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  1. 1. Body art
  2. 2. For extended Project I had a choice of four different types of projects: Dissertation Investigation/Field Study Performance ArtefactDecision Dissertation Title: -A study into the sociological characteristics and motivations behind body art‘ Chapters: - to understand the addictions/motivations behind tattoos - to exam tribal body art in order to understand its relevance within the tribe - to understand the symbolic messages of gang culture body art
  3. 3. Title: A study into the sociological characteristics and motivations behindbody art‘For my dissertation I looked at how tattoos are perceived in different cultures andby different people. I started off by researching people’s opinions and their reasonfor these opinions, especially looking at perceptions of tattoos in the work place.Secondly I began researching into the relevance and representation of tribal bodyart in different cultures.For my last chapter I researched tattoos in gang culture, Due to tattoos in gangculture being frowned upon by the general population I decided to look into thesymbolic meanings behind the gangs and their tattoos.Primary research was also an important part of my project, I asked a wide range ofdifferent people their opinions on certain things so I could compare and back upmy secondary research.I used a range of different books and websites to find all my research so that I hada mix of different reliable sources.
  4. 4.  To understand the addictions/motivations behind tattoos 42 percent of managers said their opinion of someone would be lowered by that persons visible body art. Tattoo ban: Starbucks, subway, Disney world, most corporate offices and many more. 1 in 10 people now have one or more tattoos. Addiction is something that is highly associated with tattoos: Adrenaline, pain substitution, self-expression, represent a group/organization, Cultural.
  5. 5. To exam tribal body art in order to understandits relevance within the tribe Body art is a very important part of tribal culture. I looked at many different websites and books to find out the relevance of body art within tribes. Aborigines, Indians, Native American , jungle tribes. African body art is used to express a certain individual’s status amongst their tribe, spiritual beliefs or ethnic group. There are many different ways of creating body art such as; Scarification, body painting, beadwork, jewellery and Mutilation. Face painting is probably one of the most important types of body art in the Native American culture. Unlike some other cultures, to Native Americans it is so much more than trying to make someone more beautiful. However like most other cultures face painting is used on special occasions to signify social status in the group and boost their appearance. Henna has been around for many years. Traditionally women in India have henna painted on different parts of their body, mainly their hands and feet, their skins and inside of their arms. This will occur for a wedding for a any other special occasion. Henna is often linked with religious symbols. Henna history and origin is hard to trace as it has been around for so many years now. Tribal body art is a way of life, rather than just art. To the certain culture the body art is a daily routine that they go through to bring meaning to the different events that they hold within their tribe. Body art in tribes is highly important. The body art that is used is a way to express and show many different attributes that are relevant to the different tribes throughout their culture. Body art is a way of life for different cultures, it is used for nearly every special event that they hold, without using face and body paints their events wouldn’t be as meaningful and spiritual as they are. This is because different patterns and colours represent different aspects or emotions of the tribe or the person wearing the paint/pattern.
  6. 6. To understand the symbolic messages of gang culturebody art Tattoos are huge part of gang culture. There are many different tattoos that are well known that represent certain events in a person in a gangs life. Tattoos in gang culture represent a commitment that stays with the body even after death. Gang members are committed to the gang for life and shared tattoos are a way of unifying members of a gang. Tattoos in gang cultures mostly are done to unify a member within a gang. However tattoos in gang cultures are used to distance a person from mass society and from other gangs. By a person from a gang tattooing themselves it is meant to bring about fear and show a documentation of gang life and it’s culture. This can be shown in many ways whether it be a tally of the number of crimes that a certain person has committed, representing a gang, mourning or memory of the loss of a loved one or representing and showing a life-sentence in prison. Many Mexican gang tattoos often have significant phrases personal to that particular gang member. Symbolism and specific meaning of many of the tattoos in the Russian mafia are generally not clear for anyone outside the gang culture .
