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Valmanifest kotvers english

  1. 1. THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO DARE More jobs in new and expanding companies, welfare regeneration and a good environment Summary of the Centre Party’s main issues for the election of 19 September 2010 Main issues for the Centre Party for the 2010-2014 term of office 1
  2. 2. • A better climate for companies – more jobs throughout Sweden • Tear down the barriers – more jobs for young people • More tax deductions for services performed in the home (RUT) – freedom of choice on welfare • More career paths for women • World leader in food and green energy • Introduce cash incentives for super-green vehicles More jobs in new and expanding companies • More companies have to dare to take on employees. Keep the halved employer’s contribution for young people. Reduce employer’s contributions and individual contributions when the economy allows. • Halving VAT on services makes it cheaper to go out for a meal and have a haircut. • We need more welfare companies – this will give more freedom to women. • Develop tax deductions for household services (RUT) and introduce tax deductions for IT services (RIT). • Continue to reduce taxation of work income when the economy permits. • Fight against youth unemployment – tear down the barriers on the job market. • Offer small companies with fewer than ten employees exemption from the order of priority rules in the Swedish Employment Protection Act. • Increase career opportunities for women through greater opportunities for the purchase of private services and plenty of childcare options. • Sweden needs growth throughout the country. Develop both rural areas and the towns. • Create new jobs in rural areas by making Sweden into Europe’s new food country. Welfare regeneration with greater freedom of choice • Stimulate pupil development and successful schools through a SEK 1 billion achievement reward pool. Kommentar [TRANS1]: For ”kunskapsmiljard”, I thought it • Enhance pupils’ rights – introduce a law in schools that obliges people to report seriously best to avoid a direct translation. bad conditions. Kommentar [TRANS2]: Rathe • Enhance the quality of vocational and higher educational training. r than translate directly the term ”Lex Sarah”. • Keep the childcare allowance and give all elderly and disabled people the right to choose their care by making the Act on System of Choice in the Public Sector (LOV) mandatory. • Increase the “RUT” deduction to 75% for people aged 75 and over. • All pensioners should be able to register for tax and receive an “F-tax card”. • Give all elderly couples requiring housing for the elderly the opportunity to live together. • Regenerate the healthcare system by providing more self-determination and freedom of choice to patients. • Strengthen anti-discrimination legislation, including for the disabled. • Introduce freedom of choice of food for the elderly and the sick. 2
  3. 3. The world’s most ambitious environmental policy • Use the environmental and climate challenges as a springboard for green growth. • Sweden must be an international promoter of green conversion. • In ten years, half of Sweden’s energy should be renewable. • Devise a national strategy for biogas and national support for solar power. • Increase the ambitions for the more efficient use of energy, for example using white certificates for electricity. • Chase down the emissions, not the motorists. Introduce a super-green vehicle cash incentive to produce more vehicles with very low emissions. • Reduce nitrogen emissions – make the Baltic and North Seas even cleaner. • Sustainable forestry by engaging landowners in nature conservation. • Tighten the requirements on chemicals and a non-toxic environment. Ban mercury in the EU. • Build green, sustainable towns. 3