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Primary research

  1. 1. Do you have/want What are your perceptions of people If approached by a man in a suit or aa tattoo? with tattoos? man with many tattoos, which would you, feel more comfortable having a conversation with? Why?yes I think people with tattoos are I would feel comfortable speaking to exactly the same as everyone else either. Because they’re exactly the sameyes I think people with tattoos generally The person with tattoos, I’d have tend to be more interesting than more to talk about with them other peopleyes I think people with tattoos are Either, however I’d be more normal. interested in what the person with tattoos had to I find them slightly intimidating The person in a suit. I’d feel too intimidated by the person with tattoos.yes I think people with tattoos are I’d be more interested in speaking to exactly the same as everyone else. It the person with tattoos, purely doesn’t make them a bad person because I find tattoos interesting and because they have decorated their I’d like to ask some questions about skin. Everyone has the right to do them. But I would feel comfortable what they want to their body. speaking to I don’t find tattoos attractive and i The person in a suit. I really don’t like don’t understand why someone tattoos. would want one. I think they’re stupidno I don’t have a problem with people Either of them. It doesn’t matter with tattoos; they’re exactly the whether they have a tattoo or not. same as everyone else. I just wouldn’t get one myselfyes Even though I have a tattoo, I feel Probably the man in a suit. I’d feel slightly intimidated by other people intimidated by the other person who have loads.yes If they have one or two tattoos I The man in a suit. Because I’d just think its fine. If they’re covered in think the other person is stupid. them I just think they’re stupid and will regret People with tattoos aren’t any Depends who had a better different. They could be a bad person personality. I wouldn’t care if they but that’s due to their personality not had tattoos or not though. due to the fact they have a tattoo
  2. 2. What do you think of gang culture tattoos, If you were approached by someone with a teardropfor example; the teardrop and the three tattooed below their eye, what would your reactiondots? be?I think they’re scary, purely because of the I would feel slightly scared because I know what themeanings behind them tattoo meansI’ve heard the teardrop means that they’ve I would feel intimidated, and probably try and avoidkilled someone. I don’t really know what talking to themto think about gang culture tattoos.I think they’re interesting and creative; I wouldn’t be scared; I’d be more interested and askalso the way they get them and the tools them why they have that tattoo.they use is fascinating.I have no knowledge about gang culture I would probably walk the other waytattoosI think they’re interesting, they tend to I’d talk to them like a normal person. They have thathave deep and personal meaning which is tattoo for a reason and want it to be seen and I havealways interesting to hear about. no problem with that.
  3. 3. Tattoo artist.Question ResponseDid you have tattoos before you got into Yes I had about 5 of 6 tattoos before I startedtattooing? tattooing. I always wanted tattoos since I was young. The meaning behind them is the most important thing to me.How do you feel about tattooing people? It’s an intense experience. You get to hear about and deep event or stage in someone’s life. It’s always fun though, I really enjoy what I do, and meeting all the different people that want tattoos. However there is a lot of pressure, you can’t erase what you’ve drawn so no mistakes can be made.How has tattooing changed in recent years. Tattooing has become a lot more popular over the years for good and bad reasons. Some of the work people do can be shabby due to the people that want the tattoo and how impatient they are. I think now there is a lot of people in the trade it pushes people that have been in the trade for a long time to get better and push themselves.Do you prefer to tattoo someone that wants a I think it’s a lot more interesting, we can asktattoo with meaning? them about it and usually the outcome is much better because we want to make sure the tattoo portrays the meaning perfectly. Tattooing just a design is just as fun and exciting.Do you regret any of your tattoos? No I don’t. I got all of my tattoos for reasons and they will stay with me for the rest of my life, just the way I want it.