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  1. 1. LogDate What I achieved Reflection 12/09/2011 Today we discussed what extended project is Think about what I want to do about all about. By this being the first lesson for my extended project there is not much I could have achieved. 19/09/2011 In this lesson we discussed plagiarism and how to Learn more about plagiarism. avoid it. I also managed to come up with an idea Go over how to reference my for my extended project therefore I am now information in my project confident that I will be able to put the research properly so I am able to into the project so I am able to have a good reference properly when the outcome. Also I chose a subject that I am very time comes. interesting in so I will find the project much more entertaining. 26/09/2011 Produced a sheet on the kinds of things we Back up my work so that I do would need to know for our project. I know now not lose any of the things I have what I need to research and how I can go about already done. Keep to researching my information for my project. I also deadlines. know the time scale in which I have allocated myself to do each section of the project so that I can keep to a set deadline and not fall behind. 3/10/2011 Not in Not in 10/10/2011 Continued to work on the project proposal to Keep backing up my work so I make sure that I know exactly what I am doing don’t lose it. Make sure My for my project. Also researched some websites, proposal form is completed by doing this I am able to get a head start and know what websites to look at that will help me with research for my project. 17/10/2011 Today I started on my research for my project. I Make sure research is well started off looking at people’s perceptions of detailed and laid out so it is tattoos and if their perceptions are influenced by easy to understand. the kind of tattoo that a certain person has. Or even if they have a problem with tattoos. By doing this It allows me to be able to show different people’s perceptions on tattoos and make my project more interesting. 31/10/2011 Toda I looked in tattoos in gang culture. I found a Make sure research is well lot of websites that concentrate of gang culture detailed and laid out so it is in prisons in America. These were extremely easy to understand. Struggled helpful to me; they helped me understand what to find anything on tattoos in some of the iconic gang culture tattoos gang culture in the UK represent. 7/11/2011 I continued to research into tattoos in gang Make sure research is well culture. I researched certain court cases where detailed and laid out so it is gang culture tattoos have influenced the easy to understand sentences that convicts have been given, or whether or not the tattoos they are influence the jury’s choice on whether to convict a certain
  2. 2. person or not.14/11/2011 I have now moved on to researching into tribal Make sure research is well body art which consist of many more things detailed and laid out so it is other than tattoos. As tribal body art is very easy to understand. more in depth than the other topics that I have been researching I had to make sure my research was detailed and from a reliable source.21/11/2011 I continued looking at tribal body art. I looked at Make sure research is well the reasons why tribe people get certain types of detailed and laid out so it is body art such as; scarification, mutilation and easy to understand. GO over all body paint and what the certain representation the research I have done to for each of these are. I have been looking at make sure it is well detailed.. different tribes to compare them and see if they have any similar methods of representations.28/11/2011 I made sure all of my primary research was Make sure all research is very accurate and detailed enough so that I could detailed so I don’t have to included it in my essay. waste time doing more research.5/12/2011 Today I went onto my blog and uploaded every Make sure blog looks piece of research I have done. I checked through professional as I upload more all the research and made sure it made sense. I things to it. also looked to see if there was anything else that I could add to my research to make it more detailed.12/12/2011 I started writing my essay today; I started on Make sure introduction fully working on my introduction and basically explains what my essay is about explaining what types of things are going to be and is easy to understand. discussed in my essay and why I have chosen this topic. 2/1/2012 I looked over my research and started to write Make sure research is in order about perceptions of tattoos. I struggled at first and that I understand to find a good way to put my research into my everything that I have research. own words. Also I have chosen to look at Make sure that Chapter one addictions and motivations behind tattoos also matches the research which means I had to do more research to be able to complete this section on the essay. I wrote 1308 words for this part of the essay. 9/1/2012 I started on the gang culture part of my essay. I Make sure chapter two thoroughly enjoyed writing this section of the matches the research. essay as I am highly interested in tattoos in gang culture. I made sure I had read through the research properly so I know exactly what I am writing about and so I am much more informed on the topic than I was at the start of the project. I looked at “understanding the symbolic messages of gang culture body art”. I have written 1158 words for this section.16/1/2012 I have now moved on to working on the tribal Make sure chapter 3 matches body art section of my essay. I looked at the research. “examining tribal body art in order to understand its relevance within the tribe”. I struggled with writing this part a lot more than others. This is
  3. 3. because there is so much detail in their body art and there are a number of different forms of body art and also many different representations for each form. So far I have written 887 words for this part of the essay. As well as doing this is have also go over the entire essay so far and taken out and or added in some things that I think are or are not relevant to the essay.23/1/2012 Today I went over my entire essay and added a Make sure I hand in each draft lot more to it. I continued to work on each so that I am able to improve my section until I had finished it and made sure that work. I handed my work in and got feedback so I could create another draft.30/1/2012 I received feedback for my essay and worked on Make sure I hand in each draft it again creating another draft that I could get so that I am able to improve my feedback on; in order in improve my work even work further. more.6/2/2012 Today I decided to work on my essay further. I Hand in draft so that I am able received more feedback and did some more to continue to make my work research so that I was able to bring up my word even better. count and also make sure that all of the information in my essay was correct and in order.13/2/2012 In this lesson I went over my entire essay. I took My essay is almost complete out parts that I didn’t think were important and I therefore over the next lessons also checked through my research again to make I am able to check my work and sure that I hadn’t missed any important do all of the referencing I need information out. to do and make sure my blog is up to date and looks professional.20/2/2012 Today I Harvard referenced my work, which I Harvard referencing was quite found quite difficult but I was able to do. By difficult to do. Next lesson doing this the examiner is able to see what check over essay for mistakes websites and books I had used to get my that I am able to correct. information from as well as reading all of my research.27/2/2012 After completing my essay and Harvard Make sure that I do evaluation. referencing everything I am now able to Upload everything to my blog. concentrate on making all of the work for the unit better and also do my evaluation and PowerPoint. Therefore in this lesson I went back and checked through my work to see if it’s all there and up to a high standard28/2/2012 Today I uploaded everything that I needed to, to Always check my blog, make my blog. Such as my drafts of my essays and my sure I’m not missing anything. primary research that I had previously done. Checked over all drafts and they seemed to be in order.5/3/2012 Not in Not in12/3/2012 Today I wrote conclusions for each section of my Make sure essay is uploaded. essay explaining why each part is important and the arguments and opinions discussed in each13/3/2012 I worked on improving my overall work so that it Keep making sure that
  4. 4. was up to high standard. I also started my everything is uploaded to my evaluation, which still needs to be finished. blog so that I don’t forget anything. Finish my evaluation and make sure it is up to a high standard.19/3/2012 Today I finished my evaluation and checked over Make sure a lot of detail goes my blog once more to make sure that everything into the presentation was there. I then began work on my PowerPoint presentation21/3/2012 Today I finished and uploaded everything to my blog.