Sansmriti JFM Qtr 2010


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SGI Alumni Newsletter (Issue-2)

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Sansmriti JFM Qtr 2010

  1. 1. North India’s Largest Education Group SHARDA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS SansmritiSansmritiSansmriti ALUMNI NEWSLETTER Year 2010. Isuue II. JFM QTR.
  2. 2. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Dear Alumni Warm Greetings !! MessagesMessagesMessages P. K. GUPTA Chairman, SGI I am happy to know about the various activities and initiatives taken by Central Alumni & Corporate Relations Cell (CACRC) to establish warm and meaningful relationships with our alumni. Our alumni indeed are doing very well with many senior batches now occupying position of authority and influence in their organizations. Besides being the brand ambassadors for their college, Alumni can really lift the college up if they decide to “bat” on behalf of the college. I appeal to all the alumni to come forward and lend a helping hand to support the efforts of CACRC and also through their guidance and mentorship help in shaping the careers of their juniors, so that they may make the most appropriate career - choices. Wishing “Sansmriti” a great success. Dear Alumni Y. K. GUPTA Vice-Chairman, SGI I am very happy to know about various activities and initiatives taken by CACRC to establish warm and meaningful relationships with our alumni. The idea of alumni mentorship for our current students is of particular importance. to us as a college. This way the current lot of students will have greater opportunities to work in close coordination with their seniors/alumni and learn and benefit from their experiences and expertise. As a large number of our alumni of earlier batches are now working at senior positions in leading organizations, they may mentor their juniors and students in shaping their careers and making most appropriate life-choices. Even online interactions could be very beneficial. Wishing “Sansmriti” a great success. PhilosophyPhilosophyPhilosophy VISION To nourish a culture where alumni, college, students and society are all benefitted through active mutual association and derive satisfaction & fulfilment they seek. 1.Strengthening the bond between SGI and its alumni community. 2.Organizing regular events to promote alumni interaction, welfare and development. 3.Help the alma mater in research, infrastructure growth, campus recruitment, and students-alumni interface. OBJECTIVES MISSION • To establish a warm positive and meaningful interaction and contact amongst the alumni and the SGI colleges so as to create a bond of kinship & belonging. • To promote active associations of alumni within and outside the country.
  3. 3. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti EditorialEditorialEditorial MANISH GUPTA Dear Alumnus & Alumna Warm Greetings ! Since the time of the inaugural issue of “Sansmriti” till this moment when you receive the II issue of our Alumni Newsletter, we have grown……..from a tiny idea of Central Alumni Cell to the broad plan of Sharda Alumni Association -Reminiscences (SAAR)…….from 2 personnel to a team of 15 dedicated people……from one alumni representative to Future Alumni Clubs at each college, where students are taking initiatives to keep in touch with you Now we are ready with a sound plan of action to establish chapter alumni associations at metro locations like Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and so on. Our endeavor will bear no meaning without your active involvement and willing participation, because it is each one of you who have to take the lead and ensure the success of a vibrant alumni platform.We are fast progressing towards launching the alumni micro sites for each college, and also the distinct website of SAAR with all interactive facilities. I request you to kindly register your profiles and optimally utilize these alumni websites. It will help you stay in touch with your friends, seniors, juniors, faculty and staff. Soon we will introduce SAAR Privilege Cards, offering you certain benefits, concessions and facilities. Now, we have with us as Alumni Coordinator Mr. Sumit Rana, Sr. Lecturer for Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Mr. Sachin Pasricha, T&P Executive for BMAS Engineering College and Mr. Ashish Kumar, T&P Executive for Anand Engineering College and Mr. Jay Verdhan Nagaich, Sr. TPO for Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Science.We hope our actions and activities will get more coordinated and informally interactive with the inclusion of new people and new ideas. Wishing You All the Best ! Dr. R.P. Singh Vice-Chancellor, S.U. Prof. M.S. Teotia Principal Advisor, SGI Dr. B.D. Gupta Advisor, SGI Dr. K.N. Gupta Advisor, SGI Dr. S.N. Lall Advisor, SGI Mr. Anupam Sorabh EVP, SGI Dr. R.C. Maheshwari Director, R&D, SGI Dr. Sarvan Mukharji Director, HCST Col. (Dr.) K.K. Malviya Director, HIMCS Dr. D.R. Somashekar Director, AEC Dr. A.K. Gupta Director, BMAS Dr. Mahesh Prasad Principal, ACP Dr. Prasanjeet Singh Director, ACE SPECIAL ADVISOR Prof. V.K. Sharma Director, TD&P, SGI EDITORIAL BOARD Mr. Manish Gupta Chief Editor Mr. Faize Nabi Rep. Editor, HCST Mr. N. K. Mishra Rep. Editor, HIMCS Dr. Lowleen Malhotra Rep. Editor, AEC Mr. Neelesh Kumar Rep. Editor, BMAS Ms. Ankita Agrawal Coordinator, Newsletter Chairman, SGI Vice Chairman, SGI Trustee Trustee CHIEF PATRONS Mr. P. K. Gupta Mr. Y. K. GUPTA Ms. SEEMA GUPTA Ms. BHAWNA GUPTA PATRONS BoardBoardBoard Contact usContact usContact us Team CACRC MR. FAIZE NABI Training & Placement Officer E Mail :- Phone :- +91-9837303777 Sharda Group of Institutions MS. NISHU GULWANI Relationship Executive E Mail :- Phone :- +91-9917851389 Sharda Group of Institutions MR. HARISH SHARMA Office Assistant E Mail :- Phone :- +91-9917100991 Sharda Group of Institutions An Appeal to our Beloved AlumniAn Appeal to our Beloved Alumni MR. ASHISH KUMAR Executive Training & Placement Anand Engineering College & ACP E Mail :- Phone :- +91-9690017299 MR. SUMEET RANA Senior Lecturer, ECE Hindustan College of Science & Technology E Mail :- Phone :- +91-9927010280 Team Alumni Coordinators MR. SACHIN PASRICHA Executive Training & Placement BMAS Engineering College E Mail :- Phone :- +91-9897695836 CENTRAL ALUMNI & CORPORATE RELATIONS CELL (CACRC) C/o Hindustan College of Science & Technology Farah, Mathura 281122 U. P. e-mail: Ph.: +919927914445 First of all, we express our sincere gratitude towards our alumni who have been consistently encouraging us and contributing whole heartedly in making CACRC endeavours successful.We are pleased to announce that the alumni microsite for each of SGI College will be operational since 7th May, 2010. You may reach your own alumni home page by clicking at your college URL/alumni (e.g. Our web developers have tried their best to develop as attractive alumni websites as possible. There are provisions for profile registration, on line alumni directory, search, feedback, spotlights (Blogs, personal photo gallery etc). However, you are most welcome to forward your valuable suggestions for further improving the concept. Also, you are requested to forward copy of this edition of Sansmriti to all your friends, seniors/juniors. Kindly also, encourage alumni in your contact to share their contact information with CACRC team. This will enable us to reach most of you.
