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The 6 D's shaping the future of Work #COMIT2016

Presentation by Nicola Millard of BT at COMIT 2016: Digitally Building Britain, September 2016
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The 6 D's shaping the future of Work #COMIT2016

  1. 1. The 6 ‘D’s shaping the future of work. Dr Nicola J. Millard Head of Customer Insight & Futures BT Global Services Innovation Team @DocNicola
  2. 2. 2 Discovery • Global Scouting • Research & Venturing • Strategic University Programme • New Ideas • Shared Learning & Best Practice • Customer and Partner network Articulation • Innovation Showcases • Hothouse Centres • Concept demonstrators • Working prototypes • User trials • Thought Leadership Papers/Blogs Validation • Innovation Central • Proposition Development • Draft Business Cases • Business Approvals • Customer Experience Journey R&D investment of £470m -15/16 Portfolio of 4700 patents 13,000 Technologists worldwide 4 global research centres (UK, China, UAE and US ) & multiple academic partnerships Partner ecosystem – customers, industry, universities, government Innovation Within Each Stage of the Value Chain Business Drivers Customer Needs Discovery Articulation Validation Launch & Implement Operations Customers The BT Innovation Process & Eco-System. ©British Telecommunications plc
  3. 3. 3 26/09/2016 3 The 6 ‘D’s’ shaping the future of work Dr. No Dolly Distance Dilbert Diversity Droids ©British Telecommunications plc
  4. 4. The Rise of Diversity: 5 generations at work by 2020 2010 2020 2030 Traditionalists Boomers Gen X Gen Y Gen Z 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 26/09/2016 4 ©British Telecommunications plc
  5. 5. 5 Work is no longer linear. Traditional work patterns. New work patterns. Source: Gratton & Scott (2016), The 100 Year Life, Bloomsbury. 5 ©British Telecommunications plc
  6. 6. Diversity vs. Fragmentation: and why Dr No is dead! * Gratton, L. & Erickson, T.J. (2007), 8 Ways to Build Collaborative Teams, Harvard Business Review, November, 101-109. “Although teams that are large, virtual, diverse, and composed of highly educated specialists are increasingly crucial with challenging projects, those same four characteristics make it hard for teams to get anything done. To put it another way, the qualities required for success are the same qualities that undermine success”, Gratton & Erickson*. Source: Digital Dislocation (2016), Davies/Hickman, BT/Cisco white paper.
  7. 7. 7 Contemplate ConcentrateCommunicate Collaborate The death of Dilbert: one size doesn’t fit all. 7 ©British Telecommunications plc
  8. 8. 8 Source: Digital Dislocation (2016), Davies Hickman, BT/Cisco white paper. 8 ©British Telecommunications plc
  9. 9. Dilbert: Socialising in the Office, working in the Cloud Home worker Co-working hub/ “Coffice” worker Activity based working Virtualised working 9 ©British Telecommunications plc
  10. 10. 10 Thanks to Sandy Pentland, MIT Digital connections Physical spaces: friends meet at a few meaningful places, strangers pass randomly Collaboration: Trader performance vs. idea flow Understand Collaboration: social physics. 10 ©British Telecommunications plc
  11. 11. The Death of Distance: Connecting the inner Neanderthal Poor Rich 11 ©British Telecommunications plc
  12. 12. 12 Source: Digital Dislocation (2016), Davies Hickman, BT/Cisco white paper. 12 ©British Telecommunications plc
  13. 13. 13 Source: Digital Dislocation (2016), Davies Hickman, BT/Cisco white paper. 13 ©British Telecommunications plc
  14. 14. The Death of Dolly: Techno stress... I worked for a guy who would use out of hours emails and phone calls as a control and bullying tactic. He would want to prove that you were always available… it’s one of the reasons I loathe Blackberries” Male, UK. “36.4% of UK users in the Cambridge study found technology at least sometimes disrupted family life, with 10.5% finding that disruption regular. 14 ©British Telecommunications plc
  15. 15. Is your next employee a robot? “Hollowing out” & “Uberisation” of work Pattern matching & unstructured problem solving, e.g. Watson, Digital Genius. Chatbots, e.g. Siri, M, Cortana, Amelia and many, many more. Robot customer service – e.g. Pepper, EMIEW3 Robotic Process Automation.©British Telecommunications plc
  16. 16. Contact me at: @DocNicola Thank You! Dr Nicola J. Millard Head of Customer Insight & Futures BT Global Services Innovation Team What’s Your Digital Possible? 16 ©British Telecommunications plc