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Marketing campaign

  1. 1. PRESS JUNKETSPress junkets are a really important part when marketing a film.A press junket is the promotion of a product i.e. a filmNewspapers and T.V channels I would invite:The TimesDisney channelI have chosen these because it think they fit my target audience perfectly. They will help publicize my animation.
  2. 2. TRAILERThe trailer for my film is going to be the most important part of my advertising, it will be the one that most people see.As the film is a PG the trailer has to fit in with the film as well.The trailer should be shown before other PG films, because then we will know that it will be younger people who will be viewing it.
  3. 3. POSTERSPosters are really good and attract the public eye.As I am trying to attract children, I want them to be bright colors and a bit picture.I would want to place my posters where I know children would see them.Outside the cinema would be a good ide, lots of people look to see what films arecoming soon, and if my poster is effective then people will look at it and it will makethem want to go and watch it.
  4. 4. VIRTUAL CAMPAIGNI don’t think that a virtual campaign would be that effective if I used it for my animation.All the other would be much more effective and I think doing a virtual campaign would be a waste of time.A virtual campaign would mean to post stuff on Facebook and Facebook, I don’t think the children who I am targeting would have Facebook, they are too young.I might be worth putting a few adverts on the sidebar of Facebook but other than that I think it wouldn’t be necessary.
  5. 5. MERCHANDISINGI really want to focus on merchandising for my film as this will probably be the most effective for children.Children love collecting toys and once they have seen the film they will want all the toys.I think producing McDonald’s toys for the children to collect is a great idea, I know when I was younger I loved to collect them all. I think this would be really effective.As my product is part of Disney, I can make a whole load of clothes toys etc.. To sell in the Disney store. If I sold them in the store a lot of children would of in a buy them.The Disney store is most childrens favorite shops, filled with toys for them to collect.