  4. 4. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti The story of an Indian Educational Entrepreneur Education is more than just the memorization or learning of theories, it is the pathway of gaining access to a better life and in the bigger picture it leads to a better human society. Mr. P. K. Gupta has been privy to this fact for some time now and as Founder Chairman of the Sharda Group of Institutions is among the leading educational entrepreneur in India. As the entrpreneurial brain behind Sharda University he has revamped the way education is imparted in his colleges and in educational institutions across India. Recognition gained Entrepreneurial Lesson Aside from being known as Sharda University's founder and guiding light, P.K. Gupta has also found time out of his busy schedule to help society. He is a founding member of the National Chambers of Education Promotion Society of India. At many conferences he has also championed the cause of educational reforms with leaders like Yashpal Sharma, Dr. Abdul Kalam and many other prominent personalities. He had also submitted a report on educational reforms to the Ministry of HRD and many of his suggestions have been implemented by the Planning Commission. He is an active member of the Agra Club, the Rotary Club (Agra) and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industries. In 2001, Mr. P.K. Gupta was honored with the Udyog Ratna award and a year later with the Uttar Pradesh Ratna award for his many years of service to society. • The reformer within Mr. P.K. Gupta has advice which he believes every future entrepreneur should pay heed to. He says “I would like to suggest to the young entrepreneurs to • Be job creators instead of job seekers so that you can serve mankind. • Try to earn profits through products of excellence in every field. • Money is the byproduct of excellence in your field • Never say I am working very hard, always work passionately you will never get tired • Do what you enjoy never choose a career by force” P. K. GUPTA Chairman, SGI Business Idea Unlike most other institutions of formal learning Sharda University stresses upon not only what they are teaching but for what purpose and how can it be used properly. It is “An education system which would inculcate an application based approach in learning also insuring that the young students are enlightened about the conceptual base with clarity. The thought of opening up educational institutions which would focus more on nurturing the talent & developing curiosity of young individual minds is core philosophy guiding Sharda University.” Future Plans The group is looking at expansion on a global scale and has recently announced their intentions. SGI, under the leadership of Mr. P. K. Gupta, is set to realize a new dream of setting up campuses in U.K., U.S., East Asia & Latin America with a family of 1 lakh students by 2020. His Entrepreneurial story Mr. PK Gupta believes that the true rewards of entrepreneurship are not the kind that can be counted or weighed. He explained what has been most important in his entrepreneurial journey saying “It was not just an intention to be successful or the idea of huge profits that motivated me to foray into the higher education sector. In fact, I was genuinely concerned as I saw the drive in the youth around me. They wished to excel in higher education and it was my good fortune that I was able to provide students in north India with quality education right at their door step. In a way, being an entrepreneur in the education sector also allows me to fulfill my duty towards serving the society .Imparting education is gratifying in itself. It's a matter of great pride to be able to provide the means for shaping the youth of India.”Born on 9th December 1959, in Agra, Mr. Gupta was brought up in a family with strong values and dedication towards social service. His grandfather, the Late Shri Mohan Lal Arya, was an eminent personality and a freedom fighter in India's Independence struggle. His father, Mr. A. S. Gupta, who traded in medicines, was a business man who was involved in the cause of social service. Like any other child, Mr. Gupta, was more interested in the playground than his books. His interest in studies came from the inspiration and motivation that the principal of his school was able to impart. This later made him realize the importance of a teacher in shaping the future of a child. On completing his graduation from Victoria Engineering College, he started his career with HNT as a contractor in 1979. By 1980, he was an entrepreneur and had started his business of manufacturing & supplying engineering equipment to various Educational and Research Laboratories. He diligently spread his business from North India to South India and traveled all over meeting his clients. On his business trips he observed that his co passengers were mostly students who were traveling from north India to south India for their education. In those days, students had to struggle for admissions in the engineering colleges due to which they traveled to South India. This observation sowed the seeds of what was to come. in 1985, he shifted to Chennai and through his business networks came across many educators and institutions which were running their colleges in small rented buildings. Realizing the absence and need of infrastructure in an engineering college, he decided to set up a college in Agra. “This system offers students the flexibility to choose subjects from other streams, which provides them with the opportunity to be exposed to domains other than their core electives .This in turn helps them to develop analytical, logical and reasoning skills.“Initially, there was resistance, but I have always believed that challenging the rules with logic creates new rules which lead to innovation. Now, in our very first year, we have witnessed an encouraging response from the community. Parents and students alike have welcomed the University's initiative towards re-defining the teaching methodology. I can confidently say that we are growing by leaps and bounds. The inception of Sharda University in Greater Noida has been a step towards changing the teaching pedagogy to a stress free environment with a flexible credit based teaching providing dual degree courses. 20-30% of the faculty are being appointed from U.K & U.S to provide an international exposure of teaching for the students. Today, under the umbrella of Sharda Education Trust, (stared with 160 students in 1996). We have grown to a family of 20,000 students. Over 10,000 students have passed out since the inception. Over 6,000 students have been placed in the best organizations across the nation and almost 4,000 of these students have become entrepreneurs owing to the relevant exposure to entrepreneurship. In addition to the various educational institutions Mr. Gupta has also set up
  5. 5. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Experience the new SGIExperience the new SGIExperience the new SGI New T&L Methodology Informal Education Delivery Formal Education Delivery Classroom Teaching Assignments & Tests Results & Feedback UPTU Based Practical’s Pear To Learning Pear Mentoring Improvisation on Formal Education Delivery The new teaching and learning methodology has been broadly classified under two major categories namely formal education delivery and informal education delivery. The formal education delivery is followed by most of the institutions. The difference is the incorporation of informal education delivery which is divided into three sub categories ; • Group Assignments 5 to 6 students are identified as a group. Each group will comprise of 2 average , 2 weak and 1 intelligent student. These students shall present their assignments in form of presentations, group discussions & role plays • Formation of various committees placement committee, publication & press committee, event handling committee, alumni committee, etc. • Formation of various clubs technical clubs, social sector clubs, culture & art clubs, sports clubs, etc. • The responsibilities of clubs are to Maintain database, Interact with industry, government bodies, NGO's, cultural centers etc, find sponsorships and funding sources, creation of annual activity calendar, ensuring smooth conduction of all planned activities and events, create budget requirements , monitor expenditure and get audited, in general manage the committee as a business, media management Mentoring • Senior to junior mentoring • Faculty hired as mentors, certain number of faculty's primary role is mentoring rather than class lectures and tutorials. Improvisation on Formal Education Delivery • Preamble for each subject has been created: preamble captures the spirit and essence of that particular subject and it provides motivation to the student. • Web -Portal for each subject • Alternative practical set ups in labs • Scholarship and entrepreneurship budgets allocated per branch per lab • Availability of all infrastructural resources 12x7(the resources include labs, library, classrooms, etc. ANUPAM SORABH Exe. V. P. SGI We imagine a typical day of a SGIte in near futurefuturefuture 5:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. Tick tock tock tick tock…! Do you mind the clock ticking.Once you come to SGI, you would never do so. The day starts and does it ever end. Either you are at the race to rush your pending assignment, or mastering a breathing technique or say practicing some neat strokes or booting up for a Half Marathon or say, hurrying to catch the morning flight to present a paper on 'Economic trends in Resurgent India' or simply busy catching 40 winks after spending the night in the Communication lab or ….. 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. It's time for a breakfast buffet or to grab a quick sandwich and a coffee from one of the many vending machines. Can't afford to miss the compulsory foreign language class. 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. It is time not just for all those lectures & practical, but for breaks as well! Take a break, finish off your assignments and upload them on Learning Management System. Don't forget the surprise quiz your professor might throw in anytime. Discuss what is on with your buddies munching your lunch (did someone say food). Ready for the spicy Chinese, sizzlers, or the sumptuous thali. Life here is about all work and all play! After 6 hours of lectures, practical and tutorials, you have all the time in the world to roam around the campus. To switch to casuals and change your looks, there is always the locker facility. Wanna go through the books. All the libraries are open for you to browse international journals, books and so on if only you manage to steal some time from espresso breaks! Or are you game for some games. Check at the sports complex, whatever be your 'in thing'. 6.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M. All the world is a stage. Walk in to our Open air theater to see where life has its exits and entrances. Or as always there is the flying club or aero modeling club to give wings to your dreams while upcoming connoisseurs could brush their wits at the literature club etc. 9.00 P.M. to zzzz: Tantalizing supper, a sip of your favorite coffee, lots to speak and share and lots and lots to remember. Life at SGI is about learning to 'live', to enjoy all the niceties life has to offer and to develop a wholesome understanding of things. You cannot miss the SGI Experience- a feeling given by the enormity of the 3 campuses spread between Agra and Mathura, the youthful vibes, and the balance between serious, unadulterated academics and playfulness.
