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Research log

  1. 1. Name of Author Date of Detailed notes Pages Library reference Screen shotResource Publication of your findings notes number or web were address plus date foundHow Website Website N/A noneMarketersTarget Kids On this website I found out how marketers target kids. et_kids.cfmMarketing website website N/A noneforchildren This website was really useful it told me a lot about marketing for children. ondary/internet/online_kids_strategies.cfm
  2. 2. How to Website website N/A nonemarket fora children’s The websiteanimation looked more in depth about marking which was good because I needed more research. a-childrens-animated-showAbout Toy Website website N/A noneStory I was focusing on Toy Story so this website was really helpful and told me about the whole of toy story and everything I needed to know.
  3. 3. Animation Website Website N/A Nonescripts,comics andbooks This was a good website for looking at scripts, books and comics but I was looking at animation, but it still gave me some good background research. how-to-write-salable-animation-scripts-for-children-s- programming-comic-books-graphic-novels-or-video- games Book Book N/A noneMarketingGuide The book was about marketing kids in a family, it was really interesting and I just wanted to get a good idea about how kids work in different environments.
  4. 4. Marketing Website website N/A Noneforchildren Marketing children website was good but not the best, it was really hard to find a good website on this. Website Website N/A Noneforchildren This Wikipedia website has always been good and this certain one was really helpful.
  5. 5. Marketing Website Website N/A None This was a good website because I needed to find out about marketing for kids, I found it hard to find a good website but this one was great. et_kids.cfmMarketing Website website N/A Nonefor kidsfilms This website wasn’t that good as I had already got all the information on there, it wasn’t helpful.
  6. 6. about the Website website N/A nonetop 10children’sanimation This was really really helpful; it told me about lots of other children’s animations not just about toy story. moviesWalt Book Book - 11/4/12Disney This book was really helpful as I was looking at Disney films
  7. 7. Kids Book - 12/4/12Marketing This book a lot more detailed than some of the websites, which was good as I needed as much research as possible.