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European Office 365 Connect 2014 Presentation

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O365con14 - lync to the future

  1. 1. Johan.delimon@ordina.be @jdelimon
  2. 2. http://www.pro-lync.be http://www.pro-exchange.be http://www.pro-lync.be http://www.pro-office365.be
  3. 3. Skype & Lync come together What’s new in Lync 2013 Since RTM Lync Conference Announcements
  4. 4. What’s New from Skype? How is Lync different from Skype? The enabling Technologies Lync-Skype connectivity Use Cases Implementing Lync-Skype connectivity Lync Server Office 365
  5. 5. 45mconcurrent users Skype fast facts ~45%of all Skype-to-Skype minutes include video 600bnminutes of video and voice minutes 2014 © Skype. Commercially confidential 38%of international calling minutes (combining PSTN and Skype-to-Skype) are Skype minutes according to Telegeography 300maverage monthly connected users
  6. 6. Positioning Come Together
  7. 7. Individuals Teams & Small Organizations Medium-sized & Large Organizations Specialized by need, universal by reach Connecting everyone with rich communications Microsoft provides Universal Communications: enabling any person to reach anyone, from anywhere, on any device, and in the way they choose.
  8. 8. Lync Online 1. Enterprise Controls 2. Active Directory 3. Meeting Scale 4. Meeting Features 5. Meeting Controls Skype 1. PSTN Calling 2. Push Style Meetings 3. pChat Lync Online Skype Premium Monthly Price $5.50 $4.99 Dial Landlines and mobiles  Partner  Dial in to meetings  Partner  Max Attendees 250 10 Schedule from Calendar   Virtual Meeting room   Recording (Requires client license* (one-time payment))   Meeting Controls   Voice/Video/Chat   Management Portal Admin Center AD Integration Skype Manager Web client   * Lync-Skype connectivity v2 does not support meetings – 3rd-Party Products required
  9. 9. Skype Meetings The Organizer initiates the call (25 Audio-only, 10 with Video/Screen share) ❶ Set up the group chat in the conference room, adding external participants ❷ Save the Chat and give it a useful name ❸ Start the call remote attendee scenarios Call forwarding Online Number Persistent Chat
  10. 10. Lync/Exchange Calendar Integration Unlike Skype, Lync is tightly integrated with other Office applications So a calendar appointment becomes a Lync meeting with a single click. Select <Lync Meeting> This will add links to your invitation Including: 1. Link to attend online 2. Dial-in numbers 3. Conference ID
  11. 11. Lync-Skype Connectivity V1 Contacts MSAs) Sessions Not included: Router Lync-Skype Connectivity opens a new communications door for enterprises searching for inventive and differentiated opportunities for new customer acquisition, customer retention, and business-to- consumer communications. chat & audio Chat & Audio
  12. 12. Lync-Skype Connectivity V2 Contacts MSAs Sessions Video (H.264) Not included: Router With version 2, we now use standard NAT traversal protocols, Signalling is encrypted with TLS and media uses sRTP directly between callers. We’ve standardized Codecs between the clients and have added Video !! Chat, audio, Video Chat, Audio, Video
  13. 13. Demo Lync-Skype connectivity Call
  14. 14. Underlying Technologies
  15. 15. Connectivity v1 Architecture / Call flow Lync Online – Office 365 Federation Cloud signal path media path Legend Call initiated with connection details Call accepted and returns connection details Media connection is established
  16. 16. Connectivity v2 Architecture / Call flow Lync Online – Office 365 Federation Cloud signal path media path Legend Call initiated with connection details Call accepted and returns connection details Media connection is established
  17. 17. Platform Support at GA MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL ONLYMICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL ONLY Client v1 v2 Notes Skype Win32 yes yes Summer Skype MAC OSX yes yes Summer Skype Win Modern yes yes Future Release Skype iOS yes yes Future Release Skype Android yes yes Future Release Skype WinPhone 8 yes yes Future Release Skype Xbox yes yes Future Release Skype Outlook.com yes yes Future Release Lync 2013 CU4 yes yes Released with SILK audio codec support - (ver 15.0.4551.1005) - Windows Desktop Client Only Lync MAC yes no H.264 not supported, investigating Lync iOS yes yes Future Release Lync Android yes yes Future Release Lync WinPhone 8 yes yes Future Release Lync Win Modern yes yes Future Release Lync Web App no no Out of Scope
  18. 18. Technology improvements Direct media connectivity between Lync and Skype clients • SILK has been ported over to Lync desktop client. (other soon) • SILK will currently only used in Lync-Skype Interop Calls • G.722 and G.711 remain on the list of common codecs • Video using H.264 SVC • Added support for FEC • Media connectivity using ICE - ICE v19 support added to Skype client • Along with STUNTURN for NAT traversal
  19. 19. Network conditions SILK 36 kbps G.722 64 kbps Ideal 4.42 4.31 5% random loss 4.35 4.12 5% burst loss 4.0 3.68 MOS calculated using ITU-T P.863 POLQA Codec Scenario Audio payload (kbps) Audio payload + IP header (kbps) Audio payload + IP, UDP, RTP (kbps) Audio payload + IP, UDP, RTP + FEC (kbps) G.722 p2p 64 80 92 156 SILK p2p 36 52 64 100 RTAw p2p 29 45 57 86