  6. 6. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Making a transition from college to the workspace Are you ready for a reality check? Here arefew critical issues facing you in the near future. After years and years of attending school and college, from those first days of kindergarten to the final days of college, your life is about to change drastically. No longer are you going to have books, teachers, and UPTU's Externals -- but you're also no longer getting huge chunks of relaxing time. The routine you have known your whole life -- of getting up, going to classes, and studying – is about to change drastically. You will find that the etiquette and social norms in the working world are much different than in the classrooms of our SGI academic buildings. Making the Proper Exit 1. Prepare mentally and physically for the transition 2. Learn all you can about the company and key personnel. 3. Establish a reputation for being a good worker 4. Avoid the mistakes that some new employees make 5. Set goals that benefit the company as well as yourself 6. Identify a supportive mentor. 7. In a positive way, stand out from the pack As your senior year winds down, it's tempting to focus on the fun stuff associated with graduation. Finally, as you exit the college community, make sure you leave with a clean slate in terms of financial obligations. Something as simple as that can return to haunt you down the line. Starting Your New Job Right Many recent grads say they were totally unprepared for College Has Not Prepared You for Everything Believe us when we say that one of the most overwhelming issues we hear from recent grads is that college did not prepare them for many of the challenges they faced as they made that transition from college to career. • The emphasis placed on teamwork skills • The importance of dealing with all types of people and personalities • Personal finance issues and budgeting • Living on your own - or having to move back with your family • Balancing work demands with family/friends/personal life • Job-hunting skills, especially networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation RAJAT MAHESHWARI (Civil Engineering , HCST 2003-07 Batch) Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co. KUWAIT Don't Be So Full of Yourself Having a college degree does not entitle you to a job, and it's best to prepare yourself now that most employers will not be impressed with your grades or your education as you are with them. College Grads Get Entry-Level Jobs One of the harsh realities that many new grads face -- especially in the bad job markets -- is that a large number of the jobs available for college grads are, in fact, entry-level. These jobs often require long hours, low pay, and hard work. Be Prepared for Salary Negotiations and Job Offers If you're one of the lucky college grads, you'll get more than one job offer. Having more than one offer gives you the luxury of deciding if one -- or any -- of them is right for you. You should be prepared not only to negotiate the salary and the entire compensation package, but also have a clear sense of what you want before the issue arises. A Job or True Calling? While it helps to have a solid vision of what you want your career path to be after graduation, don't panic if your first job after graduation does not perfectly fit your plan. Many recent college grads change jobs after their first year out; sometimes it takes that long just to fully understand who you are and what you really want to do with your life. For others, this understanding might not come until even later in life. Time Management If you're one of the lucky college grads, you'll get more than one job offer. Having more than one offer gives you the luxury of deciding if one -- or any -- of them is right for you. You should be prepared not only to negotiate the salary and the entire compensation package, but also have a clear sense of what you want before the issue arises. Don't Be So Full of Yourself Most jobs require employees to work in fixed time slab with proper breaks and conducts. As a college student our days were less structured. Long hours sittings with dedication, leaves a good impression on others too. Professionalism in the work space College may be a time to try different things, be a little crazy, or act a bit irresponsible. Your employers will judge you on your speech, attire, behavior and motivation. Deadlines are critical, much more than that in college. Strive to get the best job offers from the best employers, but remember to temper everything you do with a realistic vision of what to really expect -- in the job-hunt and in getting job offers. Take to heart the advice from all the recent college grads that have come before you and been in your shoes -- and you'll be better prepared and more satisfied with your job-search. Colleges in India have a specific format, list of books and tutorials repeated for years, which are preparing future managers to meet only the local demands and needs. Exposure to international standards, following the codes and standards followed globally, case studies not only what happened in India but also what happened in the world should be a must for today's scenario. Mentoring and counseling the students on the basis of their interests and capabilities is what an institution can provide you with but what is required on a student's end is to discover them se on his our. Colleges can be ready for international placements and events, but what is needed from students is to meet those standards to make SGI group not only a known institution in NCR or India but on global lines too. For those in final year should understand these points at the earliest and the remaining can get prepared to face the new harsh world soon…I being a part of SGI feel proud and privileged to get a chance of sharing my views and experience during my transition to college and work-space and would thank CAC for giving me an opportunity to do so. I also acknowledge the faculty and management of civil engineering dept. & HCST for their kind support and knowledge that they have given to me. I also wish to congratulate Mr. P.K. Gupta, Mr. Y.K. Gupta & Sgi family for launching Sharda University in NCR. Believe me, SGI is the right place to learn provided you have the will way to do so. Wishing you a continued success for your future endeavors… Final Thoughts
  7. 7. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti in India: The Changing Paradigm EducationEducationEducation India has fast emerged as the world's most promising economy, more specifically in terms of its natural strengths in agriculture, unparalleled service standards, quality human resources, and a huge and expanding consumer base. The race for development is like a marathon; it needs resourcefulness, consistency, and strategy to stay ahead and win. All other resources like technology, information, equipment or capital are easily accessible and available to the willing nations and organizations. Ultimately it is the quality of human resource which differentiates andaccounts for one's competitive edge. Educational Institutions are the most significant production houses of human resource. The world is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. The nations are bound to regularly produce and develop high quality people and provide them suitable employment opportunities within. Presently our education system is such that encourages ends only (grades, division or even a mere pass) and not much emphasis is placed upon the processes/means. These days, the need for change is felt at all quarters as is well evident from success of films like 3 idiots and revolutionary propositions by Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister for HRD, Government of India.Recently SGI, in consonance with its quality imperative, has introduced a strategy for organizational development, focusing upon teaching-learning methodology/process re-structuring. Now, students shall have ready access to alternative learning resources like peer-group, programmed instruction, simulation, roles, and outbound trips in order to promote not only knowledge but also skills and competencies of students, enabling SGI to produce quality human resource. This initiative is noble in the sense that SGI has pioneered the change need for which has been felt for long by planners, thinkers and administrators of education in our country. SAAR (Sharda Alumni Association-Reminiscences) as a by-product of this strategic shift completely recognizes the importance of our alumni. We are looking forward to set global standards of alumni relationship, interaction and services. We are conducting research and accumulating information on world class alumni associations. Soon, we hope to introduce some unique services to our beloved alumni. On the other hand, we duly recognize the resourcefulness of our alumni in helping us to shape knowledge, skills and attitudes of our students and to help us produce work force truly meeting industry expectations.Materialization of this dream sets a pre-requisite-of sincerity of purpose and efforts on the part of SGI and its alumni. Every organization has to meet this criterion. To sum up, we may say that we are unique in terms of our large numbers and our passion. Let us come together….. and work to carve a better tomorrow. FAIZE NABI Training & Placement Officer Sharda Group of Institution ASEEM CHANDRA Sr. Training & Placement officer Hindustan College of Science & Technology The Great Recession and Its Repercussions In midst of all this financial bloodshed, freshers were caught unaware. Be it the final year students who were trying for final placements or the ones who had recently started their careers, things looked gloomy for all. They were stuck in a vicious cycle. The ones who were still in college knew that it's pretty tough to get in a good profile, well paying job. And the very fact that this first job was difficult to come would mean that they won't get emancipated of fresher's tag and thus the danger of unemployment loomed large. For those who were a little fortunate to get into a job just before the financial turmoil began, things were not a tad better. Most of them landed up in leftover profiles in their organization that nobody hitherto dared to touch. The formative years of their careers were thus subjugated doing tasks that were not going to be much of a value-add. Moreover, the fear of joblessness subdued any attempt on their part to ask for better profiles or switch to another employer. All in all there was devastation everywhere. Though some of the major organizations were not only able to survive but also made a decent profit. This kept the optimists alive who started seeing silver lining in this cloud of economic mayhem. This indeed was true and a precursor of improving situation. The world economy has definitely started coming back on track, though with a limp. The situation is improving but the going is still tough.As you know, any Institution is as great as the height to which its alumni reach. And SGI is extremely happy and satisfied that our alumni - including you - is doing exceptionally well in the industry. Your college also is doing quite well. Now, we have 1000+ regular faculty members, out of which about 60% hold M.Tech. / Ph.D. SGI is the first, in self financing sector in North India, to receive accreditation from NBA. Currently 12 of our courses are NBA accredited.As far as placements are concerned, current scenario across the country is like this. While there are all the signs of healthy growth in Indian economy, the placements this year are taking place on the basis of 'Man Power Planning' arrived at last year. This year's positive impact will be visible only in the next year's placements. Therefore, the pace of placements in various colleges across the country is slow. In this regard, SGI needs your support. For any college, alumni base is its core strength and you can certainly help your alma mater and your juniors to achieve cent percent quality placements even in testing times like this. It will be of great help, if you can explore possibility of your company participating in our placement program.Also, please share with us constructive suggestions regarding the current situation. I would request you to give us an inside picture of recruitment and contact details of concerned persons at your organization. We look forward to your involvement and hope to further reinforce the brand SGI. The World saw it coming but optimists held hard. It was a battle between believers and non believers- believers of business cycle who knew that the globe is being pushed into a great economic recession, and, non believers who were still going ahoy with the economic bliss spilled all over. It was indeed hard to believe that something such drastic could suddenly hit the world's great financial system. It reminds me of the maiden journey of Titanic which was destined to become its last. When the vessel, the greatest engineering marvel of those days, hit upon an iceberg, no one ever imagined what would follow. Even the crew kept on hoping that the mighty steel will just stand the impact of mammoth ice lump. But as they say – expect the unexpected. The ship was crumbled, mutilated, and thrown down the abyss of Atlantic Ocean; along became the watery grave of some 1500 passengers. Akin to it, the recession took its toll. It all started with the US sub-prime crisis and then snowballed into such huge proportions that it threw biggies like Lehman Brothers, General Motors out of gear. There was massacre everywhere and people were chucked out of corporations in huge chunks. There was fear everywhere; people losing livelihood created havoc. This financial terror made them dearly hold to whatever jobs they were in. Extravagance and indulgence looked like things of the past.
