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Death of a salesman


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Chaim Yudkowsky, CPA, CITP, CGMA - Byte of Success

Presentation I created back in 2000 for a Sales Tech audience

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Death of a salesman

  1. 1. Death of a Salesman Version 2000 Chaim YudkowskyChaim Yudkowsky Byte of Success, Inc.Byte of Success, Inc. September 27, 2000September 27, 2000
  2. 2. Our agenda Learning about you Learning about me Death of a salesman Rebirth of a salesman
  3. 3. The rules Interact - I do not like to lecture Share your experience and thoughts as we discuss them Inspirational quotes
  4. 4. “For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.” Richard Feynman
  5. 5. A little about you… Who are you? Business owner / manager Sales manager Sales professional w/ overnight travel Sales professional w/o overnight travel Customer service
  6. 6. A little about you… Where are you from? East West South Midwest International
  7. 7. A little about you… What technologies are you using? Cell phone Laptop Palm or other PDA Email / Internet Salesforce automation software
  8. 8. A little about you… What technologies are you considering? Videoconferencing Placeware or other like product Live web-based customer service Other wireless technologies
  9. 9. A little about you… How do you introduce technology to your salesforce? Make an expert available by phone Hand it out and instruct how to use Invest in training No new technology
  10. 10. A little about you… What technology training does your salesforce receive? > 20 hours 10 – 20 hours 1 – 10 hours 0 hours
  11. 11. A little about you… Has your salesforce seen your website? Yes No
  12. 12. “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill
  13. 13. A little about me… CIO of a $100 million company Byte of Success and web strategy and development Nationally syndicated column and speaker including and
  14. 14. “Real success is finding you lifework in the work that you love.” David McCullough
  15. 15. Question of perspective Is technology the death knoll to the sales professional as we know him/her?
  16. 16. Are “the sales guys” dead? The Internet The informed consumer / customer Commoditization of product Why use a sales force?
  17. 17. Is your salesforce threatened by any e-commerce solution?
  18. 18. Primary reason for salesforce? To sell to existing customers To remind customers to buy To find new customers All of the above I’m not sure
  19. 19. “Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed.” Emily Dickinson
  20. 20. The New Sales Guys Technology coexistence Defining better what you are selling Understanding better what you are adding Leverage the technology to do it better Use technology to do the grunt work
  21. 21. Possibility – Value Added Experience Advice Assurance / comfort / security Handholding
  22. 22. Technology manifestations On the web Off the web Rethinking old technology tools
  23. 23. Examples I Prospecting Collaboration In writing Video Phone Selling Educating
  24. 24. Examples II Organizing Management Proposal writing Learning Availability
  25. 25. “A minute's success pays the failure of years.” Robert Browning
  26. 26. “I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Bill Cosby
  27. 27. Sites
  28. 28. Questions
  29. 29. The End