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Industry 4.0: Merging Internet and Factories
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Open standards - Key to success for Industry 4.0

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Open communication standards such as OPC UA, POWERLINK and openSAFETY are key to success for Industry 4.0

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Open standards - Key to success for Industry 4.0

  1. 1. Open communication standards Key to success for Industry 4.0
  2. 2. Your speaker Stéphane POTIER Technology Marketing Manager B&R Automation Perfection in Automation
  3. 3. First industrial revolution Mechanization of production using water and steam power
  4. 4. Second industrial revolution Mass production with the help of electric power
  5. 5. Third industrial revolution Digital communication technologies to automate production
  6. 6. Fourth industrial evolution Interconnected systems for smart production
  7. 7. Fourth industrial evolution Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing The Connected Machine© The Industrial Internet One concept, several initiatives worldwide
  8. 8. Industry 4.0 The goal of Industry 4.0 is the smart and connected factory with Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems as technology basis. Internet of Things (IoT) is the Interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices (smart objects) within the Internet infrastructure. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are systems using computations and communication deeply embedded in and interacting with physical processes. Computerization of the manufacturing industry
  9. 9. Industry 4.0 Concept of Industry 4.0 is to interconnect machinery, sensors and control systems together via intelligent networks to achieve: •Dynamic response to product demands, enable rapid manufacturing of new products. •Real-time optimization of manufacturing production and supply chain networks, highly flexible production. •Strong customization of products, mass customization. •Self-optimization, self-configuration and self-diagnosis. •Active support of the manufacturing process by smart products themselves Connecting machines with intelligent networks
  10. 10. Networked Manufacturing Horizontal value network
  11. 11. Industry 4.0 Working Group Industry 4.0 will involve networking and integration of several different companies through value networks. This collaborative partnership will only be possible if a single set of common standards is developed. Standardization as a prerequisite for Industry 4.0
  12. 12. Distributed intelligence based on standards Networks incorporate entire manufacturing process
  13. 13. Connecting ERP, MES, SCADA and PLCs •Interoperability standard developed by the OPC Foundation •Manufacturer-independent standard for exchanging data •Multi-platform service-oriented architecture •Scalable from smart sensors/actuators to mainframes •International standard IEC 62541 OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA)
  14. 14. OPC UA in PLC •OPC UA Server in PLC for vertical communication to SCADA, MES and ERP •OPC UA Client in PLC enables vendor-independent horizontal communication from PLC to PLC •PLCopen-compliant function blocks •Guaranteed semantic interoperability OPC UA Client / Server in the PLC
  15. 15. Distributed intelligence based on standards OPC UA standard for ERP, MES, SCADA and PLCs
  16. 16. Distributed intelligence based on standards Standard for real-time field network
  17. 17. Connecting sensors and actuators A real-time standard for the field network •OPC UA is based on TCP/UDP/IP •Not suitable for real-time data exchange •Field network usually require high level of determinism •POWERLINK fulfills perfectly requirements for real-time field network
  18. 18. Why POWERLINK •Maximum performance •Absolute openness •Based on Standard Ethernet •Designed for Integrated Automation •International standard IEC 61158-13
  19. 19. Worldwide market leader •Worldwide leader for real-time Ethernet solutions •3,100 OEMs trust in POWERLINK •More than 900,000 POWERLINK systems installed
  20. 20. An 100% open standard •POWERLINK is completely free of patents and without licenses •POWERLINK is open source – downloadable on 27.000
  21. 21. Designed for integrated automation Remote I/Os Safety Motion Vision Robotics Pneumatic Integrated Automation Controller Visualization Decentralized controller Sensors Encoder
  22. 22. Distributed intelligence based on standards POWERLINK standard for field level networks
  23. 23. OPC UA down to the sensors •Deterministic data are exchanged in the POWERLINK isochronous phase •With POWERLINK a dedicated bandwidth is reserved for non real-time data exchange, can not degrade real-time data exchange Combining OPC UA and determinism of field network
  24. 24. OPC UA down to the sensors Efficient non real-time data exchange with POWERLINK
  25. 25. OPC UA down to the sensors OPC UA client/server down to the sensors
  26. 26. Distributed intelligence based on standards POWERLINK standard for field level networks
  27. 27. Integrated safety The Industry 4.0 Working Group has stated: •Safety is the first priority area for Industry 4.0 •Safety strategies must be designed for open collaborative subsystems belonging to different manufacturers and operators •Industry 4.0 will require the deployment of integrated safety •openSAFETY is ideal solution for integrated safety in an open multi- vendor environment Critical factor for the success of Industry 4.0
  28. 28. openSAFETY is open and independent •The world’s first 100% open safety protocol •Totally independent from technical and legal aspects •Supported by the international user organization EPSG
  29. 29. One safety standard for all networks TCP/IP EtherCAT POWERLINK PROFINET
  30. 30. Distributed intelligence based on standards Standard for integrated safety
  31. 31. Distributed intelligence based on standards OPC UA – POWERLINK - openSAFETY
  32. 32. Open standards for Industry 4.0 OPC UA – POWERLINK - openSAFETY
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Open communication standards such as OPC UA, POWERLINK and openSAFETY are key to success for Industry 4.0


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