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Project proposal form

  1. 1. Project Proposal formTitle or working title of project (in the form of a question)A study into Name Kerry Bond Learner the sociological characteristics and motivations behind bodynumber Learner art- to understand the addictions/motivations behind tattoos- to exam tribal body art in order to understand its relevance within the tribe- to understand the symbolic messages of gang culture body art Centre Number Centre NameTeacher Assessor Sarah Ives-Rider Date 26/09/2011Project objectives (eg, what is the question you want to answer? What do you want to learn how to do? What do you Unit Extended Projectwant to find out?):I would like to find out what different people’s perceptions of tattoos are, regardless of whether they are goodor bad. Also project title TattooaPerceptions Proposed why these people have certain perception of them and whether they consider tattoos to be art ornot. Also I will be looking at tribal tattoos and tattoos in gang culture to see what they represent.Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesIf it is a group project, what will your responsibilities be?My responsibilities will be making sure that I stay on target for my set deadlines. Researching thoroughly into mytopic and also writing the actual project and sticking to the final deadlineSection Two: Reasons for choosing this projectReasons for choosing the project (eg, links to other subjects you are studying, personal interest, future plans,knowledge/skills you want to improve, why the topic is important):I have a personal interest in tattoos therefore I chose to do my project based on this, as by having an interest inthe subject I want to do for my project I find that it will make it more fun and easier to do. I also want to learnmore about people’s perceptions on tattoos. It’s important for me to find out more about this as I want to havetattoos one day; therefore I want to know what people will think about my choice of choosing to be covered inwhat I consider ‘art’.Section Three: Activities and timescalesActivities to be carried out during the project (eg, research, analysis, writing, preparing for the How long this will take:presentation, etc):Proposal 1 weekResearch: Talk to people, find out their opinions on people with tattoos (Different types of people). Look 9 weeksat magazines about tattoos and magazines that have articles for or against tattoos such as: Skin deep,Total Tattoo and Tattoo Revolution. Find books on tattoos: Into the Skin (Tattoo-U), The Mammoth Book ofTattoo Art Dunn M (2007) The Gangs of Los Angeles, Radanko L. (2011) The Russian Mafia in America, EbinV. (1979) The Body Decorated - Tribal Art, face-painting-fun. Use the internet to search for books andmagazines. Also for blogs or websites based on tattoos and/or opinions on them. Use internet to finddocumentaries on tattoos and perceptions of people that have them, if there are any.Website for books on tattoos in gang culture:
  2. 2. Tattoos in gang culture 2 weeksAnalysisWriting 6 weeksPreparing for presentation 2 weeksMilestone one:Research thoroughly into perceptions of tattoos.Target date (set by tutor-assessor): 31st OctoberMilestone two:Research into Gang culture tattoos.Target date (set by tutor-assessor): 7th NovemberMilestone three:Research into Tribal body artTarget date (set by tutor-assessor):21st NovemberMilestone four:First draft finishedTarget date (set by tutor-assessor): 23rd January
  3. 3. Milestone Five:Final DeadlineTarget date (set by tutor-assessor): 5th MarchSection Four: ResourcesWhat resources will you need for your research, write up and presentation (eg, libraries, books, journals,equipment):I will need to look at books, magazines and also maybe websites for my research. I will also need totalk/interview people so that I have a fair analyse of what people around my area think of tattoos and if theywould/have any themselves.What your areas of research will cover?What kind of different perceptions people have of tattoos in general and also certain individual tattoos. Alsowhether their interests have any effect on whether they like/would like to have tattoos or wouldn’t everhave/dislike tattoos. Tribal tattoos and what they represent to the people that have them and people that don’thave them. Also tattoos in gang culture, perceptions of them and what they represent.Comments and agreement from tutor-assessorIs the learner taking this project as part of the Diploma? Yes/NoIf yes, which Diploma are they taking? _Creative and Media Production_______________________________________Comments (optional):Is project derived from work which has been/will be submitted for another qualification? Yes/NoWhich qualification (title and unit)? _______________________________________________Comments (optional):I confirm that the project is not work which has been or will be submitted for another qualification and isappropriate.Agreed: S Ives-Rider (name) 13/03/12 (date)Comments and agreement from project proposal checkerComments (optional):I confirm that the project is appropriate.Agreed: SLIR (name) 09/09/11 (date)