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Wso2 in action


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Wso2 in action

Published in: Technology
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Wso2 in action

  1. 1. WSO2 in Action
  2. 2. WSO2 in Action • Old integration technologies • Motivation to move to SOA • Why WSO2? • WSO2 Products in Alfa-Bank • Architecture • Statistics • Issue handling for WSO2 products • Interesting points about ESB usage • Our plans
  3. 3. Main integration technologies were: – RDBMS, RPC, Files Cons: Security, Dependency lock, Offline processing SQL RPC Core systems Old integration technologies in Alfa-Bank RDBMS N Files RDBMS 1 External systems Front systems
  4. 4. Goals: • Less development (more configuration), small team, low cost • Make integration fast & flexible • Enable online processing New Core Banking System Temenos T24 Motivation to move to SOA SQL RPC Back systems RDBMS N Files RDBMS 1 External systems Front systems •No RDBMS / RPC •Specific OFS interface •Near 35% of cost – integration
  5. 5. Why WSO2? • Products with high license price out of compare • Open source products: – OpenESB – JbossESB – MuleESB – WSO2 ESB & WSAS • Key criteria – Simple Administration – Easy to understand – Fast development Everything evaluated practically • Installation • Development • Administration
  6. 6. WSO2 Products in Alfa-Bank WSO2 DataServices • Enable functionality of relational databases for SOA • With minor development we can expose Temenos T24 OFS protocol as web services WSO2 ESB • Make composed web services • Make proxy services for non-standard protocols • Publish services for partners over internet
  7. 7. Architecture DMZ WebApplicationFirew Internet Intranet WSO2ESB Web Money Call Center Payment terminals WSO2DataServices Core T24 Core B2 CardSystem Scoring Siebel CRM C-Front Internet Banking Mobile Devices
  8. 8. DataServices Statistics Balancer Two DataServices Servers 2GB RAM, 4GHz, Linux RedHat
  9. 9. Issue handling for WSO2 products First thing we do – ask the community at the forum When there is a product bug, we report it in the issue tracker If the issue is critical, we fix it ourselves since we have the source code.
  10. 10. Interesting points about ESB usage • We use SVN to manage the source of ESB configuration • We use ANT to deploy ESB configuration • We are generating documentation from WSDL with XSLT into Confluence (corporate Wiki) • We use RELAX-WS to generate WSDL (compact RELAXNG for WSDL)
  11. 11. Our plans We need complex message processing ( BPS? ) We need support to spend less time on wso2 code digging and to have better time of response.
  12. 12. Your Questions are welcome