  8. 8. PrakritiPrakritiPrakriti SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti • Creating awareness on nature related issues • Help the society to identify the best ways to conserve the environment. • Plans to prominently boost our efforts for sustainable development & environment conservation. Members of PRAKRITI plan to initiate an awareness programme in and outside the college campus for the sustainable development and well being of the environment. PRAKRITI aspires to create conservation of environment through plantation, polythene ban, recycle and reuse of waste materials, maximum use of non-conventional sources of energy, and maximum student participation for research work.The principal focus is to ensure quantum and visible improvement in the quality of environment. AIM DR. S.K. DUBEY Dean T&D Chief Mentor & Co-ordinator Prakriti InterviewInterviewInterview Please share some of your most important career accomplishments? As far as career accomplishments is concerned I am working with a big US based MNC. Here I have got opportunity to work in a cross cultural environment, got global exposure , got also the first hand opportunity to work with our counterparts in different parts of the world like Europe, Asia-Pacific, besides the current opportunity to work in USA. I have achieved a good position at this moment of time and am a senior team lead. How would you describe the present corporate scenario; so that it helps the current students to visualize, how they should shape themselves? Present corporate scenario is very competitive and it requires something more in addition to qualifications like good communication skills, self-motivation, being a self-starter, goal and result-oriented approach, pleasing personality with positive attitudes. At the end of the day, your effectiveness on the job also depends on your social & people skills, in most professional jobs. You will have to remain updated with new skill sets, courses and trainings to survive in the corporate ambience of constant challenges & changes and stay competitive. It is not enough only to be OK these days, corporate demands from you to be the best in your industry/domain. How important a part do you think education play's in shaping one's opportunities? In these knowledge driven days education is another name of success which leads you to achieve aims of your career & life, which makes you a person who has the capability & the standing to move in the society with honor & pride. Education thus plays the most important role of converting the opportunities into success. How has your education at SGI been helpful? What suggestions can you offer for improvement of SGI? I got my B-Tech degree from Hindustan, the first SGI institution. I think the college gave me all that a good college could give.More stress on developing creative thinking and application of knowledge will help to take things further. More project time & facilities, more exposure through industrial training, guest lectures & visits etc. will all help technical students gain greater exposure to field work so that they can stand on a stronger footage. Describe one memorable incident of your college life? Can one be so foolish……? our English viva was going on and Mamta ma'am who taught us professional communication, was asking some question about the book “Old Man and The Sea”. I had to go inside the room and my friend Ajay came outside from Mamta madam's cabin. I asked him what is ma'am asking about the book He told, she is asking what will you do if you were in place of the Old Man. I asked so what you replied; he said I did not know the answer so I said I will do what the Old Man did. Then I entered into the room and predictably ma'am asked the same question “what you will do if you will be in place of the Old Man”. “I said whatever Ajay will do I will do the same”. Ma'am shouted at me. Actually I also did not know the answer and also I was in a hurry that time because I had to catch my bus and had to go to my hometown. KAPIL SHARMA Agilent Technologies International Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon ECE, Batch 1999-2003 Tarun Garg Student of HCST President (Final Year ECE)
  9. 9. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Discover The City Of If you want a date with the 17th century architectural wonder, a tour to Agra, the city of Taj is what you should plan. Agra is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India and is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna. Agra is about 220 kilometres from Delhi, the capital of India. Taj Mahal offers the main attraction for tours to Agra though there are other heritage monuments like the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandara(Akbar's Tomb), to name a few. Known as the city of Taj, Agra has a history steeped in love, war and treachery. Though ruled by many dynasties, it was under the Mughals that Agra attained fame. It was in 1504, when Delhi Sultan Sikander Lodhi shifted his capital from Delhi to Agra making it an important power centre. But the coming of the Mughals in India in 1526 changed the history of India in general and Agra in particular. For the next 300 years Agra was an important city. But it was under the Mughal emperor Akbar (1556-1605) and Shah Jahan (1627-58), That Agra reached the zenith of art and culture. During the reign of Shah Jahan, Agra had attained an iconic status of a city that excelled in fine art and architecture. Many of the monuments in and around Agra that we see today were built during the reign of Akbar and Shah Jahan. Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal is what attracts millions of travellers from all over the world to Agra. Such is the beauty of the Taj that the former President of the United States William Jefferson Bill Clinton, during his visit to India in 2000 said "The world is divided between those who have seen the Taj and those who have not. Very soon, I hope to be on the side that has seen the Taj." Agra Red Fort built by the Mughal emperor Akbar, is another interesting site in Agra worth a visit. It was in this fort; Shah Jahan spent last days of his life watching the Taj Mahal. He was imprisoned in the fort by his son Aurangzeb, and died watching the Taj from his lonely cell, to which he was confined by his son. A most tragic end of one who always encouraged art & culture and whose gift to the country “The Taj Mahal” was, besides numerous other forts, fortresses & monuments, that we pride today as part of our rich heritage. Besides the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal, Agra has some of the finest monuments of the Mughal era. When on a Tour to Agra, one can also visit Shish Mahal, Musamman Burj, Diwan-I-Khas and Jehangir's Palace. The mausoleum, Itmad-ud-daulah, here needs a special mention. It was built by Nur Jahan, wife of the Mughal emperor Jehangir somewhere between 1622 and 1625 for her father Mirza Ghiyas Beg. The mausoleum, which resembles a silver jewel box, is considered to be the third must see building in Agra. If you are the one who loves gardens, you will find many in Agra. Interestingly, you will observe most of the monuments built by the Mughals have gardens as an integral part of their structure. The best example of course is the Taj Mahal. One of the most visited gardens in Agra is Ram Bagh, which was planned by the first Mughal ruler Babar.To get the local feel, head to the old city, which still retains its resplendent history. Many of the places in the city still bear their old names. But Agra has kept its pace with modernity and one can find history and modernity co-enist A number of shopping malls, venues for recreation and a number of upmarket hotels are also available in Agra. If shopping is what you love, Agra offers the best in handicrafts. You can also choose marbles inlaid with coloured stones. Mini replicas of the Taj Mahal make one of the best souvenirs to take back. Agra is also famous for hand made leather items.No matter what you take back once you leave Agra, but don't forget to taste Mughlai cuisine, which originated in this region. Taj Ganj in the south of the Taj Mahal, where most of the budget hotels are located, also houses various eateries. A speciality of Agra that most take with them is Agra petha, a kind of sweet famous all over India. And for one of those who have studied at one of the Sharda Group of Colleges: what can be a more refreshing experience than a visit to Agra, to those with spouses & family the experiences of student days. And which timing of the year could be best for a visit……?………of course, the time when the Annual Alumni meet of your college is being celebrated…..because then you get to meet a few of your old time friends….& relive the past moments. That is why we say….”Memories gather together……” Visit Taj…., revisit SGI….!!! Ankita Agarwal 4th Year C.S.E.
