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Internationale challenge Beenen - Taartenfabriek 2.0


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Op dinsdag 14 mei 2019 was de Innovatiewerkplaats van ROC Friese Poort het decor van een internationale Challenge. Studenten van de onderwijsinstelling werkten samen met leeftijdsgenoten uit Duitsland, Estland en Italië. Opdrachtgever Beenen Industriële Automatisering vroeg hen een Factory 4.0 te ontwerpen.

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Internationale challenge Beenen - Taartenfabriek 2.0

  1. 1. Challenge “The Pie Factory 4.0” Thom Verwater R&D coordinator Alex van Dalen Directeur
  2. 2. The industrial automation in these sectors
  3. 3. Smart Industry ○ Industrie 4.0 ○ Dutch Industry fit for the future ○ Smart produce ○ Lot size one
  4. 4. Current systems Bron: Rockwell
  5. 5. Integration standard buildingblocks
  6. 6. Automation pyramid ○ Hardware based structure ○ Functions are hardware depended ○ Hierarchy based communication ○ Product is isolated ○ ERP ○ MES ○ Scada ○ PLC ○ Sen/Act
  7. 7. current automation systems PLC SCADA MESSensors Actuators
  8. 8. But what do we need in the near future?
  9. 9. Mass Customization
  10. 10. ○ What innovations do we need in order to change our production facilities to produce on demand with lot size one. Assignment Question:
  11. 11. Cake factory 3.0 (current situation) Customer Cake factory Distribition network & shops Shop Order
  12. 12. Customer Cake factory 4.0 Dough making Baking 60min Assembly of the Pie Natural gas Customer orders with square or round cakes mixed
  13. 13. ○ Implement a forecast system to determine the correct quantitates of round and square cakes. ○ Implement solutions for energy consumption reduction in the process ○ Integrate a system to reduce waste from the pie baking process. Additional Requirements
  14. 14. Integration standard buildingblocks Bron: Rockwell Bron: Rockwell
  15. 15. Flexibele logistieke paden
  16. 16. Visie MES IPC IPC
  17. 17. Factory automation