Researching methods and techniques childrens animation


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Researching methods and techniques childrens animation

  1. 1. Researching Methods and TechniquesA Children’s Animation
  2. 2. Target AudienceThe target audience for my childrens animation will be children.To target kids is quite easy as we know that they like a range of different things, butthis can be east and hard at the same time.Its very important that you get the target audience spot on because then your productmight not sell as well as it could of.Research is the biggest part in any product. Without research there would be noproduct and your product wouldn’t sell.Industry spending on advertising to children has exploded in the past decade,increasing from a mere $100 million in 1990 to more than $2 billion in 2000.The age range for my target audience is going to be 5 year olds to 12 year olds.Ive picked this age range because it’s not too young and its not too old I think it’s theperfect age range. You can still enjoy children’s animation when you are growing up.
  3. 3. Genre and Method of Marketing of Children’s AnimationThere is a lot of research and marketing put into a childrens animation.Childrens animations are normally made for a child to sit down and enjoy.They end with a happy ending.They do normally have a bad guy and a good guy, the good guy always wins.Its almost like they are trying to teach the young children a lesson in life.A lot of the marketing for childrens animation is done on the T.V and adverts,because this is where kids are going to see it the most.
  4. 4. CARSCars was the top animated movie of 2006, grossing over 454 million at the box officeworldwide, and over 244 million in the US.Cars is a Pixar Animation/ Disney Studios film. It features the voices of Owen Wilsonas Lightning McQueen, Paul Newman as Doc Hudson, Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera,and Larry the Cable Guy as Mater.Rookie race car Lightning McQueen gets lost on his way to California for a big race. Heends up in washed up Radiator Springs, and tears up the town trying to flee the locallaw enforcement.The town mayor decides not to let him leave until he repairs the damage to the mainroad.Along the way Lightning learns some important life lessons aboutfriendship. Will he make it to the big race in time? Will he rememberthe lessons he learned in Radiator Springs?
  5. 5. LITTLE MERMAIDThe Little Mermaid was released in 1989, by Walt Disney Studios. The movie won 2Oscars, and grossed over 222 million worldwide.The movie features the voice of Jodi Benson as Ariel, Christopher Daniel Barnes asPrince Eric, Rene Auberjonois as Louis, and Patt Carroll as Ursula.The Little Mermaid is the story of Ariel, a young mermaid who dreams of going to landto meet a handsome sailor shes fallen in love with.She makes a deal with Ursula, an evil sea witch, which may unite her with her true love. But if Ursula has anything to dowith it, she will use the deal to destroy both Ariel, and her father King Triton.
  6. 6. BEAUTY AND THE BEASTWhat happens when a cursed prince meets a stubborn girl? To save her father, Belloffers to go live with the prince who has been cursed to remain an ugly beast unlesshe can find true love by his 21st birthday.Will Belle tame the beast and show him how to love?Beauty and the Beast grossed over 378 million worldwide, and over 145 million in theUS. The film won two Oscars, and starred Paige OHara as Belle, and Robby Benson asthe Beast.This is one of many of the top animated movies of all time produced by DisneyStudios.
  7. 7. ALADDINAladdin is another Disney masterpiece, released in 1992, it grossed almost 502 millionworldwide, and won two Oscars, 3 Golden Globes, and 2 Grammies. Featuring thevoices of Scott Weinger as Aladdin, Linda Larkin as Princess Jasmine, and RobinWilliams as Jafar.Aladdin is a child of the streets when he meets Princess Jasmine. Soon he finds himselfcaught up in an evil plot by Jafar. He finds a genie in a lamp, and is granted 3 wishes.He uses one of his wishes to become a prince so he will be able to marry PrincessJasmine. The evil Jafar has other plans in mind.Will Aladdin be able to foil Jafars plans, and win the princesses heart? If you haventalready checked this Disney classic out, it is definitely worth watching.Aladdin is quite an old film but Walt Disney have always been verygood with advertising there films.
  8. 8. Country of ExhibitionI would like my childrens animation to be playing in mainly the UK but I wanteveryone to have the experience of watching it in other countries.I want it to be played in mainly Europe. Because then this will make the film better as more people would have seen it and talkedabout it and through word of mouth the film will become big.I want my animation to be shown in all the cinemas.It would have to be played in all different languages sothat everyone in each different country couldunderstand.After doing some research about the premieres ofchildrens animation a lot of them are shown in eitherLondon or in America.I want my animation premier to be shown in London.
  9. 9. Methods of Marketing• I want to use as many methods as possible because then I know everyone will miss it. Everyone will see it and then everyone will be talking about it.• I think making TV adverts would be the best way to get my animation out there. A lot of children watch TV and would see the advert and that would make them want to go.• I would put it on certain channels ones that the children would actually see.• Putting the adverts in the cinema as well is good as this is where ill be hitting my target audience the most. Children are a big fan of the cinema so this would be a really good idea.• As I am marketing for children it would be a good idea to make different toys of the characters in the animation. Children love toys and they would then know who would be in the animation and could have a favourite character.
  10. 10. Production CompaniesProduction companies are very important when it comes to marketing an animation.Therefore it will be very import for my to do some research on it for my animation.After lots of research I found out that cinemas would be the place to advertise mychildrens animation.This would be really good for my animation to become worldwide and for lots ofpeople to get to know of it.It’s a more modern way so they will know when to put my advert on and what films toput it with.