  7. 7. Do you What are your If approached by a man in a suit or a man with many tattoos, which would you, feel more comfortable having a conversation with? Why?have/want a perceptions of peopletattoo? with tattoos?yes I think people with I would feel comfortable speaking to either. Because they’re exactly the same tattoos are exactly the same as everyone elseyes I think people with The person with tattoos, I’d have more to talk about with them tattoos generally tend to be more interesting than other peopleyes I think people with Either, however I’d be more interested in what the person with tattoos had to say. tattoos are I find them slightly The person in a suit. I’d feel too intimidated by the person with tattoos. intimidatingyes I think people with I’d be more interested in speaking to the person with tattoos, purely because I find tattoos interesting and I’d like to ask some questions about them. But I would tattoos are exactly the feel comfortable speaking to either. same as everyone else. It doesn’t make them a bad person because they have decorated their skin. Everyone has the right to do what they want to their I don’t find tattoos The person in a suit. I really don’t like tattoos. attractive and i don’t understand why someone would want one. I think they’re stupidno I don’t have a problem Either of them. It doesn’t matter whether they have a tattoo or not. with people with tattoos; they’re exactly the same as everyone else. I just wouldn’t get one myselfyes Even though I have a Probably the man in a suit. I’d feel intimidated by the other person tattoo, I feel slightly intimidated by other people who have loads.yes If they have one or two The man in a suit. Because I’d just think the other person is stupid. tattoos I think its fine. If they’re covered in them I just think they’re stupid and will regret People with tattoos Depends who had a better personality. I wouldn’t care if they had tattoos or not though. aren’t any different. They could be a bad person but that’s due to their personality not due to the fact they have a tattoo
  8. 8. What do you think of gang culture tattoos, If you were approached by someone with a teardropfor example; the teardrop and the three tattooed below their eye, what would your reaction be?dots?I think they’re scary, purely because of the I would feel slightly scared because I know what the tattoomeanings behind them meansI’ve heard the teardrop means that they’ve I would feel intimidated, and probably try and avoid talking tokilled someone. I don’t really know what to themthink about gang culture tattoos.I think they’re interesting and creative; also I wouldn’t be scared; I’d be more interested and ask them whythe way they get them and the tools they use they have that fascinating.I have no knowledge about gang culture I would probably walk the other waytattoosI think they’re interesting, they tend to have I’d talk to them like a normal person. They have that tattoo fordeep and personal meaning which is always a reason and want it to be seen and I have no problem withinteresting to hear about. that.
  9. 9. Corey Newham Free lance tattoo artist Question Response Did you have tattoos before you got into Yes I had about 5 of 6 tattoos before I tattooing? started tattooing. I always wanted tattoos since I was young. The meaning behind them is the most important thing to me. How do you feel about tattooing people? It’s an intense experience. You get to hear about and deep event or stage in someone’s life. It’s always fun though, I really enjoy what I do, and meeting all the different people that want tattoos. However there is a lot of pressure, you can’t erase what you’ve drawn so no mistakes can be made. How has tattooing changed in recent Tattooing has become a lot more popular years. over the years for good and bad reasons. Some of the work people do can be shabby due to the people that want the tattoo and how impatient they are. I think now there is a lot of people in the trade it pushes people that have been in the trade for a long time to get better and push themselves. Do you prefer to tattoo someone that I think it’s a lot more interesting, we can ask wants a tattoo with meaning? them about it and usually the outcome is much better because we want to make sure the tattoo portrays the meaning perfectly. Tattooing just a design is just as fun and exciting. Do you regret any of your tattoos? No I don’t. I got all of my tattoos for reasons and they will stay with me for the rest of my life, just the way I want it.
  10. 10.  The meanings behind gang tattoos. Judgement for trials are often swayed by whether the convict has tattoos. (Joseph Bearden). Inmates will often get tattoos in jail to help them survive. Tattoo meanings can change over time, for example; The teardrop Tribal body art is a very important part of their culture. Tattoos are highly frowned upon in the work place, unless covered. There are many different forms of body art
  11. 11.  Now I have completed my project I feel that I did an exceptional job on achieving what I set out to. After researching about each chapter of my project I felt more and more confident that I understood the motivations, relevance and symbolic meanings of body art in many different cultures and societies. Because I understood the research that I found I was able to then put it into my own words and concentrate on the different chapters in detail. I was able to write about understanding addictions and motivations behind tattoos, understanding the relevance of body art within tribes and also understand the symbolic messages of body art in gang cultures. During the research stages I was able to find information on each of my chapters easily, at the beginning though I struggled with what to research having not thought of titles for my chapters. After I realised how in depth I wanted my research to be I was then able to easily find websites and books that I could research from. I found it difficult to put an argument together, I found myself just writing about facts and statistics rather than creating an argument either for or against body art in different cultures. Furthermore, having completed this project I have had time to think about what kinds of things I would do differently. Firstly I would do much more research in the time I allocated myself to complete the research, I had to do some extra research due to running out of aspects of each chapter to write about, which then gave me less time to complete the dissertation itself. Also I would have referenced my dissertation as I wrote it. By referencing everything at the end I had to go back and find where and when I found each piece of information.