  10. 10. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti SGI in MEDIA
  11. 11. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti EventsEventsEvents The 5th Alumni Meet of Hindustan College of Science & Technology was conducted on 14th March , 2010 in the college campus . The Director, TD&P Prof. V.K. Sharma welcomed the participating alumni and expressed gratitude for having taken time out of their busy schedules. Director Dr. R.C. Maheshwari informed the participants about the multitorious progress of the college. Motivational speeches were given by Vice Chairman Mr. Y.K. Gupta & Advisor Dr. S.N. Lall. The ceremony was followed by interactions of alumni with faculty & students , where batch representatives expressed their experiences in the college and outside in the corporate world and also invited the senior batch members to spread and share the views and memories. Around 111 alumni had gathered to participate and relive their college days. After the lunch the alumni were taken for a visit of the college campus. A Taekwondo program was also organized by the STA Association of the college. In the evening there were cultural programs along with a short and emotional speech by the Chairman, Mr. P.K. Gupta. The evening ended with laughter, music and enjoyment, followed by dinner. Alumni MeetAlumni MeetAlumni Meet HCST AEC BMAS Anand Engineering College (AEC), Keetham, Agra celebrated its annual alumni meet on 26th April 2010. It turned out to be a memorable festival of joy and sharing for alumni, faculty/staff and students. The event was jointly convened by Mr. Vineet Silas, Sr. T&P Head and Dr. Amit Sharma, Dean, Academics, efficiently supported by Mr. Jitendra Dixit, T&P Officer and Mr. Ashish Kumar, T&P Executive & Alumni Coordinator. This time about 90 alumni from different batches and streams actively participated in the meet and made it one of the most successful alumni meets in the history of Anand Engineering College so far. The alumni were given a warm welcome by Dr. Somasekhar, Director of the College, followed by a round of emotional and inspirational speeches by Prof. VK Sharma, Director, TD&P SGI and other dignitaries. The alumni representatives from each batch shared their college day's memories and work life experiences with the audience. The evening earmarked a wonderful cultural festival. The Annual Alumni Meet ‘Reminiscences 2010’ of BMAS Engineering College, Keetham, Agra was organized on Feb 21 & 22, 2010 successfully and enjoy fully. This year the alumni meet attracted a substantially high number of alumni from oldest batches. The alumni meet was graced by about 36 participants. The event turned out to be a great fun shared by all alumni, faculty/staff and students. An informative presentation was delivered by Mr. Faize Nabi and Ms. Nishu Gulwani of Central Alumni & Corporate Relations Cell briefing the participants about the concept of Sharda Alumni Association- Reminiscences (SAAR) and its future plans/programmes. Director of BMAS, Dr. A.K Gupta blessed the alumni with his inspirational words. Mr. Sumit Mathur, the new T&P Head, Ms Sonia Dhyani, Mr. Sachin Pasricha, Dr. V.K Gupta along with several other faculty members devoted their valuable time while interacting with alumni. The alumni visited to different college spots and recollected the memories of their gone by college days.
  12. 12. Eureka 2010 was celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm by faculty members and students alike.The inauguration ceremony took place in the main ground near the boys hostel and faculty quarters. The inauguration of EUREKA 2010 witnessed the presence of several gracious dignitaries such as Brigadier N.K. Mehta (Chief guest), Shri Arjun Rana (Guest of honour), Vice-Chairman Shri Y.K. Gupta, Director-BMAS Dr. A.K. Gupta and other dignitaries sitting on the dias. Brigadier N.K. Mehta is working with Indian Army for last 30 years. Shri Arjun Rana came all the way from University of Toronto in CANADA to attend the programme.Eureka 2010 saw the happening of several events such as cultural events, Gyan Pipasa (Literary event), Technical events (Paper writing and paper presentation), fun events (including Rangoli,Ccollage and Poster competition) and several categories of sport events. Students form adjoining colleges in Agra and Mathura region participated in all the above mentioned events on the three days. The valedictory function of EUREKA 2010 marked the presence of the Chief Guest Shri Aquil Busrai-Executive Director-HR (IBM- India). Shri Busrai congratulated the students on their hard work, innovation and creative ideas. He said that he was really impressed by the hard work put in by faculty members. The faculty members who were felicitated were Ajay Verma, V. Srinath and Charanpriya. The students were also awarded with different prizes in different categories of events. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti EventsEventsEvents An Extravaganza Of Style, Passion & Intellect (feb 18, 19 & 20 – 2010)An Extravaganza Of Style, Passion & Intellect (feb 18, 19 & 20 – 2010) (BMAS Engg. College, Agra) 2010 Prof.D.P.Agarwal said-“I am aware of the significant contribution of the institute in proving a highly proficient and competent technical manpower.” Chairman, Mr. P.K.Gupta said –“I would like to offer, to the faculty, staff and students, my good wishes for the collective endeavour to build and strengthen the bases of building world class engineers by providing them opportunities to visualize , express and actualize their creative skills at the national forum like “Gyan Jyoti”. Vice Chairman, Mr.Y.K.Gupta said –“These type of efforts help the students for overall development and then only th the dream of technical education may come true. Hindustan College of Science & Technology organized its 10 Annual National Festival of th st TECHNO Cultural Symposium “Gyan Jyoti 20X” from 19 to 21 march, 2010. The three days festival was inaugurated by Prof. D.P. Agarwal, Chairman, Union Public Service Commission. XULTECH. . . . Unleashing latent potential Held on the first day, comprised of all the technical events paper presentation , model presentation , quizzes , auto-cadd ,counter-strike, need for speed, etc . XHILARATION. . . Celebrating cerebral extravagance the cultural events spread over the last two days, with some events like Vivacity, Vishisht,Tap-O- th st Feet, trio were organized on the 20 while other events like Duo-E-Dance,Centrifuge,Nukkad, Light Camera Action, etc were held on the 21 . XALTATION . . . Lauding creative outbursts Enjoyment and entertainment is also a vital part of Gyan Jyoti. For maintaining a cheerful atmosphere th st various fun events were also put up which also carried on for 2 days i.e 20 and 21 . Some of the major events were Fear Factor,Tug-of-war , Roadies, Rangoli, etc. Students from various colleges like RBS,Agra, Anand Engineering College,Agra, BMAS,Agra, Ishan College, Mathura, Sachdeva, Mathura, Nikhil Institute of Technology, Mathura, BSA, Mathura, GLA, Mathura, Rajeev College of Technology, Mathura, Sanjay Institute of Technology, Mathura, IVS, Mathura, and lots more participated enthusiastically in various Inter – College events.The star attractions of Gyan Jyoti 2010 was the war of bands wherein bands from various colleges participated, the Bandish Band performance, the blood donation camp organized st by Lions Club of Agra Mahan, and the DJ night. The valedictory function of the Gyan Jyoti was held on the 21 and the Guest of Honour was Dr.S.N.Lall, Advisor SGI .The function was followed by the prize distribution in which Dr.S.N.Lall gave away prizes and congratulated the participants. overall, Gyan Jyoti 2010 was a huge success .The credit for organizing such a national level festival goes to the convener Prof.Ramesh Chandra and the members of the Chief Organizing Team Tarun Rajvanshi, Raman Kumar, Himanshu Dhingra, Vineet Saraswat, Ashwini Kumar Somvanshi, Mukul Pandey, Arjun Avasthy, Richa Nayak, Manvendra Pratap, Rohin Kamboj, Chandramanni, Nishant Gautam, Nitish Srivastava, Tarun Garg, Ashutosh, Anubha Thakur, and Shashank Jaiswal Gyan JyotiGyan JyotiGyan JyotiExplore 2010 Experience Xcel
