clients in turning their visiOns intO realities. prOmOte innoVation and be the leader in prOviding and utilizing the best tOOls, prOcesses, and safety measures. develOp soLutions that exceed the needs and requirements Of Our clients, partners, and emplOyees. integrate sustainabiLity tO enhance health and well-being and reduce Our envirOnmental impacts. serve the communities in which we live and wOrk, giving back whenever and wherever we can. w w w . M i r o n - C o n s t r u C t i o n . C o M