  20. 20. Video Codecs Are you getting the picture? H.264 AVC Advanced Video Coding May 2003 H.263 H.264 SVC (AVC Annex G) Scalable Video Coding July 2007 H.265 HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding Jan 2013
  21. 21. Enterprise NAT Traversal Mechanism Stun/Turn/ICE Router ❶ ❷ ❸ ❶❷ ❸
  22. 22. Codecs Skype 1. Audio Codec: SILK 2. Video Codec: H.264 Lync 1. Audio Codec: RTA 2. Video Codec: H.264 Lync-Skype Connectivity v2 Audio: SILK v2 Video: H.264 SILK Demo http://blogs.skype.com/2010/09/28/the-power-of-silk/
  23. 23. Waterfall Traditional method Allows for large projects Extended timelines Multiyear solutions Continuous work force Incremental project flow Scrum Breaks big project into short stories or sprints Creates inherent speed Incredibly flexible and adaptable Small focused teams work to short iterative schedules Continuous improvement Drivers Cloud Client proliferation Cadence alignment Pace
  24. 24. Location Based Routing (LBR) Group Pickup Embedded Images Meetings View IM Mute Q&A Manager Spellcheck Transfer of inline images and files in pChat Support of Ultra HD 200% DPI
  25. 25. Universal communications platform Unified to Universal Enterprise-ready
  26. 26. “We have centrally collocated Lync and IP-PBX infrastructure. We don’t want media to traverse the WAN unless it’s absolutely necessary.” PSTN Calgary Vancouver MPLS PSTN Calgary Vancouver MPLS
  27. 27. Built on the same service as Call Park Orbit range - globally unique numbers allocated for parking calls, can start with * and #. Specific number ranges assigned to pools. No call retrieval authentication - any user or integrated PBX phone can retrieve a call. User Experience User dials an extension to retrieve the call while ringing Orbits can be flagged for Group Call Pickup - Users are enabled by being assigned an orbit number. Private Line, Delegation, Teamcall, Simulring, RGS, and Personal Contact calls not allowed to be picked up. Clients 2010 and higher to pick up; mobile, analog phones, and PBX phones not supported. Administration SEFAUtil tool is needed for Group Call Pickup user configuration. Group Call Pickup
  28. 28. Anonymous join Viewing Application/Desktop Sharing and PowerPoint Roster Management: add, mute and remove participants Invite contacts into conversations Ad-hoc group conversations Transfer the call
  29. 29. Availability Q2, CY2014 disclosed and demonstrated to the general public in the Lync Conference keynote on February 18th MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL ONLY
  30. 30. Contacts/Presence • Remain consistent with phase 1 • Skype* and Lync users can add users & view presence Sessions • Chats, voice (Silk) and Video (H.264) • Encryption with TLS and sRTP • NAT Traversal with Stun/Turn/Ice Not included: • Select Mobile clients (Skype) • Multi-Party Calls • Other modalities including data sharing With phase 2, we are adding video between Lync & Skype users along with encryption through TLS for signalling and sRTP for media. * Skype users require MSA authentication
  31. 31. Lync Server is not directly authenticating the user. It is relying on a trusted source (ADFS) to handle authentication on its behalf Other authentication-type examples: “Our security policy mandates all solutions utilize other forms of authentication aside from a traditional username/password” “Our users don’t know their passwords” #
  32. 32. 1. Windows Phone Lync client asks the Lync Server to sign-in. Server responds back with authentication types 2. Client understands it needs to contact an ADFS server in order to authenticate. Client sends request to ADFS, ADFS validates the need. 3. Client presents auth cookie to Lync Server for a WebTicket; then used WebTicket to request a Lync Cert and successfully signs in.
  33. 33. Targeted for Q3 CY2014
  34. 34. Secondary Tertiary
  35. 35. Available now in Office 365
  36. 36. New content focused on deployment & user experience
  37. 37. Android Tablet Client • Announced to be available around summer time
  38. 38. Android Tablet Client • Announced to be available around summer time
  39. 39. JLync • Demo during keynote on healthcare website
  40. 40. JLync – Javascript Lync • Enable Lync integration on websites • Audio/Video/Screensharing, most likely with browser plugin • Javascript Object Model for using UCWA • Delivered using CU for Lync Server 2013 “when it’s ready” • Rumor it will be called UCJA (UC Javascript API) • “WebRTC” Ready
  41. 41. Announcements @ Lync Conference 2014
  42. 42. During Keynote • Demo call between Lync client & Legacy Tandberg VTC
  43. 43. Why would we need Video Interop Server • Signaling / Control Channel Different SIP “dialects” • Media Stream / Codecs Lync: H.264 SVC Mode 1 VTCs: H.264 SVC Mode 0
  44. 44. How it works • Signaling / Control Channel Mediate between different SIP implementations • Media Stream / Codecs Re-packetization of Lync’s Mode 1 stream to Mode 0
  45. 45. UCWA A/V controls
  46. 46. http://www.pro-lync.be http://www.pro-exchange.be http://www.pro-lync.be http://www.pro-office365.be