  13. 13. The Friday night of Gyan Jyoti 20X was at its full swing when the veterans of renowned Rock Band agglomerated their spark and bonded their Bandish to break all the Bandish. The song-“Bandish Mein Na Rehna” had really set the tone and the fusion of Guns & Roses was really remarkable as the boys and girls for the first time grouped together in the park to enjoy sage of Linkin Park. The air was full of bombastic music and feet tapping songs. Chris Powell the former drummer of Euphoria with Desmond Powell and Abhishek Nailwal were mind blowing and presented the perfect blend of western with Indian music. A diehard fan or critic all were in full mood of breaking all the Bandish as it was artistic, intense and very innovative. One must say it was night of a life time and realizing musical dreams on the ground of reality. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Other EventsOther EventsOther Events Future Alumni ClubFuture Alumni Club The Future Alumni Club is a framework and platform to sustain Alumni interaction, among alumni & alma- mater through students The Future Alumni Club comprises of several teams working on specific priorities or directions such as DBMS, relationship management, marketing, Publications, etc. to ensure lifelong bonding between Alumni and the current students, the college and amongst themselves. Once a Student always an Alumni This club will also provide a platform to students to plug into the Alumni network and learn from the successful seniors and professionals. It also will ensure a strong bonding, nurturing of new traditions and will help perpetuate existing & newly developed traditions among students and alumni through various events, projects and student-alumni programs. The club thus establishes an organized mechanism for handling of alumni affairs and will have several beneficial consequences such as generation of training & placement opportunities for students. The club aims at round the year engagement of enthusiastic students with a systematic approach leading to updating of alumni database & alumni relationship management. Auxiliary outcomes can be industrial visits, workshops, seminars as well as development of healthy student alumni interaction for gaining practical knowledge and industry experience. Bandish BandBandish BandBandish Band The Future alumni clubs at Hindustan College of Science & Technology was inaugurated on 14th march 2010 by alumni of Ist batch (1996-2000) 15 SGI Foundation Day15 SGI Foundation Day15 SGI Foundation Day The Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI) celebrated their 15th Foundation Day on the 16th of December in the campus of Hindustan College of Science & Technology. The Chairman Mr. P.K. Gupta and the Vice-Chairman Mr. Y.K Gupta felicitated those teachers of the group who had been associated with SGI ever since its inception and witnessed its growth as the largest educational group in Northern India. The Chairman and Vice Chairman congratulated all the Faculty members and the students of SGI. While doing so the Chairman, recalled the day when SGI was founded and its journey to the present day. Mr. Y.K Gupta encouraged all those associated with the group to serve for higher educational standards and excellence, and asked them to raise the bar to face the tough times & growing competition, and take SGI further on the road of high achievement and success. The MBA students organized a grant Alumni Meet – 2010 on 20th Feb. 2010 at Anand Engineering College Campus. The objective of this meet was to strengthen the interaction and networking with MBA Alumni. The function was well organized by Ms. Seema Gupta, Convener of the function under the expert guidance and support of Dr. D.R. Somashekar, Director AEC and Ms. Madhulika Sinha, HOD Management Department. Alumni came from various industries - AC Nielson, Wipro, Vodafone, Max New York Life Insurance and many others. In the introductory sessions the Alumni discussed the role of classes and faculty of the MBA Department in preparing them for their current careers and answered the queries of the students. The occasion also embraced the inaugural ceremony of “Concord”' the Management Club initiated by the MBA students which was followed by a cultural program by the students & ended with Vote of Thanks given by Ms. Madhulika Sinha, HOD – Management Department “Milaap-2010”: MBA Alumni Meet
  14. 14. BMAS gets the prestigious IBM Centre of excellence On 9th of October, 2009 BMAS Engineering College added one more feather to its cap in terms of value-addition to its academic and professional curriculum by bringing together world class education to students in Uttar Pradesh in general and Agra in particular. As part of this initiative, BMAS was able to join hands with International Business Machines Company of USA for running jointly collaborated industry –oriented programmes for technical and professional students in the college. This collaboration was bagged by BMAS Engineering College from among several top-notch institutions in UP West who were trying for the same collaboration to upgrade and capacitate the industrial orientation of its own professional students. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Other EventsOther EventsOther Events Celebrations of BMAS Engineering College 10 Happy th Anniversary th On 13 October, 2009 BMAS Engineering College, a constituent college of Sharda group of institutions celebrated completion of ten years in education and academics. The ten years from 1999 to 2009 had been an eventful and illustrious journey for BMAS Engineering college and all its stakeholders. The stakeholders of BMAS College had been its strong team of faculty members, the students, its non-teaching staff and the external agencies which have consistently added value to the processes and service delivery of BMAS College as an institution of academic and professional excellence. In the evening, a grand cultural programme was organized in which the BMAS employees along with their family members were cordially invited. The celebration was marked by the presence of Chairman – Shri P.K. Gupta and Vice –Chairman – Shri. Y. K. Gupta along with all their family members. The occasion also marked the presence of Shri Anand Swaroop and Mrs. Swaroop – parents of honorable Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The faculty members on this occasion gave their maiden performances- such as dance performance, singing and mimicry. A fancy dress competition was also organized for the children of faculty members of BMAS Engineering college in which consolation prizes were given to the children also. Spicmacay in BMASSpicmacay in BMASSpicmacay in BMAS The renowned organisation – SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth) came to BMAS on September 09, 2009 In the colourful programme, famous playback singer Ms. Arti Ankelikar revealed a number of finer details of vocal music before audience, who absorbed full fragrance of the song presentation. Ms. Ankelikar, presently a disciple of Pt. Dinkar Kaikani, had also learnt music from famous gurus – like Pt. Basantrao Kulkarni, Kishori Amolkar & Ulhas Kashalkar. In her musical journey, she had been bestowed with many national / international awards. Director BMASEC Dr. A.K. Gupta presented vote of thanks to the singer and also to organisers of the programme, and wished to have such programmes in future as well. Adventure camp was organized by the Anand College Of Education in January 2010 with the co- ordination of National Adventure Foundation ( NAF) . The Adventure Camp was inaugurated and graced with the presence of colonel Dr.C.K.Singh,(Director, NAF) , Wing Commander V.K. Kapoor( Director Yoga Sansthan) , Pankaj kulsrestha ADVENTURE CAMP On 1st & 2nd March 2010 Anand College of Education was visited by National Assessment & Accreditation Council ( NAAC).NAAC is an autonomous body of University Grant Commission (UGC) . inspect the educational institutes and suggests the qualitative measures to the institutes to include research & innovation in their educational practice. College was awarded 'B' grade (2.85marks) NAAC
  15. 15. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Other EventsOther EventsOther Events Organizes National Conference on climate compatibility of business in 21st century HINDUSTAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER STUDIES Climate change is a major challenge that calls for an immediate global attention. It is one of the greatest environmental, social and economic threats that the world faces today. All countries are now striving to come out with viable solutions to tackle this issue and thus, it has come to the forefront of thoughts across the world. It has always been the institute's endeavor to provide us with the information on latest developments taking place across the world, especially in the context of our country. With this objective, the department of business management conducted a two day national conference at hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra to pave the way for information mitigation of the climate change issues and provided an insight into the climate compatibility for business. The conference was inaugurated by chief guest Prof. Kripashankar, Vice Chancellor, UPTU and the welcome speech was delivered by Prof. K.K. Malviya, Director HIMCS. The program was graced with the august presence of the mentors Shri P.K. Gupta, Chairman SGI, Shri Y.K. Gupta Vice Chairman SGI, Prof. M.S. Teotia, Principal Advisor, SGI, advisors, principals, directors of the sister concerns, eminent speakers from industry, academia, and delegates from various institutions. The two day conference involved presentation of various research papers, competitions, cultural programmes, plenary session and ended with valedictory function and vote of thanks by Prof. A.K. Viz, Dean(Academics). FERMENTATION AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY DRUG DISCOVERY North India's largest Educational group, Sharda Group of Institutions, Biotechnology Department organized a hands on workshop on Fermentation and Bioprocess Technology, with emphasis on Drug Discovery and Instrumentation from 1 to 4th of February 2010 In association with niTza Biologicals Ltd. , SGI Departments of Biotechnology aimed at providing invaluable “hands-on-experience” of “state-of-the art” fermentation biotechnology techniques to undergraduate, post graduate students and staff from academia and industrial firms. The workshop consists of three modules on Fermentation Biotechnology, Drug Discovery and Bioinstrumentation, which includes various hands on presentations from senior scientists, Professors and technical support staff from various world level reputed industries and academic institutions. In this National Workshop more than hundred Participants including Prof. S. Prabhakar Rao, Chairman Board of studies, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Dr. Shailja Humnabadkar, Dnyaneshwar Kanse, UDGIR, Maharashtra, G. Kishore Kumar, performed hands on practice. Dr. Surendra K Chikara, Technical Head Genomics R&D from Xcelris labs Ltd., Dr. Surat Kumar of Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dr. Prem Nath Panda from Sharda University, Dr. Amla Chopra, Anand College, Murly Krishna of DuPont India Pvt. Ltd., Shailesh Kumar from Saint Gobain, Sanil KV Sr. Scientist from Avesthagen, Asit Dutta of Perkin Elmer, Rajiv Ranjan & Sumit Nehan of Bio Rad India Limited are the key speakers of the workshop. In the National workshop Mr. Murali Krishna, scientist in BCIL, (Govt. of India), Dr. Anshul Gaur, Walchandnagar Industries, Pune along with Mr. Sanil K.V., Senior scientist, Avesthagen, Bangalore had shown the Production of Bioethanol by yeast fermentation. The fermentation process was monitored for biomass and ethanol production. Dr. Surendra Chikara, Technical Head Genomics, Research and Development, Xcelris labs Ltd, Ahmadabad, discussed about the various high throughput technologies like the next generation technologies for sequencing entire genome. Prof. Surat Kumar, Head, Applied Sciences, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Dayalbagh, Agra, who enlightens the audience with structural aspects of DNA, DNA Drug interaction at atomic level.Dr. Amla Chopra, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Anand Engineering College, Keetham, Agra, discussed on cancer vaccine. last day of workshop, was on Bioinstrumentation part. The speakers for tomorrows session will be Dr. Prem Nath Panda, Sharda University, Mr. Asit Dutta, Sr Product Manager, Perkin Elmer, Manish Mangla, product Manager, Perkin Elmer, Dr. Arun P. Chopra, Head, Department of Biotechnology, HCST, Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, Senior Product Manager, Proteomics, Bio Rad India Limited and Mr. Sumit Mehna, Sr Product Manager, Genomics, Bio Rad India Limited, explained about latest instrumentation technologies that are used in todays research around the globe. The workshop was a huge success with major learning objective of learning of ethanol production,1. New Drug Target Discovery using Next Generation Genomics technology, knowlege of basic Concepts of Drug DNA interactions, immunological approach for DNA Cancer Vaccine. Alumni FeedbackAlumni FeedbackAlumni Feedback Thanks for this mail. I really appreciate the hard work done to prepare this presentation. This covers most part of SGI group. I also welcome such type of mails in future. SIDDHARTHA SHUKLA Executive-DIESL (A TATA Enterprise) Thanks for such wonderful a newsletter and I really appreciate the efforts of our central alumni cell for keeping us update about our college. Cheers. RACHIT TYAGI Logica It's a matter of a great pride that the Alumni cell has come of age and managed to come up with work that speaks volumes about the quality and dedication of the people involved. The Newsletter has come out really good but just a suggestion, it would have been easier to read n send had it been in .pdf format. ROHIT VERMA Manager Marketing (Branding and CC), JCB India Limited pdf file or some different file format in spite of having all these separate image files. That will add to enhanced readability and ease to open/download the attachments. TARUN SINGHAL CSE HCST (1998-2002) Thanks for taking the pains for preparing the Newsletter and keeping us updated. You people have been doing a great job, and I highly appreciate it. Keep up the good work. MOHIT NANDA Researcher R & D, TCS Innovation labs Performance Engg.Tata Consultancy Services It was really nice to receive the alumni newsletter and to know about the activities that CAC is involved with. This newsletter in itself is a good initiative which gives us an insight to recent happenings at our alma mater. I have a suggestion here, can we put this newsletter in a single I would like to congratulate you all for your bestowed efforts to bring and keep all of the alumni together. It was really a pleasant and memorable time going through Sansmriti newsletter; I hope it could be scanned a bit more precisely to get the appropriate sharpness of those moments. But in the end its commendable effort and I have a feel that it will be well recognized by all Alumni. SULABH NIGAM Manager Implementation KLG Systel Ltd. I appreciate the efforts that Alumni cell is making to stabilize a bond with Alumnus and to lead the organization up to the endless heights. ANUJ KUMAR Tata Consultancy Services
  16. 16. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Volunteerism We render our most sincere thanks to our sponsors of Reminiscences- 2010 (Alumni Meet) We at Creative Art, an emerging communication solutions provider on the advertising and entertainment horizon are taking this thought further with lots of zing. A team of dedicated professionals backed by effective strategic planning, Creative Art brings forth the value of exemplary service execution through proper budgetary evaluation. Advertising & Events VolunteerismVolunteerism M/s S. Kumar & Sons are the leading textile suppliers from Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). They specialize in uniforms, curtains, men and women garments and other personal and home textile solutions. Value of Sponsorship: Rs. 75,000Kumar & SonsKumar & Sons “Voluntary Donation”Blood Amid all the glitz and glamour of technical and cultural events in GYAN JYOTI 20X, Hindustanis have displayed a great spirit of social concern by enthusiastically supporting and participating in the Blood Donation Camp which was organized by Lion's club of Agra. Seriously in this age of fast moving life ,full of accident and health deteriorating activities, where there is great urge for blood(life) every where, this step of Hindustan College is great boon to humanity. At the outset there was a bit of confusion among youth- whether blood donation is safe ? Will it have any side effects ? etc, but their dilemma was well sorted out by a team of efficient doctors and back-up team of Hindustan's Bio-Technology students. The camp was a huge success as there were more than 100 volunteer donators and 12 person with rare '0' group. It was the impact of this “Rakt Dan” that by evening-“Give Blood-Give Life” became the anthem for the students of Hindustan with that guarantee this event world keep on increasing in years to come. Mayank Maheshwari 4th Year EI Saurabh Kumar Singh 4th Year CE Vikas Shishodia 4th year CE Ved Raj Chatruvedi Ist year CSE Shubham Saxena Ist year CSE Sarvarth Bhatnagar IIIrd year CSE Our sincere thanks to concept designing team. Value of Sponsorship: Rs. 51,000 Sharda UniversitySharda UniversitySharda University our objective for the following international collaborations is to develop scientific technological and academic cooperation activities through the implementation of scientific projects and programs in several areas and though these programs we can establish inter- intitutional cooperation and interaction, scholarly and cultural exchanges and can promote mutual u n d e r s t a n d i n g. We h a v e a MEMORANDUM of understanding with these International University • Centro De Investignciony De Estudios Avanzados Delipn (CINESTAV), Maxico • Gmit-galway-mayo Institute of Technology, Galway • Hochschule Bremerhaven, University of Applied Sciences, Germany • Northumbia University, London, UK, Middlesex University, England • Middlesex University, England • Tertiary Education Commision of Mauritius (TEC)Mauritius Foreign Collaborations “Sharda is different, because it has ventured to go beyond conventions. It’s the only university in India which has evolved the best curriculum and totally flexible course structure. sharda will be the best, how soon...only time will tell.” Don Bathie, International Marketing Guru
  17. 17. SHARDA UNIVERSITY students could not have made it more grand. The 1st Annual Festival of SHARDA UNIVERSITY was held at its campus on Feb.22nd, 23rd, 24th 2010.February 22nd, while the Sharda University shown bright, SHARDA UNIVERSITY's Founder's Day was celebrated with the unfolding of The SHARDA UNIVERSITY Flag by The Hon'ble Chancellor, Hon'ble Pro-Chancellor (SHARDA UNIVERSITY) and the Chief Guest Mr. Pankaj Shreyaskar, Deputy Chief Information Commissioner of India.With thousands of balloons blown in the air by The Hon'ble Vice Chancellor along with the Deans, Registrars and Principals of various schools CHORUS 2010 was declared open. The first performance of CHORUS was the Sharda University renditions to the almighty by Zorawat Waddali. Living upto the true sense of a Techno-Cultural Festival, the Robotics Competition conducted by Thinkware Ltd was the first event of the festival; together with The LAN Gaming competition, with the very popular Solo Dance Competition UNFOLDING AT DIFFERENT VENUES the fashion show prelims which was put together by Miss India Finalist Miss Himani Thapa was a big hit. The first day also saw the MIME Workshop by the famous Jagran group: and there was so much to learn for the students.With the hearts beating fast, the students of SHARDA UNIVERSITY and many other colleges and institutes waited for the arrival of the famous Bollywood Director Mr. Imtiaz Ali on 23rd Feb, the second day of CHORUS. After the Nukkad Natak performance where Mr. Imtiaz gave away the prize to the winning team Natyakriti of SHARDA UNIVERSITY, there was near pandemonium at the auditorium as hundreds of students wanted to get in even after the auditorium was so full that Mr. Imtiaz Ali too had to be literally “flown in”. An interesting half an hour session was followed by another interaction at the hanger outside with those students who couldn't get in. the security team heaved a sigh of relief as the car drove him out of the campus. This was followed by the interestingly heartwarming participation in the photography competition, Tattoo competition which brilliantly conducted by the Famous Tattoo Artist, Mr. Mihir. Creative ideas splurged on the canvases in the poster making competition right after this.Quiz Master Mr. Charu Sharma conducted the quiz where AMU won the second prize. Then came the show stopper the declaration of Miss & Mr. CHORUS and the lucky winners after tough competition were Sandra and Romit. The excitement on the huge ground Sharda University rounding the main stage increased manifold as renowned models AMANPREET WAHI, NOYNIKA CHATTERJEE, RITU SINGH and 10 beautiful Foreign Models set the ramp on fire by the lithe walk.Day 3 saw the youngsters of SHARDA UNIVERSITY waiting with baited breath for their very own RANNVIJAY. Nearly three hours of grueling through extremely exciting sessions brought in a kind of “never- seen-before” frenzy on SHARDA UNIVERSITY Campus. As Rannvijay was being driven out of SHARDA UNIVERSITY, The Chief Student Co-coordinator had his feet run over by the tyres of Rannvijay's Car. No Prizes for guessing who that was!!!! The Battle of Bands began on the main stage in the morning. There were the students who were using their wits, intelligence, charm, creativity and crazy ideas in the various competitions like AD-MAD, RJ, BOARD ROOM BATTLE, RANGOLI spread at four venues in the campus. The Fusion Dance competition brought out amazing talents.Living up to the theme 'Global Oneness', the 3 evenings witnessed an intricate amalgamation of the International forms of Art and Music-Sharda University by Zorawat Waddali, Rock by Simon Webbe of UK, aerial acrobatics by Daksha Sheth and Popular songs by Jal-The Band of Pakistan and our very own, Faridkot and the popular Desi Hustlerz . CHORUS has dissolved boundaries and the world community came up on the same platform. The Magic unfolded with 47 Institutes/ Universities/Colleges from various cities and states participating at the First Annual Festival of Sharda University. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Sharda UniversitySharda UniversitySharda University CHORUS 2010
  18. 18. Imtiaz Ali - Director (Jab We Met) at Sharda University Semon Web at Sharda University Jal - The Band at Sharda University Sharda University SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Sharda UniversitySharda UniversitySharda University CHORUS 2010 Imtiaz Ali - Director (Jab We Met) at Sharda University
  19. 19. SansmritiSansmritiSansmritiSansmriti Placements@SGI 2010 till march, 2010 Total (125 +) Corporate visited 58TCS 3.10 lpa 51INFOSYS 3.25 lpa 20BIRLA SOFT 2.40 lpa 16DSC ENGG 2.40 lpa 05SIMPLEX 3.00 lpa 02NAVY 6.50 lpa 04SOMA ENTERPRISE 3.10 lpa Company Selections Package offered Placements@SGI 2010Placements@SGI 2010 It is our endless thrust to invite good companies for campus recruitment in order to provide ample career opportunities to our students. If you recall, you will recollect that getting a good placement at the campus is a common aspiration of most students. Companies can be invited if we approach them at the appropriate moment, when a need for new induction at the entry level exists and when the HR manager is convinced of credentials of the college. You can be of great help; even small gestures of timely information about the company's plan to recruit; the name and contact number of the campus recruitment HR; will make it easy for us to follow up. We are banking upon the active support of our alumni in ensuring greater placement opportunities for our current lot of students.Therefore, we would request you to kindly leverage your influence to enhance the possibility of your reputed company visiting your alma-mater (Campus). Any information or query in this regard may be forwarded to Mr. Faize Nabi (, 9837303777)
  20. 20. Agra-Mathura Campuses of SGI (AICTE Approved & affiliated to U.P. Tech. University, Lucknow) Hindustan Inst. of Comp. Studies, Mathura (1997)Hindustan College of Sc. & Tech., Mathura (1996) Anand Engineering College, Agra (1998) Anand College of Pharmacy, Agra (2006) BMAS Engineering College, Agra (1999) Mathura Campus Mathura Campus Agra Campus-I Agra Campus-II School of Engineering and Tech., G. Noida (2005) School of Dental Sciences, G. Noida (2006)School of Business Studies, G. Noida (2007) School of Allied Sciences and Arts, G. Noida (2005) Sharda Hospital, G. Noida (2006) School of Medical Sciences and Res., G. Noida (2008) Sharda University (Greater Noida) Campus (University Approved under Act 14, year 2009, Govt. of U.P.) Corporate Office: M 11, South Extension, Part-II, Near Flyover, Behind Deepsons New Delhi-110049 Tel: +91-11-26262992/3/4, Telefax: +91-11-26262993 Regd. Office: SGI Tower, Agra - Mathura Highway- NH-2, Agra-282002 (500 mtrs. from Bhagwan Talkies towards Mathura) Tel : +91-562-2522442/2526758, Fax : + 91-56 -2850274, Sharda University (Greater Noida) Campus: Plot No. 32, 34, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida, UP-201306, Tel: +91-120-3121001/2, 2329999, +91-9213097451, Fax : +91-120-2323611